Hypothetical Question

Help me out here, people, if you wouldn’t mind.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you felt like a complete idiot?

Just asking.

If you have views on this, I’d appreciate your response, and maybe your story.

19 thoughts on “Hypothetical Question

  1. umm, yes, but nothing conveniently comes to mind at the moment… ;)

    actually, I’ll think of a good one, and be back…though nothing might compare to the story of the lady leaving her kiddie, in the carseat, on the roof of her car, and yes, driving away…. ;p

  2. Dublin
    Easter 1991
    The GPO
    A small group from Limerick was selected to be in the parade commemorating the Easter Rising.I was one of them.

    Boots were polished to an unearthly gloss.You could shave with the creases on the trousers.Perfect Windsor knot on all ties and berets were ironed on heads.

    We marched out to be inspected by Mary R and as we stood in front of the GPO at attention I felt THAT breeze.You know the one you get when your fly betrays you? Of course I couldn’t move to do it up so I just stood there and basked in my Giant Titness.

  3. Who hasn’t? My best one was arriving a day late for a flight to the states. I was convinced I was flying on a saturday, arrived at the airport to find there was no mention of my flight in the check in list. Closer inspection of my ticket revealed I should have been there 24 hours earlier. I went to the Aerlingus desk and explained that I was a fucking moron and (being in the days when airlines were fucking nice to you) they sorted me out. Free of charge. I miss those days.

  4. You mean like when you’re at a formal do and you’re the only one to get absolutely, utterly, well beyond the normal, pissed ? And you only realise what you’ve done the next day, or a couple of days later, you get funny glances from people (no change there then) and that ache in the pit of your stomach as little flashbacks temporarily stop you in your tracks and you think “no, I couldn’t have done THAT could I ?”

    No, I’ve never done that…..

  5. HGF — Yes. That would make you feel like a fool every time.

    Dev — Oh dear Jesus!

    Thrifty — I’ve done that. Idiot.

    St Russ — I’ve done that too, but I think you’re onto something important there. The flashbacks are the key. They’re your clue that you’ve done something so utterly cringe-making you want to jump around with your head between your knees like Basil Fawlty.


  6. Does being a Limerick hurling fan count? These days I’d imagine that would be worse than being caught in bed with your mother in law, having a secret stash of Mary Harney porn on your computer or being a Fianna Fail politician.

  7. Once went on a lunchtime date and very, very slowly realised that the other person thought it was a work thing.

    That one was special.

  8. Oh just yesterday, when I heard these words issue forth from some gobshite’s mouth and fill the boardroom, like a particularly noxious fart that sat down beside me as I was being interviewed by the petite lady I’d never met before: Are you pregnant?

    Nah. Nah. Course she wasn’t. Course not. Nah. In fact I’d go so far as to say she was built like a flaming whippet. So I’m off for an exorcism today. Can’t hurt.

  9. can’t say I have being infellable and all, have felt up a fair few stupid people though, does that count?

  10. i just realised that it’s my dad’s birthday and i’ve already spoken to him without mentioning it, so it’s obvious i forgot…….i feel pretty stupid now.

    walls one is pretty funny……i can just imagine it unfolding

  11. well I asked someone when they were due, it turns out she was just fat, she hated me, I felt like a prick, that actually happened not just something you hear on the telly!!!

    Then the other day a guy walked into the gym he was wearing a Beta Interferon T- Shirt (medication for MS which my father also takes) I said Nice T-Shirt my dad takes that… he turned to me and said,
    “Yeah, my wife Used to…..”

    I felt like a right cunt! :(

  12. I feel like an idiot just about every time I leave a comment on one of my favorite blogs. Did I say something totally ignorant?

    Ah, shit. There I go again.

  13. Well, here goes, I’m already blushing….
    …as a young, naive, new nursing student, did I say young and naive…and although aware of male anatomy and physiology..easy now,
    …I was given the task of inserting a urinary catheter into an elderly gentlemen. However, upon removing the bed covers and lifting the hospital gown, IT wasn’t there. I rather discreetly looked for it, even gently moved some things about, but, it wasn’t there…THANK GOODNESS he was senile and had no clue.
    My preceptor saw the look on my face and came over to the bedside. With the efficiency and the abrupt forcefulness of an experienced nurse, at least I thought at the time that she should have been more gentle, she moved them down and over more, and well, there the wee thingy was, like a small spring bulb jest breaking out of a powdery snow drift.
    She just looked at me, shook her head and laughed, said something like, ‘you’ll learn’.

  14. Well, I’m not a religious person but am officially catholic I suppose. I can also be a complete tit sometimes. At work one day our Eircom man Denis arrived in. He’s a morbid, pale kinda guy and fairly dreary. Anyway, I saw a mark on his head and I said without thinking, and I quote “Hi Denis, look, you’ve a bit of a mark there on your head, what happened to you?” It was Ash Wednesday, he informed me, in his deadpan tone, and face void of expression. That was six years ago and I’m still cringing. I actually didn’t realise. He steered clear of me after that.

  15. We were playing for a wedding in galway last year, running late ‘cos we couldn’t find the groom. Our roadie asked the “father of the bride” if he had seen him? He replied, sternly, “I AM the fucking groom”!!! ouch!!

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