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How’s This For A Birthday Present?

I went out last night to celebrate a not-particularly-significant birthday with a bunch of friends.  More friends were providing the music and yet more friends turned up later.  The place was fuckin heaving.

But I digress.  What do you think a Warrior Princess gave me as a birthday present?

Would you say, perhaps, a book?  That would be normal.  The same Warrior Princess, when I held a house-warming party gave me a book called Homes of Dictators, but this time I didn’t receive a book.

No.  Not a book.

A CD, then?  That would sound about right, wouldn’t it?  Something a bit skewed and off-centre.

No.  Not a CD.

Well, what then?  It was hardly a bunch of flowers.

No.  you’re right.  It wasn’t a bunch of flowers.  It was, in fact, two tickets to the Emmy-Lou Harris gig in Dublin.

Now, how about that?  How lucky am I to have such friends?

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Just to wish you a Happy Birthday and thank you for all of the hours of entertainment. Enjoy Emmylou; yep you are lucky. By the by…I reckon you did the right thing drawing your reader’s attention to that “savant”/Nazi creature. Didn’t bother to try to argue with him. Pointless…too far gone. Flagged him…so we’ll see.

A belated not-particularly-significant birthday sir, hope it was a good one. Thoughtful presents from friends are, well, thoughtful! Thank Jehovah (tee-hee) my kids have got past the sox and jox stage!!

Belated Happy Birthday to you.You have the same d.o.b. as my ex-Father in Law.

I won’t hold it against you. Enjoy the show.

“Homes of Dictators” though….brilliant.Wish I’d thought of that one.

‘it’s cardigans from here on’

Something wrong with that image. Can’t quite put my finger on it …

Happy whichever one it was, anyway.

Dev — Your ex-father-in-law? Goddamn!

Nora — Or maybe it’ll be slippers. I don’t know yet.

Trinity — Thanks

HGF — I don’t know where that comment went to. It’s probably one of those mysterious internet things that none of us understands.

Belated birthday wishes, Bock.

The Warrior Princess has outdone herself. What a memorable and generous gift.

Maybe a few Emmylou performances to get the mood going. PS, when is the concert?

Happy Birthday Bock! was out celebrating my Jesus Birthday on sat..

Got a lovely Hipflask with 12 Year old Jameson in it from one friend,you’d swear id won the lotto..

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