Andrew Hanlon Reminder

Imagine if you’d raised this boy in Ireland …

… and he became this young man …

… and then he was slaughtered in the street by somebody like this and by some of the local rednecks …

…  in a small American town, who tried to portray this young man …

… as a violent criminal.

And imagine if the rednecks owned the District Attorney and the local police.

And imagine if the rednecks thought they could silence the family of the murdered boy and deny them the information they need to find out how their boy was killed.  And imagine if the local authorities including the District Attorney ignored the family’s requests for information.

Well, that’s what’s happening right now in the little town of Silverton, Oregon.

If you need reminding, read all about it HERE on Bock.  It hasn’t gone away, you know.

If you didn’t read it already, do it now.  And be angry.


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11 thoughts on “Andrew Hanlon Reminder

  1. Yes. It’s appalling, which is why I took up the case in the first place. With a bit of luck, other people would publicise what happened as well.

  2. I suppose there’s not a whole lot we could do to help (aside from taking donations to put a hit out on that redneck fuck) but perhaps this will help aliviate your readers frustration;

    Silverton City Manager Bryan Cosgrove :
    Email him, plague the bastard, explode their fucking server with mails; i know I will.

    And while your doing that, check out this link

    Fair play Bock

  3. Bock, I want to commend you on keeping this issue alive.

    I have often criticised those for tackling an issue that has either passed, or is so mired in practical irrelevance that it is self defeating.

    But this is issue is live, and it is relevant, and if all this achieves is a sounding board for the frustration of all of us who are stunned at the slaughter of an innocent, or peaks the conscience of someone who can help reveal the truth, or just simply allows Andrew’s family to know that there are those among them who acknowledge their pain and loss, then you have done a great service

  4. Bock,

    I would like to thank you for keeping alive the memory of this gentle loving young man.

    I would like to thank you for ensuring this crime and injustice will be kept fresh in the minds of your readers everywhere.

    I thank you on behalf of Andrew-James, his family and his friends.

  5. Jasjeet — Pat is just a front for one of the parties involved in the killing. We got a lot of that kind of thing as they closed ranks.

  6. Dear Bock,
    Last Monday was Andrew’s sixth Anniversary. I cant believe its been that long. It seems like only yesterday that I got that life changing call.
    I would like to thank you for all your support at that time it truly meant so much both to me and my family.
    Life hasn’t been the same and I don’t think it ever will , but life goes on even if you sometimes wish it didn’t and I have been there. But when I look at the faces of my children all adults and now my Grandchildren I realise they cannot have anymore pain in their lives.
    The killing of my son was unjustifiable, but as the Lawyer told me back then in 36 years of Law in Oregon NO Police Officer had ever been indicted of an unlawful killing!!!
    I understand six years on its old news everyone has moved on…..except me. The death of my son brought with it a Life Sentence for me. A life of dread, hurt, pain,grief, it hasn’t eased not one bit. I fear for Andrews brother and sisters, I fear loosing another child, I don’t want to visit a second grave on Anniversaries & Birthdays and miss them at Christmas. It just feels like I’m putting time in till I too pass on to be with my Loving son Andrew.
    I have no forgiveness in my heart for Tony Gonzalez who any day now will be released from Jail, free to do what he likes again and whether they admit it or not a danger to society.
    I still have never received and apology, no remorse.
    His sentence is over, mine continues and my Andrew is dead…where is the justice?

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