Party-Time Again

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Aug 222008

I’m off to the Nut’s birthday party tonight.  Woo-hoo!

Here, let’s have a song.


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    Haven’t heard that one in years.thanks.Am now dusting off the album.Happy birthday Nut.


    Have a cracking time, Nut!

    Did you see? I made a joke, I made a joke! About the cracking, and the aaaaaaaarrrrrgggggllleee.

    *Is shot by a joke-lover*


    Seeing as you are posting, I take it you got to somebody’s home – maybe even your own at a pinch? Hope you enjoyed the party. Several people have described the gathering as ‘eclectic’. I can live with that, but if one was a bit drunk trying to say ‘eclectic guitart players’ might not come out quite right….but there was some decidedly eclectic playing around 5 am. Poncho and Lefty, Seven Spanish Angels and the whole nine yards.



    Lovely choice Bock..

    THe song i proposed to the missus to ..

    in a beautiful restaurant/club in Paris..

    Thanks for the flashback!

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