America’s Subtle Coup d’État?

Ever since Bush’s popularity began to sink beneath the ground, people have been worrying that Cheney would never relinquish power.  People were predicting that the administration would declare a national crisis of some sort, to be followed by a temporary suspension of democracy in the national interest, with the possible formation of a government of national unity.

People were worried that there might be a coup d’état.  People speculated that extreme emergency measures might be put in place, with tanks and soldiers on the streets, mass round-ups and disappearances.  A figurehead wartime president might be installed to do the bidding of Halliburton and the rest of them.

Now, call me suspicious-minded if you like, but doesn’t the national crisis seem to have arrived right on cue?  With only a few weeks left to the presidential elections, Bush announced that the greatest calamity to strike America since the Great Depression was at hand.  And furthermore, he invited both major parties to join him in the decision to endow big business with a gigantic financial hand-out.

The US Army has been deployed within the United States, under the direct control of the president.  Its role?  Suppressing civil unrest and crowd control, among other things.  Bush can order this military force to put down any lawful protest, or move against any citizens if he perceives a problem with public order.  To put it another way, if the president doesn’t like what he sees, he can now send in the army to silence his critics.

How’s that for democracy?

The Republican candidate has also announced the suspension of his campaign, saying that it’s time to put politics aside in the national interest.  And of course, by “politics” he means the race to democratically elect a new president.  He didn’t even bother to put the campaign in the hands of his running mate temporarily (for obvious reasons, admittedly), and now he’s decided not to take part in the debate with his opponent.

A suspicious-minded person might be starting to wonder about some things.  They might, for instance be starting to think that someone like McCain was chosen as Republican candidate because he was never meant to complete his term anyway.

And they might be thinking that this also explains why a complete nobody like Sarah Palin was chosen as the vice-presidential candidate.  It wouldn’t matter if they selected Noddy and Big-Ears to run, since we’ll never see an election.

Yes, I know it’s only another nutty conspiracy theory, but indulge me.  We’ll find out in January.



Glenn Greenwald


Naomi Wolf

USA Under Martial Law

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  1. I don’t think you’re too paranoid, but the more likely scenario is that we enter a crippling recession, McCain is elected, and experiences a turnaround in the second or third year of his term, which he promptly turns around and praises bush for, thus rescuing him from his legacy of idiocy, and restoring the republican stranglehold on power.

    What is more frightening – read the actual language of act that allowed the government to bailout AIG. It gives the treasury and the administration STAGGERING powers. This, combined with Homeland Security, represent the largest threat to the checks and balances system that is supposed to be represented by having separate entities control separate functions within the governemnt. Shocking!

  2. I think this is a part of the overall plan, it’s been confirmed that the proposed bail-out plan from the Bushies had been in the works for a while so they at least selected some of the timing. Right now, here in the middle of the USA, I think the financial crisis alone would not be considered scary enough to the citizens to call off the elections. Right now most of my neighbors aren’t scared, they are pissed off. they are pissed off at real things and pretend things, but pissed off is what they are. Some are pissed off at high paid bankers who fucked things up, some are pissed at liberals for making it possible for poor people to buy houses they couln’t afford. Mainly they are pissed off that they are being told they have to pay for some one else’s screw ups.

    A Coup D’etat while everyone is merely pissed off likely won’t go too well even if they have Blackwater (and now the US Army, see the link in Michael Barry’s post above) acting as the national police.

    Look for another crisis to magically appear if they are truly intent on calling off the elections, one that would scare the poor ignorant masses instead of merely angering them.

    Another possibilty is that the fix is already in and the votes have already been counted, they aren’t worried about the election because they already know the winner. They’ve already stolen the presidency twice, third time’s a charm.

    For an outlook on how that scenario might play out, try reading Naomi Wolf’s take on the Palin selection.

    Maybe the ones out front are all just puppets anyway.

  3. Not that I’m prone to conspiracy theories, but in context with what has happened during the past eight years, and what is happening right now – you all will know what I am refering to; if not, please ask -, I found reading this interesting, if not disturbing.

    Update: Oops, just realized that it seems to be difficult to find the offered link. You’ll find it by clicking above’s ‘this’.

