Manson Family Murders

I must be one of the few people who actually have the Charlie Manson album, Lie: The Love and Terror Cult.

It isn’t bad, you know.  He has a reasonable voice and he can play the guitar fairly well, or at least, he could when he was hanging out with Denis Wilson.  He sounds a bit like a psychotic, murderous James Taylor, or maybe a deranged José Feliciano.  That kind of thing.  I particularly like the ninth track, Don’t Do Anything Illegal.

I was talking to Wrinkly Joe at the weekend, and he mentioned that he was re-reading Helter Skelter, about the murders all those years ago.  What a coincidence.  I was thinking about them too, because the anniversary has just passed, and I thought maybe it would be a good idea to commemorate them in some way.

I had in mind producing a range of cheesy snack-foods.  What do you think?

Only two spring to mind at the moment but who knows?  Maybe you might come up with others.

I think people might like to buy a bag of Manson Munch, made in the shape of fingers and toes.  Classy or what?

But that would only be the start.  I think the real success will come when we launch the cheese-and-onion-flavoured Sharon Tayto.

Isn’t it a great idea?  I knew you’d agree.

4 thoughts on “Manson Family Murders

  1. Finished re-reading same book 2 weeks ago. Now I’m scared.Not too into the cheesy snack thing,but a Little Piggies and porter night maybe?Sharon Tayto…sneering much about that.

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