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    Evening BOCK, will u tell me where was that boat parked? Think I’d like to have a look at it.


    You’re too late. That boat went home to Denmark.


    The dog, Bock.. was it a Springer or a Cocker? My money is on it being a Cocker, an Orange Roan to be exact. Secondly, the building looks Elizabethan, any idea of the circa? I have 3 shillings riding on your answers, I’m willing to split it with you straight down the middle.. 70/30.


    The dog was a canine quadruped, and that’s prettu much all I know about it. The building is very unlikely to be of the Elizabethan era. I would guess 19th century at the earliest but I’ll find out more about it for you if you like.


    Love the stables, unused by the look of them.


    Is that a one legged pirate with the springer? Captain Purplehead I presume…


    The dog is a liver and white springer, the ship, sorry I missed it, I heard about it from a lecturer in Mary I but forgot the dates, nice pics bock.


    That’s right. Cap’n Purplehead with a perm and a handbag.


    Gerry is still alive and well i see, and “happy” as ever!! I knew his sister once, not in the biblical sense mind you, we were young and innocent! Ah, Rosie!


    Saw her in the butcher’s (shop) last weekend actually. To a man she ignored me! Ah Rosie?


    where is that pub Bock? The paintings look fantastic.


    It’s in Limerick.


    Bock, please do, I would be interested to find out more about the circa of the structure in question.

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