  4. file:///home/sean/Desktop/coup-cover-big.jpg

    I think the coup happened long ago, that’s what 9/11 was really all about.

  5. Well it’s something well worth chewing over, particularly if you can find a nice sunny place near a grassy knoll ……

  6. It’s not like Bush has any power any way. We all know that Cheney has had his hand up his ass…er, I mean, yanking the puppet strings for years now anyway….

  7. this is my biggest fear! the october surprise is here and i don’t know what’s going to wake people up. . .the other shoe to drop – who will come to implement regime change in order to safeguard american citizens from our government? the precedent has already been established. . .

    (have passport/will travel)

  8. I wouldn’t say there is a plan as such but I remember coming to terms – quite a long time ago – with the idea America would never acquiesce/allow (and that’s putting it lightly) a turn to the left under any circumstances.

    They knew what was going on in Wall St we have the German government finance minister tell us yesterday on BBC TV– the German government – he – continually pleaded with America and Britain to (get back to sanity) introduce more regulation. He said be mentioned it (whenever he/they could) at G8 summits and when Germany was in the position heading the EU.
    So they are clearly lying about not knowing anything, and they’ve been sweeping it under the carpet blatantly for the last couple of years when even the dogs in the street like me knew something was rotten. (we know they knew but now it’s on record)

    Were they calculating (can they calculate) like you say or just foolishly trying to clean it up behind closed doors just like Gordon Browne, Brian Cowen and that stupid fuck Bert before him; like they’re still trying partially to do.

    The cats out of the bag the deregulated market capitalism has failed and they know that funny enough.
    They’ll do anything to hold it together.
    I thought war with Iran would have been an option and more than a temporary suspension, but then again I really don’t know except these are the most dangerous times.

    I find Obama’s compliance a little unnerving to say the least, and I hope it’s just a case of being shrewd, for one way or the other could escalate riots, and play to strengthen the hawks. They’ve taken the power since Bush came to war mongering power.

    Quite a lot of people have been doing the unthinkable over the while: growing a beard and their hail long.

    In the great war Finns joined the Germans to beat back the Russians successfully. We may have to do it again.

  9. I’m always suspicious when Bush gets on telly to scare the nation witless.

    That said, polls show this financial crisis is favouring Obama rather than McCain who is tryng desperately to separate himself from the Bush administration without actually having to express an opinion about the bailout until it’s passed or defeated.

    I also want to know why Palin has only granted 3 press interviews since her nomination, one of them to People magazine for Christ’s sake, and the other two could hardly be called hard-hitting news organizations either.

    How have we arrived at this mess? This is going to hurt millions of ordinary Americans, primarily the elderly whose pensions (invested by their former employers or pension plan manager in the stock market) are not able to keep up with rising food and fuel costs.

  10. Oh, careful bock. Next thing people will start to say the likes of Alex Jones and Jordan Maxwell were right. Worse yet you’re in danger of lending credibilty to cynical, paranoid conspiracy theorists (threats to national security ?) like me. Do we really want to live in a world where I might be right ? :)
    But seriously, it looks like we might just be approaching zero hour, where they dont even bother with the illusion.
    When you talked about letting McCain run cause he’d never be president anyway, does anyone think it’s possible that the same might go for Obama ?

  11. I see Jp Morgan (apparently unaffected) has bought Washington Mutual Bank, previously a competitor, and also had bought Bear Stearns before the collapse. Is it just me or oes anyone see a pattern?

  12. People have got into a bad habit of thinking of conspiracy theories as nutty. You’d swear there was something unusual about 2 or more people getting together to break the law (i.e. conspiring). Mr Terrwilliger’s link above is well worth reading folks.

  13. ”The financial market “under prices risk” and is “systematically inefficient,” said John Eatwell and Lance Taylor ten years ago, warning of the extreme dangers of financial liberalization.
    In that light (they didn’t get the message, Bill was blowin’ his horn) Clinton’s administration repealed the Glass-Steagall act of 1933, thus freeing financial institutions “to innovate in the new economy.”

    I’ll repeat again: socializing/nationalizing cost and risk and privatizing profit, without consulting the people (O yes, it’s for their benefit) epitomizes DEMOCRACY in the USA (and everywhere else for that matter) little and none at all.

