PC World Employee Attacks Customer For Complaining

Here’s a few extracts from a comment by an arrogant little twat who works in PC World. It arrived in reply to this post.

I can bet that you would be one of those customers who would walk into the store, throw your computer at the desk and start demanding that the guy working behind the desk sort your problem out immediatly.

You then would have demanded to see the manager and yelled at them to see if the manager folded and gave you what you wanted, which you probibly aren’t entitled to, allthough you think you are.

You are the kind of person that your typical customer service guy would just shrug off.

If I ever work in retail again, I hope that I never have to deal with you because I can tell you, if you come to me with the attitude you wrote this blog with, I will tell you to take your product and leave, because you will not be served. and yes, people in the retail industry have a right to refuse to serve you.

What do you think of that? This is from an employee of PC World.

It certainly annoyed me.

Now, you might be wondering how I know he works for PC World. Go on. You want to know, don’t you?


You see, this gobshite, who calls himself Blitzen in the comments, is really a young man by the name of —— oops, that can wait for another day. All I’ll reveal about him at the moment is that he’s young. Very young. Too young to be so condescending to grown adults.

How do I know all this?

Patience, Grasshopper. Patience.

I gave Blitzen a good amount of space to get things off his chest, but eventually he became too boring to put up with any more, and a bit abusive, so I withdrew his commenting privileges, and I thought that would be the end of it

But no.

Blitzen continued sending comments telling me he was a software engineer and that he’d have no problem getting around my security. Ha, I thought. You threatening prick. Banned.

That was surely the end of it, you’re saying.

I thought so too, but imagine my surprise when I was pinged by a website called customerssuck.com. That’s Customers SUCK!, by the way. And on that site, I saw a thread started by our friend Blitzen. Here’s what he said:

This guy has been pissing me off for a few days now. I was sent a link by someone I know to a blog about the company I work for. I read through it and thought it was TOTALLY unfair, what he was saying about people who are, to all intents and purposes, my co-workers.

Before I give you the link, I have to ask that would you please NOT post there. I do not want him finding out my internet identity because this is the kind of SC who would go about making someone’s online life hell. I don’t want that to happen to you guys or me, so please Cut/paste the URL into your browsers (so his referral logs don’t link back to this site or thread) and don’t post there.

(I used tinyURL so it wouldn’t show up in google as the company I work for’s name is mentioned in the URL)


I’m not gonna flat-out say the name I used to post on there, let’s just say it starts with a B and ends in N

I have to admit, I told some white lies in there. I still work for the company, although that may not be for very long, as I have a potential new job in the pipeline.

So, you can see that when I tried to use reason, logic and, above all, was polite, THIS asshole just started acting like a total jackass.

So there you have it. That’s what at least one PC World staff member thinks of his customers.

Now, the moderators at customerssuck.com took down the post almost immediately, and Blitzen wrote to me denying he’d ever written it. So wasn’t it lucky I took a screenshot of it before it was lost to posterity? I’ve cropped out his user name for the moment.

God, and there I am, just a silly old blogger, up against the might of a PC World software engineer and Store Champion!

Next time you have to deal with a sneering 22-year-old in a computer shop, remember this guy’s attitude to his customers and ask yourself if you really want to be paying his wages.



I got an email from Blitzen, which he calls a Truce Offering, where, among other things he says this:

… the fact you have been trying to track down me, and you ended up tracking the advancedflea, I hope you realise what you are doing is illegal. It’s called “Cyberstalking” and in this country comes under the computer misuse act. A police officer I am friends with in ireland told me it’s illegal over there too.

Now, if that’s not an attempt at intimidation, I don’t know what you’d call it.

Just for the record, I didn’t try to track him down. He posted a link to me on another site, and it showed up here.

He goes on:

Take down your most recent post, stop tracking everything advancedflea says on other forums and his own website (yes, we saw you looking through the gay fiction he’s written and posted on his website) and I’ll leave you in peace. Basically, you stay away from my life, I’ll stay away from yours. I think that sounds reasonable and non-threatening.

By tracking, I think he means reading. Isn’t it strange that he wants me to stop reading a web-site he insists he has nothing to do with?

Here’s something Blitzen needs to understand: nobody in their sane senses would read everything he says on other forums. It’s too boring and self-indulgent By the way, I have no idea what that reference to fiction on this web-site is about. Obviously someone with an Irish IP address looked it up and Blitzen jumped to yet more incorrect conclusions.

He seems to be saying that I shouldn’t have followed the first link to my site that he posted on CustomersSuck, and I must also stop reading this other web-site, which he doesn’t own. It seems that reading a web-site constitutes stalking on Blitzen’s planet. Isn’t that clever? Here’s someone who set up a public web-site yet who thinks that anyone reading it is stalking him. I get thousands of readers every day. Jesus, maybe they’re all stalking me.

Using barely-veiled threats involving police friends he claims to have in Ireland, it seems Blitzen wants to censor this site, and even to dictate what web-sites I can read. He thinks that sounds reasonable and non-threatening, and apparently, if I agree to these things, he’ll leave me in peace. That’s the offer from this little Walter Mitty character, fantasising power-plays.

Hmm. Supposing I don’t cave in to his demands and he decides not to leave me in peace. I wonder what that would involve? How frightened should I be?

Blitzen needs to understand that, by contacting me privately with threatening emails, he is in fact the stalker, not me. He would be well-advised to consider his options carefully before he makes an even bigger fool of himself.

Stop digging, Blitzen, like a good boy.


UPDATE: I notice Blitzen has been stalking me a lot lately. If I had only one piece of advice to offer this high-powered IT professional, it would be to find a better proxy server.



