The Execution of Andrew Hanlon

Somebody put a CD into the mailbox of AJ’s sister on the 4th July.

The woman in the recording claimed to be a relative of the woman on whose door Andrew had been knocking.  This woman claimed that her relative believed she was being burgled and phoned the police.  She went on to claim that the woman in the house called her husband, who arrived with a friend and chased Andrew away.

After that, two men chased Andrew down the hill, but we don’t know who these two men were.

The woman on the tape stated that the policeman, Gonzales, arrived and intercepted AJ as he ran down the street, that Andrew tripped and that Gonzales opened fire when he tried to get up.

The woman claimed to have heard Gonzales telling Andrew to get down.  Whoever this woman is, she was closely associated with the events that caused Andrew’s death and now she’s in a panic.  Whoever this woman is, she’s knows exactly what happened to poor AJ.


We don’t know who this person is, claiming to be relative of the woman who lives in the house Andrew knocked on, but it’s plain that her account is a subtle distortion of the facts, compiled by somebody very frightened.  It seems to me that the woman in the mysterious recording might be afraid a close friend or relative is in danger of prosecution.

This CD needs to be investigated because the person speaking on it appears to be engaged in an attempt to divert attention from the facts of a cold-blooded killing.

It seems to me that whoever spoke on this recording is hiding some vital facts about Andrew’s death.

The woman is right about this though: Andrew fell down before Gonzales shot him the final time.  He fell down, but it wasn’t because he tripped while running.  Andrew fell down because he had been shot, probably fatally, and without warning.

Gonzales only shouted a warning to Andrew after he was already fatally injured.  When Andrew was lying on the ground, trying to get up, Gonzales then shot him again several times, in the limbs, causing the young rookie policeman who accompanied him to throw up in horror.

Now why would Gonzales do this?  Well, one possible reason is that he knew Andrew was going to die.  He knew that the earlier shots were fatal, and he needed to show that some disabling shots had been fired first.  Therefore, he needed to have some bullet wounds in Andrew’s legs, so he shot the dying kid again, just to get those wounds.

My guess is that he will now try to reverse the chronology and claim to have fired the leg and arm shots first.  He’ll claim that the fatal wounds were inflicted only after Andrew refused to stop.

I’ll remind you again: Andrew Hanlon was shot seven times, and possibly by two different weapons.  His injuries include a bullet hole between the shoulder blades and another in the abdomen.  Who was firing these different guns?

Let me remind you of another thing: the place where Andrew knocked on the door is about five minutes walk from his sister’s house, and not on the other side of town, as some have suggested.  He was in the neighbourhood where he used to live when he first arrived in Silverton.  This was no burglar.

That’s why the CD is important, despite the fact that it attempts to mislead.  One vital fact it confirms is that Andrew didn’t just trip.

We don’t know who Andrew’s pursuers were, but it appears that Andrew met his death at the hands of a number of people.  These people were the policeman, Tony Gonzales, and the unidentified men who flushed Andrew down the hill.

I don’t know who these men were who chased Andrew, nor do I know how they became involved in chasing him, but I do know this: Andrew Hanlon was executed after he knocked at the wrong door.

They exterminated him as they might dispatch an animal, and after they killed him they ran to the back of a nearby building like the cowards they are.  That’s where one of them muttered Got it or Shot it.

Got it. For all that this killing affected these two men, they might as well have been shooting a dog.

I hope the Oregon authorities hold the killers to account for their part in taking the life of this harmless kid.


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37 thoughts on “The Execution of Andrew Hanlon

  1. This is a story that needs to be heard from the rooftops – just posted briefly and linked to your posts and included a short extract (attributed) – hopefully justice will be done for Andrew.

  2. I thought you were a rational man, but a worse, confused load of innuendoes, filled with “I don’t know whos” and “somebody said’ and “it appears that” and “my guess is” serves nobody, least of all the dead man, any good. I am astonished that anyone would publish such an unsubstantiated diatribe. I hold no particular brief for the police, here in Canada or anywhere else, but for Christs sake unless you have irrefutable evidence of what happened that night why don’t you keep a civil tongue in your head. If you do “KNOW “something, step forward like a man and call the authorities instead of hiding behind your blog name like the chicken shit I suspect you to be.

