Radovan Karadzic Caught

So they’ve finally got him.

Karadzic has been arrested in Serbia after twelve years on the run and brought to the investigative judge of the War Crimes Court in Belgrade.

This man, former leader of the Bosnian Serbs, is responsible for the murder of tens of thousands of innocent civilians, both Bosnian and Croatian.

Let’s not forget that Serbia could have given him up any time it wanted to, but at least we should be glad that they’ve finally seen sense, under their new president, Boris Tadic.

It now remains to find his fellow murderer, Ratko Mladic, but I’m not confident they have any willingness to give him up.

These two savages perpetrated some of the most unspeakable evil seen in Europe since WW2. Look at them. Mladic, the brightest soldier of his generation, who calmly oversaw the slaughter of ten thousand unarmed men and boys at S

rebrenica. A man without mercy, despite knowing what it is to lose a child himself.

Then look at Karadzic, the doctor turned mass murderer. He’s a vainglorious buffoon who masqueraded as a poet, and who had already reached the limits of his ability long before Milosevic and Tudjman jointly

engineered the Yugoslav conflict. Milosevic regarded him with contempt.

Karadzic and Mladic also

oversaw and organised the cynical bombardment of Sarajevo and the random murder of civilians by Serbian snipers, while the West did nothing.

These two war criminals were allowed to remain on the loose, not just by Serbia, but by the Western governments who cared more about avoiding upset to their potential new partners, the Serbs.






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14 thoughts on “Radovan Karadzic Caught

  1. Between the glimpses of the young AJ Hanlon and that grotesque frieze emerging from the ground, its a bad night for an easy sleep. There’s a succinct formula in French – le devoir de memoire – that doesn’t have as handy a turn of phrase in English (duty/obligation to remember/bear witness?), but it’s essentially what you’ve been doing here over the past week or two. Selfishly, I wish I’d held off checking your recent posts until the morning…
    Keep it up.

  2. It’s looking like this scum has been hiding out in open view with his own small army to keep him safe with the Serbian/Bosnian authorites knowing nothing – it’s amazing how the carrot of EU membership being dangled has led to his downfall –

  3. On 13 October 1991, Karadzic, talking to Momcilo Mandic, said: “Within a few days there will be no Sarajevo, and there will be over 500,000 dead; within a month the Muslims of Bosnia-Herzegovina will be destroyed!”

    Again, on 15 October 1991, Karadzic foresees the extermination of the Muslims in the event of war. Talking to Miodrag Davidovic and his own brother Luka, Karadzic said: “In the first instance, none of their leaders will remain alive, they will be killed within 3 or 4 hours. They will have no chance of surviving.”


  4. First, damn glad they got the bastard. He was a true monster.

    Now, is there any more starkly ironic or hilarious alter-ego that he could have adopted? The mass-murdering war criminal nestling among the neo-hippies of the alternative medecine racket and pontificating about human quantum energy and Chinese herbs. It is just the best.

  5. Men, stop just listening to the news. Especially American news. Things are a bit different. I know it is easier to sit in a chair, eating popcorns, drinking bear and watching manipulated information on the news, while dinner is cooking in the kitchen, but in reality, things are a bit complicated. Don’t believe in everything you hear on TV.

  6. About bloody time. Sick bastard.

    I do however have to laugh at the innate hypocritical logic used in describing the West’s involvement, or rather lack thereof in this situation, as in Rwanda around the same time.

    Yes, they went into Iraq under false pretenses and the whole thing has been a shambles since, but surely Saddam was as big a genocidal criminal as these guys.

    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

    No wonder no one is doing anything about Sudan.

  7. The failure to act in Rwanda was plain, old-fashioned racism: Africans didn’t matter.

    In Bosnia, it wouldn’t have taken an invasion to stop the killing. One or two air strikes on the artillery in the hiills overlooking Sarajevo would have stopped the slaughter there.

    Mladic kept probing to see how serious the West’s threat was, and when he saw that it was no threat at all, he knew he had a free hand.

    Any serious resistance would have prevented the massacres of Bosnia without the need for an invasion.

    In Iraq, the entire country is under US occupation, and that’s an entirely different situation.

    Anyway, Bosnia has no oil!

  8. It’s so crazy, I was on the same bus he was caught on in Belgrade, a short time before the incident.

    Shame they can’t execute the guy – I think hanging is justified for people like this. It shows there are crimes we consider so heinous the perpatrator no longer deserves to live among us.

  9. I just wonder what will happen to the croats and of course the muslims- again! As surely all tree parties are involved. When communism fell 2 groups formed- now i am not defending Karazic- but would not the Bosniam muslims and croats have done the same to the serbs?

  10. I don’t understand why Europe concider Serbia a coiuntry after everything they have done. If you go into any Servian blogg ore forum, you will see that they still justify the murder of Other races in Bosnia. Croatians and Muslims are the people they would like to see dead, and the worst thing is that they think they are in the right. They justify it and if they had the canche to do it again they would! Serbia should be boycotted and not included in the EU.

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