  14. -EssoDee

    Exactly. Personaly i find “conspiracy theory” (those i find credible anyway) much easier to believe then “Coincidence theory”. I honestly believe we are conditioned to laugh at anyone who suggests all is not as it seems, and dismiss them as “crazy conspiracy theorists”. Sometimes a spade is a fucking spade. Actually a spade is always a fucking spade !
    My brother once said to me when i was young;
    “Just ’cause you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not after you”.

  15. Surely it is just a case of the incompetence/greed of these people catching up with them and they are trying to turn it to their advantage to the greatest extent possible.

    To say that this was a conspiracy/plan would be to flatter the buggers.

  16. Benny,

    The conspiracy has been in the continual deregulation that was in place to control the greed. There used to be laws and regulations that would have prevented the over-extensions and leveraged positions that have now appeared. The same idiots who pass laws telling me I have to wear a seat belt while driving a car (and will ticket me for that offense alone even though I have committed no other violations while driving) removed all of the seat belts that used to restrain the bankers and protect the small investors.

    The conspiracy continues in that the small investors and the non-investors are now being told they get to pay for the greed of the bankers with future tax money in a form of indentured servitude to the government.

    The worst conspiracy scenario still waiting in the wings isn’t neccessarily the ones who planned all of this, but the ones who are waiting to sieze this opportunity as a way grab all the power and control for themselves. Right now the idiots in the government are scrambling around trying to fix a financial mess that can only be fixed by itself. In the meantime I am sure that lurking in the shadows are those who know that taking control is the real prize, not the money or the banks. Look how extravagant the lifestyle can be for a dictator even in the poorest of countries. The current financial crisis, though important, is yet another distraction to keep us occupied while the take over is plotted some more.

  17. Rob, Andrew Sullivan is quite a big noise over here. He’s British by birth, gay, fiscally conservative but socially liberal. He identifies as an Independent and has a mind of his own. I don’t always agree with him but he is a very influential blogger. I respect his thinking and integrity and it’s always interesting to hear what he has to say.

    Try the Daily Kos too. More of a liberal slant than Sullivan and very influential on the web.

  18. -in relation to conspiracies

    It looks like yet another case of problem, reaction, solution. The powers that be (the real power that is) create a finacial crisis. The people freak out. “What are we goin to do?” they ask.
    “Why give us 700 billion dollers”, the others reply.
    Either the people agree, in which case … KA-CHING !!, or they start to say “hey, hang the fuck on a minute..” and start getting upity in which case we refer to the paragraph in Mr. Bocks post relating to Us army deployment inside it’s borders in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878.
    Given the choice, i too would prefer to be seen as grossly incompetant and corrupt rather then traitorous rat, but there’s method to the mayhem in my opinion.

  19. Well Mr. Bock, it woud seem you are not alone in your summations.

    This article from the wise up journal has alot of intersting threads to follow, but don’t pull too hard.
    (mind you, slightly too many Wikipedia references for my personal confort but hey..)

  20. I found this clip on the blog linked below;

    Sorry bock, don’t mean advertising for the competition but if you watch the clip, the congressman from texas is complaining about the lack of transparency in the $700 billion bill. He
    is also complaining about the lack of involvement of
    repulican congressmen in the decision making process and says
    “Mister speaker, i know we are under martial law, as declared by the speaker last night..”

    What already? Perhaps he got his facts mixed up, or perhaps he just let it slip out. Check it out for yourselves

  21. From what I am able to determine, martial law in this instance is a procedural thing having to do with the rules of order in congress and nothing to do with soldiers in the streets.

    The soldiers won’t be ready until at least Wednesday.

  22. Oh the smell of near death is in the air and already the vultures are circling. Even the Pastors of America are looking for their cut.

    Pastors want to helpguide the flock during Martial Law;

    Not our own brand religious opportunists but its nice to see there’s common values between the fates

  23. Right, we could fall into that giant black hole at the centre of our galaxy just seconds before Obama Clinton puts his hand on the …. no, I can’t say it.
    God be with you all. The end is neigh

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