  3. Thank you for that worthless contribution, Paolo. I see from the link you attached to your name (at the top of the hill”) that there’s an ugly side to your motivation, and therefore I won’t be taking any more contributions from you. Goodbye.

  4. Paolo – Bock is tech savy enough to know that he cannot hide behind a blog and for the record he doesn’t !- I along with other bloggers in the Midwest have partaken of Arthur Guinness in his company and found him to be utterly straight-talking and uncensored. How the hell can anyone not smell a rat when an unarmed man with medical problems is shot 7 times? – Something is rotten in the state of Denmark!

  5. Bock, I’m brand new to this but I set up a blog (or at least I think I did) under the title “at the top of the hill” as a clue to my position on the great curve of life (not young but not quite over the hill, yet). I can see, under the circumstances, how it may have seemed to be some kind of insider reference but that was just an unfortunate coincidence.

  6. Ok Paolo. Let me give you a small bit of advice as one who’s been doing this for a while.

    Sometimes things can be said straight out, and sometimes every publication, including this one, has to choose its words cautiously.

    Maybe you’d bear that in mind before you accuse any more people of being “chicken shit”.

  7. Yes, and Paolo… its AJ HANLON not FALLON. You’ve no business here on this blog. This is a place for friends, family and concerned decent people who give a shit about about AJ, to express their views, anger, sadness and utter shock and disbelief that arsehole apologists/cop propagandists like you, believe it’s ok to execute a young boy just because he wouldn’t stop running. So even if this execution proves to be justified in the eyes of US law – it will never be justified in the eyes of fair minded, decent people all over the world., including the USA.

    So go away and and express your views with your buddies on the Silverton Police Officers Association ‘Appreciation Society’ blog sites (“Officer Gonzalez is a credit to the Force”- actually that’s probably a true comment… by their standards)


  8. Bock, I’ve been following this with great interest.
    one thing keeps playing on my mind.

    The following is a quote from an article in the Oregonian
    “The family said Hanlon had two gunshot wounds in the middle of his left arm, three wounds to his abdomen, one in the back of his shoulder and one on his thigh.”

    How did AJ end up with a shot both from the front and behind?

    This is complete speculation on my behalf, but I’d like to put another possibility out there.. is it possible that the 2 men chasing AJ fired at him, hitting his back, causing him to fall down the hill and that the officer heard the shots and thought that AJ was carrying a weapon?

    Maybe even thought AJ was shooting at him? just a thought..
    either way I believe AJ was murdered and there is a coverup going on somewhere.. all we can hope for at this stage is the killer gets prosecuted, but I don’t know what the likelihood of that really is..

  9. Andrew was shot in the back and the possiblity can’t be discounted that this wound was inflicted by his pursuers. Jane has said that Gonzalez only warned AJ after shots had already been fired and he was on the ground. Gonzalez then shot him again two or three times.

    She has also spoken of two different kinds of weapon being fired.

    You’d have to wonder who shot him the first time. I hope a thorough investigation throws light on this. I also hope another post-mortem will be done in Ireland.

  10. A second autopsy took place last Thursday by Dr.Marie Cassidy, now the family must wait agonizing weeks for the outcome and the inquest.

    This coupled with the fact that the family were unable to view their beloved Andrew, because of the time lapse (AJ was slain nearly THREE weeks ago) and the two autopsies is both appalling and heartbreaking for them.

    This family has been ripped apart by the brutal actions of a power hungry police officer and they will never be able to live their lives as before.

    Every time they pick up a newspaper, every time they turn on the TV, every time they see something American it will remind them that the ‘Land of the Free’, ‘The Land of Opportunity’, ‘The Land Where ALL Men are Equal’ is the LAND WHERE THEIR BOY WAS SLAUGHTERED.

  11. We went to the church in Saggart last night to welcome AJ home and to express our profound sadness to Dorothea & her family on behalf of all who contribute to this blog. You have no idea how much the comments expressed here has meant to them.

    The funeral mass will be held in the Church in Saggart on Monday morning at 10am. Get there if you can. you will be glad you did.

    The family have asked that no flowers be bought but it would be a great gesture if a contribution could be placed in an envelope instead, to help with the astronomical repatriation costs incurred by the family since AJ’s killing. They simply cannot afford this and are getting no official help from home or the Oregon authorities. AJ’s mom, Dorothea, must and should return to Silverton to fight for justice for him. This will not be possible unless they get help. Any thoughts or idea’s please post them here.