16th July 2008

Blitzen was cyber-stalking me again tonight, using his super-secret proxy server that ensures nobody can detect his presence. He visited for 2 hours, 27 minutes and 12 seconds.

I sent him a message through Woopra, but for some reason he didn’t reply.


The Secret life Of Walter Blitzen

PC World Sold Me A Piece of Shit

29 thoughts on “PC World Employee Attacks Customer For Complaining

  1. I don’t usually comment just in case I my identity is exposed. But God Damn it I have now been outed as a stalker. I have a real problem. I have been stalking some Irish Bloggers for a while now. Follwing their ramblings and posts and even at times lokoing at their pictures. :O

    I know I have a problem. I am working on it.

  2. Yep. You’re another goddam stalker, but if you stop stalking me, and stop reading those other sites, I might leave you in peace.

    Send me a list of the things you read and I’ll let you know what’s forbidden.

  3. Lottie, I’ve been down this ‘stalking’ road myself a few times: what with the letters to Madam Editor at the Irish Times, my correspondence with various elected representatives, not to mention the considerable paper trail with my friends in the Revenue, I’ve had quite a good run at this from the writing side of things.

    As for stalking by reading, yep I’m well ahead of ya on that score Bock, did you know that with practice you can steal a person’s vital essence through reading? Best not to let on though, or they’ll scwream and scweam and scweam, they can you know.

  4. I suppose that anyone trying to Google Mr. Terwilliger is also stalker. I probably should be more concerned, but I don’t even show up in the first ten pages unless the word weird is added to the search.

  5. I bought a laptop (Their own brand) from PC world one friday night last year.

    I brought it home but the wireless card would not connect to my lan. I spoke with the people on the support number (in england) three times the next morning. On the third call they told me that I did not have support and suggested I bring it back to the shop.

    So I drove to the shop and spoke with the guy at the support desk. He said that they couldnt check the pc because I hadnt brought in the power lead. I asked him had they a spare one. He said that they hadnt (remember, these guys sell computers). I suggested that he go down to the sales area and take a power lead from one on display there. He eventually did this with bad grace. He then said that there was nothing wrong with the network card and that it must be my lan. I insisted that this was not correct as we already had 3 laptops connected to it by wireless at home.

    I had now been there for an hour and one hell of a queue was building up. One thing I noticed was that when people came in with problems, every one of them who had insurance was told that they were not covered. Those under warrenty were given an address to post their laptops to for repairs.

    Eventually when he told me to post my ( less than 24 hours old ) laptop away for repairs I told him to f*** off. As the conversation was getting very loud the manager intervened and I was able to exchange the laptop for a toshiba.

    My advice is to also to stay well clear of these guys. If you buy insurance from them you have been conned.

    Incidently the Toshiba connected straight away to the lan and I have had no problems since.

  6. Bock, I am disappointed in you. You are acting more like a disgruntled politician every day. Stalking, gay fiction, what next backhanders from dodgy builders in a tent at the Galway races. Leave Blitzen alone and get back to what we pay you to do. Its not easy for him with all those hormones running through his body and hair growing where it wasn’t before. Could this be the first reported case of a pre pubsecent grease spot seeking a cyber barring order against you. Would you be banned from going within 50 IP addresses of him. How exactly do these things work anyway?

  7. Stalkers are now on sale direct from JML and B&Q (see the damaged section) They are available in a range of colours, but the ones with acne are €3 extra. Sadly, the Blitzen model has been withdrawn from sale due to the head being stuck up its own rectum.

  8. Funny thing is, I never got any chat request. I’ll give that could be how I have my computer set, though.

    you wanna talk with me? send a civilised email to [Mod edit. Deleted.] You’ll get a response.

    oh, and you may want to look up what cyberstalking actually is. By the way, I’ve only looked at this site about twice in the last week. Don’t flatter yourself about the 2 hours either. I loaded the site up, got called away and distracted by a combination of my signifigant other and the TV

  9. You didn’t receive it but you knew it was a chat request, did you? How did you know that Walter?

    You really are being a very sad arsehole. I’ll ask you again one more time. Stop leaving comments on this site.

    People are laughing at you.

    And by the way Walter, I don’t care if your significant other has to compete with a TV. That’s your business.

  10. Blitzen, I take it that your ‘significant other’ would be your right hand? Possibly the distraction on the TV was segments of Baywatch?

    I’ll give you a tip.. Bock is a wily educated master of the quill. His opinion is sought after by many and he is articulate and witty. You, Blitzen, you need to acquire social skills and remember that unloading trucks at the back door of PC World does not entitle you to shout spite or spout shite.

    I’m sure that located in your store in some dusty corner you will find an unread copy of ‘Self Flagellation for Dummies 2008’, may I suggest you begin at page 1.

    Here endeth the lesson, now run along and leave messages on the Pokemon website where you still have a shred of dignity, unlike here.

  11. “You didn’t receive it but you knew it was a chat request, did you? How did you know that Walter?”

    because it clearly says chat request in the screen shot you took?

  12. Jesus Bock you have another stalker.
    It’s Rory

    Are you starting a collection or something?

  13. Quite funny all of this. One question though, how come the great and witty Bock, [MASTER OF THE PROXY SERVER et al], bought a box of shit from PCW to start this whole thing off?
    Visions of a guy stumbling into B&Q with a nail in his head demanding to know why he was sold a slovakian hammer….

    Just a thought… I don’t wish to get embroiled in any of this, I enjoy this site almost as much as http://www.meatspin.com

    Keep up the funnies.

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