America To Be Ruled By Insane Woman

If you still doubt that the USA is in danger of being taken over by an absolute nutcase, check out Mr Darwin’s post, here.

Leave a comment with him, why don’t you?

11 thoughts on “America To Be Ruled By Insane Woman

  1. Yep, if i were a nutcase (and i’m not sayin i’m not) that’s the church i’d join.
    That’s exactly what the world needs right now, one of those hellfire apoclypse believin’ christians with their finger on the big red button. Hallehluyah, Jesus is comin’ back. Might not be too much left to save this time though, except of course Sarah and the gang down in the bunker.

  2. Creepy is the word for it. If the Republicans win and McCain croaks, you’re looking at the next president of the USA. So go out there, Citizen Sam, and do your duty.

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