  12. to the egan family from j.stone

    i feel you are right here with each one of us (in oregon and ireland) who are devoting enormous energy toward carrying andrew’s soul to the source of truth and justice. we must never give up, until we uncover every single fact, as best as the time and circumstance sequences allow. this CAN and MUST be done.

    please if i may ask, on behalf of every person in oregon who is fighting so hard for andrew and his family ~ would you give an embrace to each family member, and tell them it is coming from each one of us here? andrew’s friends are HIS angels now, and they are lifting his energy higher, every day. they will not let the circumstances of his death be distorted and/or justified by lies or excuses. please, anyone who can, attend andrew’s funeral mass at the church in saggart on monday morning at 10:am, bring hope to the family~ and your love for andrew’s soul. it is only through love we will see this resolved for andrew’s family, hardly even compensation for their loss~ but it’s all we have right now… except this: we are always going to honor this 20 year old lad from ireland who was an artist, and who loved life and who walked amongst us, however briefly~ he gave us a glimpse of his soul, and somehow now, that has to be enough…..

  13. We too attended the removal mass for Andrew (AJ) Hanlon.

    We agree fully with the Egan family, if you can go to the funeral mass on Monday at 10am, please please go.

    Unless you are cold hearted like the monster who gunned poor Andrew down you cannot help but be touched by the heart wrenching grief this family are feeling.

    It is not for me to paint a graphic picture of what took place at the church last night for you the readers this is not my right,and I will not add to the goulish behaviour of the press that were there. Can you imagine they openly came into the church with their cameras! I will only say that the sadness and hurt and grief I experienced there left me physically sick.

    This family needs us not only now but for the forseeable future too, they need to know that people care about their loss of a young Irish boy, they need to know they are not alone.

    The Irish Government, namely the Department of Foreign Affairs and Minister Martin abandoned them, left them out in the cold and point blank refused aid to help bring AJ home to Ireland so his family could lay him to rest .

    How can you sleep at night?

    AJ’s family even said they weren’t looking for a hand out, that if they gave the famiy a loan they would pay it back, the Dept.of Foreign Affairs,Minister Martin’s answer was a resounding ‘NO’.


    I and my entire family historically vote FF, but I can tell you now this will no longer be the case. After their dreadfully unsympathetic behaviour toward the Hanlon/Carroll family they dont deserve our support and we are not alone in this thinking. Unless they get up off their asses and show some compassion toward this family they are on their way down.

    Can someone explain to me how the Dept. of Foreign Affairs can justify repatriating deceased foreign nationals at the cost to the TAX PAYER here but NOT a young Irish boy?
    This has happened time and time again, but is typical of this government who is terrified of being seen to be biased or biggoted, but when it comes to an Irish citizen, their attitude is ‘they dont matter’.
    People in a situation like the Hanlon/Carroll family dont need empty words from these Government officials they need real help and once again the Irish Government fell short.

    Im sorry if you feel my letter too long but this whole issue has made me, my family, my friends and everyone I know so angry.

    So if the Government of Ireland wont help its up to us the Irish people and fair minded people everywhere to help this family in their time of need.

    The Hanlon family has kept they dignity throughout this trauma, the people who truly care will be there for them and to the people who are not there for them, well who needs you, you have to live with your conscience.

    We like the Egan family will be there to support in every way we can, if you have a heart at all you will be there too on Monday 10am at Saggart church to show support for Andrew (AJ) Hanlon, (a bright Irish light who was gunned down by a rogue US cop) and his family.

    Let us never forget AJ.
    Let us never forget the injustice.

  14. I would like to be in contact with AJ’s parents but don’t have an address. Our son Michael McKinney was shot in very similar circumstance on November 8th, 2003. He was shot 4 times fatally by a campus police officer in muncie ,Indiana. My son was unarmed and was knocking on the wrong house. He thought he was at his friends house just down the street. His murderer was not charged criminally and our civil suit was lost. This so called officer had not even gone to the police academy and had been known to pull his gun and use excessive force numerous times. Because he was a police officer he was allowed to kill my wonderful, peace loving 21 year old son. I believe that my husband and I can help his parents and family. No one knows the pain and trauma of losing your son this way and getting no justice from the police or judicial system. AJ’s mom is right in that they will circle the wagons and be forced to bring suit to get any answers at all. You must try and defend your son’s reputation because all they are interested in is protecting the police department. You don’t have to be a foreigner for this to happan. We live 3 hours away and were denied any information. They treated us like criminals even though many law enforcement officials felt this was a ‘bad shoot’. I would like to help if you can give me any information how I can contact the family. My email is [deleted] Thank you and God Bless, lisa

  15. Lisa

    We’ll get you in touch with the Hanlons.

