Catholic Bishops and Irish Education System

The Catholic clergy have controlled the Irish education system for generations because our politicians were too spineless to do anything about it.  For generations, the bishops have claimed to be the providers of education to Irish children, even though the State pays for the schools and the teachers’ salaries.  They’ve claimed for generations that without the clergy’s selfless charity,  there would have been no education system in Ireland, carefully warping the real truth which is this: they fought tooth and nail to undermine any suggestion of a secular education system which would challenge their absolute power over Irish children during their formative years.

Now I see that the bastards are still at it.

Here’s this character called Bishop Leo O Reilly, chairman of the Irish Bishops Conference commission on education.  Leo is pissed off with the government because they have plans to build new schools and staff them without making one of his buddies the patron.

The Catholic Church makes no apology, says Leo, for its ongoing presence in education delivery.

Now.  Let’s analyse that.

The Church’s presence in education delivery.

Isn’t that a clever use of words?


Well, no, actually.  It isn’t a clever use of words.  It’s just the usual slithery old evasion we’ve come to expect from these two-faced con-artists over the decades, and which they got away with when people were less critical than they are today.

Is Leo saying the Church will deliver the education?


Is he even saying they’ll pay for it?

No.  Certainly not.

And yet, even though he’ll neither pay for nor deliver anything, the arrogant old fucker demands a presence.

A presence, by Jesus!

The delivery and the paying will be done by the taxpayer.  We’ll pay for the school, we’ll  pay for the teachers yet Leo wants to be the boss.

Why?  What entitles him to have such a position?

This is an old guy in a skirt with a silly hat.  What the fuck does he know about education?  The people we need in charge of our schools are education professionals, not witch-doctors like Leo and his creaking old pals.

I’m heartened to see the bland response he received from the Minister for Education, to the effect that the Department would consider his comments.  I hope that means the same as the old retort:

Dear Sir, Your letter was before me.  It is now behind me.

If Leo really wanted to make a contribution and deliver something useful, I know what he could do.  He could put his energies into controlling the child-abusing bastards his colleagues protected over the decades.  And he could give us back the money he and his pals siphoned from the public purse because they wouldn’t pay for the consequences of child abuse, leaving us to pick up the tab instead.

And then he could do something more in keeping with his priestly status, such as getting down on his knees and begging our forgiveness for his arrogance.

And after that he can fuck right off.


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14 thoughts on “Catholic Bishops and Irish Education System

  1. No other topic winds me up more. The short list of places I can live (in rough proximity to a non-demoninational schools for my son & where I work) is controlled by utter f*cking f*cks like this.

  2. Yup, it’s one of the things that boils my blood the most too.

    My girlfriend has just completed her degree in primary school teaching (which is heavily polluted with christian teachings) and to get a job you have to grovel to a local priest so that they will write a letter for you declaring you a “good person”.

    What the fuck! …. okay, got to stop thinking about this before I start getting angry again.

  3. “our politicians were too spinless to do anything about it”, well BOCK, u said it all there, and what is the inevitable consequence for a country where such a ‘pretend we’re a government’ exists? i reckon it’s revolution of course, but what’s taking the irish so long in waking up is baffling to say the least.
    Just a matter of time maybe.

  4. The old bastards don’t want to lose the little hold they have instilled over the years. Thankfully, I have no real interest in religion, am not religious or indeed threatened by the deadly burn in hell stories, and thankfully it and they have had no influence over me or my life. I do remember my, probably third time going to confession after I’d made my confirmation. The old bastard in the box gave me such a hard time because it had been “six” weeks since my last confession, that I just got up off the chair and left. I told my dad, and he said there was no need for me to go anymore. Prior to that, a “Brother” almost put my own brothers head through the blackboard and was lucky to get away with his life after my dad practically impaled him outside the school. Bishop this, brother that – gimps, blimps and plebs, oh yes and perverts and robbing bastards. That’s all.