    I’ve removed your email from the comment to protect your privacy.

  16. Bock,

    Can you please send Lisa McKinnry’s e-mail addy to ‘ G.E’ please.

    The last addy you sent they couldnt contact.


  17. I don’t know who G.E. is, but if this is someone who would like to email me and if I can be of any assistance or give support in any way, please contact me. I pray the family is doing well but know the sufferring and grief is still very much a part of their lives. I am so sorry that you did not get the justice that Andrew so richly deserved. I’d like to tell you your anger and bitterness will fade but I am afraid I still don’t have the solution. I will continue to keep you in my prayers.

  18. Lisa,

    Yes your right Andrew didnt get the justice he deserved with the Grand Jury.
    But its not over yet, not be a long shot.

    The DA and his side kick Matt Kemmy have dragged their heels hoping AJ’s family would tire and go away but they have underestimated them.

    They have forgotten they are dealing with an Irish family, who wont br fobbed off easily or beleive every piece of BS they are told.
    They do not suffer fools gladly.

    The Da and the Assistant DA should not think (as they did at their previous meetings with the family) that they are dealing with ‘hick Irish’ from the auld Country, their ignorance appalled and insulted the family.

    Have you read the blogs on the other articles regarding Andrew’s case, please do and leave your comments.
    There you will find out about the withholding of evidence by the DA and his cronies.

    I would like to contact you but cant as I dont have your addy, Bock doesnt post them here for obvious reasons. Perhaps there is a way.

  19. Well heres the latest from Silverton………..

    The house where Andrew was gunned down outside of just happens to belong to a family called Kelley.

    These are the same people who wouldn’t allow AJ’s friends to hold a candle light vigil on the sidewalk outside their house where AJ died.
    When the kids said it was a public sidewalk the ‘lady’ of the house hurled abuse at the kids telling them she was glad Andrew was dead. Nice. She also wouldnt allow a memorial to be placed where AJ was gunned down.

    Thanks to nice lady across the street who invited AJ’s friends over there, AJ’s memorial was set up there.

    They just happen to be relatives of the Kelleys who made the 911 call to police because Andrew was banging on their door.

    Guess what…………………………………..

    Their house has just been put up for sale.

    Run Rabbit run.

    I did a check on the property for sale in Silverton and let me tell you I couldn’t believe the amount of houses for sale in such a small town.
    On Oak St alone (this is where AJ died) there are dozens of Apartments and houses for sale .

    I feel this speaks for itself.

  20. That woman is the sister-in-law of a man who was involved in Andrew’s pursuit. In my personal opinion, that woman was unable to deal with the appalling behaviour of her relatives and could find no way to cope with what had happened, other than seeking refuge in complete denial.

    The curse of the Kelleys is simple: they are not savages. They know perfectly well what was done that night, and they know full well that it was deeply wrong.

    That knowledge hurts them and I’m glad it does.

    Perhaps eventually one of them will hurt so much in his soul that he’ll feel driven to tell the truth, which cries out for acknowledgment and which we all know anyway.

    The Kelleys will have to live with that truth for the rest of their lives — a fact that binds them closer to Andrew’s family than they could ever have wished for.

  21. bock~ after reading your latest comment, i couldn’t believe not only the accuracy of your descriptions but the appropriateness of your words~ there you all are, half a world away from silverton oregon and your understanding of what happened is irrefutable.

    this same sister in law is the one who was known as the “c.d. tape witness” in the press.
    she sent a tape to the hanlon relatives saying
    she’d witnessed what happened outside her house, when andrew was killed. in the tape she describes andrew being chased down the road (not andrew going through the woods as was told later to the d.a., and the jury) by two assailants, and andrew tripping at the bottom of the hill, in the street in front of her residence. she is same person who, in police interview the night of the murder, tells investigating officer she saw a police officer who she believed may have been gonzolas’ partner, walking around area by her house with shotgun looking to give it to someone, after the murder. the best thing the kelleys’
    could possibly do for themselves would be to
    come foreward because if they don’t, it will
    destroy them, personally and as a “family.”
    thank you bock, for your amazing perception…

  22. Little by little the truth will come out, that’s what Bock said.

    He was right.

    Justice for AJ will happen, it may be slow but be assured if we keep plugging at it, keep reminding people of the how this young lad was gunned down in the Streets of Silverton it will happen.

    Already a new witness has come forward.

    The inconsistencies are becoming clearer the web of lies are unraveling , its only a matter of time.

    To those of you out there who have been hiding the truth now is the time to come forward and come clean. When the knock comes to your door it will be too late and the full weight of the law will come down upon you.

    There are many people involved in the cover up of AJ’s murder, both little fish and big fish and they will all fry for this.

    Whether they choose to try and make things easier for themselves by coming forward with the truth or not is up to them, but someone will so why not make it you.

  23. I hope and pray you are right. Andrew deserves justice but when it comes to the police, you are up against the blue wall and they stick together like super glue. We had people tell us things about my son’s case but when it came time to testify in court, the reputation of the police force always took precedence. Why can they not admit that someone in their club is wrong? I will continue to pray for Andrew and his family. Please continue to fight for what’s right.

  24. The Kelleys will have to live with that truth for the rest of their lives — a fact that binds them closer to Andrew’s family than they could ever have wished for.

    Yes, they can run from Silverton City but they can’t hide from the light.

  25. To those of you out there who are still interested in reading the posts on the Killing of Andrew ‘AJ’ Hanlon.

    Please don’t get bored or frustrated and leave the site.

    We here on Bock who seek truth and justice for AJ and the Hanlon-Carroll family need your support in this fight .

    Jane Stone is right, don’t go, we need you to keep plugging at it and let these arrogant so called ‘Officers of the Law and DA’S Offices’ know that we have not gone away, we have not forgotten the slaughter of Andrew-James Hanlon or the cover up that has followed.
    That we support AJ’s Family in their plight.

    AND let them know that their time of reckoning is approaching.

  26. As you are all aware the first memorial set up near the site where Andrew was killed was mysteriously removed one morning early. AJ’s family and friends know who did it.
    AJ’s Mum, family and friends renewed the memorial making it even larger to include six small home made Irish flags. It looked amazing.

    Now Andrew’s Memorial is gone again………………

    Andrew’s memorial was burned down!

    There is a blogger here on this site who thought they were responsible for the destruction of AJ’s memorial because of a large candle they placed at the site.
    But the family want to assure them this is not the case.

    Inside sources close to the family who work within the Silverton Fire Department have told them the fire was deliberately set.
    It burned down a tree in the garden of the lady who gave permission to erect the memorial and damaged a telegraph pole as well as destroying AJ’s memorial.

    To talk of disrespect is futile as it is obvious there are people in this town who simply couldn’t give a damn.
    To talk about the town Mayor Ken Hector making statements implying Andrew’s killing was NO big deal because it was only the second time in forty years that a Police Officer had pulled a gun is futile too, because he has been seen out having dinner openly with the Kelley’s who were instrumental in Andrew’s death.

    The burning of yet another memorial to this young boy surely speaks volumes about this town and its citizens.

    I think you are right bock there is more to this town than meets the eye.

    This is a disgraceful sickening act perpetrated by ignorant self serving thugs.
    It cost hundreds of dollars to put together the memorials and bit by bit these thugs are trying to wear down Andrew’s family and friends.


    Maybe the Kelleys thought it would be hard to sell their house with a Memorial to a Murdered boy right outside their door!!!!!

    If I had the money I personally would go to Silverton to resurrect AJ’s memorial, to show these A***** there are people who care and we will not be squashed and deterred by their inhumane actions.

    Come on Gary (Silverton) surely there are more folk like you in Silverton who wouldn’t condone this barbarous act and who would help resurrect yet again the Memorial to Andrew ‘AJ’ Hanlon.

  27. Gary (Silverton) or anyone else from Silverton.

    Could you find out exactly when Andrew’s Memorial on Oak Street was set on fire and let me know.


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