  5. Fuck me, Morgor, just after a classic Bock rant, I wasn’t expecting to hear of the bolloxology that your girlfriend is having to go through to get a teaching job. “Get a degree, good…now visit the Witch Doctor and let him put a spell on you to make you nice and acceptable for Sister Mary Elephant School for Young Catholics”, more like the fucker wants to arrange to come round after she’s hired to see the pupils up close and personal. I thought the days of getting a letter from the priest were long past,

    Why is this charade still put up with? What logical need was there ever for clergy in any education system, yet we still have the same old sleeveen politicians sucking up to them after all the damage they’ve done and countless lives they’ve fucked up.

    Irish Clergy…..still screwing the people, and their offspring given half a chance.

    At least The Brits fucked off after 800 years, what do we need to do to get rid of these voodoo merchants? Fuck Saint Patrick, why didn’t he take at left at Mizen Head and do us all a favour.

  6. I remember (and so will some of your other bloggers here on BTR) the story of a young Mother not too many years ago who went to the Priest to enquire about having her new baby christened.

    On entering the Priests office he sat back down behind his big desk but never invited the new Mother to take a seat.

    She explained why she was there and he said ‘ Ah yes Mrs.***** hmmmm and where is it you were married then Mrs.*****’.

    She replied ‘ in the registry office in Dublin Father’.

    The Priest then said ‘and what kind of a marriage do you think you have Mrs. ***** getting married in the registry office’.

    She replied ‘ Father I only came here to make arrangements to have my baby christened’, upon which the Priest told her he ‘would think about it’

    She asked why he was making her baby suffer by not allowing the christening and he replied ‘ its not me who is making your baby suffer its you by getting married in a registry office’.

    My God……..

    On returning home this young Mother came to my home which was right across the road and told me the story through tears and sobs, she was distraught, and It made my blood boil to think that this self righteous, pompous craw thumper had reduced this young Mother to this.
    How dare he, how dare they.

    Subsequently the baby was christened in another parish.

    This story ingrained itself into my memory and I have told it many times over the years.I have many more like it from other friends and family, where the clergy have taken the moral high ground, just who the hell do they think they are, what gives them the right to dictate to people how they live, the saying ‘ those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones’ comes to mind.

    Its about time Ireland as a whole woke up, Ireland has become a multi cultural society and with it will bring the multi religion society, no longer can the Catholic Church demand full control.

    These men, for that is all they are, are terrified of loosing the power and the control.
    They have wielded this power over the people of Ireland for long enough. now its time for a change.

  7. The catholic hierarchy have more faces than a town clock when it comes to the subject of child abuse. I’ve yet to meet anyone who does not have at least one bad memory of their childhood at the hands of the evil bastard priests, not forgetting some of the nuns also.
    It’s time they moved on and relinquished their talon like grip on the young, the vunerable, and in some cases the feeble minded.

  8. achh.. Bok yer on the money there boy. i thought eyeland yer into yer priests and all that….i thought yeh liked em.
    In Christianity the word is the only things that matters.. allt he rest of it donnay mater at all

  9. You tell it brother.

    ps Wait til someone does the research on how the church/orders have profited from the property boom – from selling property acquired though charitable donation/subscription, and the capitation and teaching fees extracted from the state.

  10. hah, I don’t see why the Irish have any loyalty to those cunts.

    Pope Adrian IV, the first English pope, in one of his earliest acts, had already issued a Papal Bull in 1155, giving Henry authority to invade Ireland as a means of curbing ecclesiastical corruption and abuses.

    Took a King of Leinster (Dermot MacMurrough) to coax the English to invade. Jackeen cunt.

    Then what did he do, built fucking glendalough.

    Absolute cunts.

  11. I went to a tiny wee Proddie school in the middle of nowhere… minimal religious instruction that was not compulsary, a broad curriculum and no Catholic guilt. During a civics class in 6th class the teacher explained what homosexuality was and how it was a completely normal way of life, ffs!!! there was no corporal punishment, and because it was a smaller school each pupil got the individual attention they deserved.

    My mates who’s parents were agnostics decided to send them to the local catholic run school so they could get to know kids locally and during religion classes they were locked in a cupboard and told that if they weren’t going to listen to god’s word then they should be punished….

  12. It’s the ‘selfless charity’ bit that is really galling as these guys were very well paid. These guys had a ‘presence’ in almost every aspect of Irish life and they tried to twist and pervert everything to their own agenda.

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