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I wandered into town this morning and came across a nice lady in the market selling traditional wooden toys, which is a thing you don’t see much of these days.

Aren’t they nice?

See the little house?  Isn’t it lovely?

Unlike my fucking house when I got home to find that a shelf had collapsed in the workshop, covering the whole floor in paint, glue, shattered lightbulbs, broken glass, chisels  and assorted damaged power tools.

14 thoughts on “Bock’s Camera

  1. Bock,

    One can never have enough drawer runners, I’d almost bet you have others tucked away that weren’t even in the photo. My other goal was to someday have an electric router for each router bit that I own to save time with changing bits and setting it up.

    I am now up to 9 routers (11 counting the two that no longer run), I’m still short about 173 routers to achieve my goal.

    I also rather like the wise question “If a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind, then what is an empty desk a sign of?”

    I use the same motto in my workshop, it is really only half full, it just happens to be the bottom half.

  2. yikes, yikes, yikes! what a mess, sugar! but back to the wooden toys – did she hand make all of those items? i had no idea children still played with those little collapsible animals or dollhouses, the nanny state being what it is. xoxo

  3. Mr Trousers — I was going to say it but Mr Terwiliger got there first. One can never have enough drawer runners.

    Darragh — Indeed.

    Mapstew — About 50 cents, I imagine.

    Mr Terwiliger — I’m not in your league. I only have four routers, but I do have seven drills. and countless chop saws.

    Fenson — Ok. I won’t clean it up. Thanks. That’s a relief.

    Savannah — The lady didn’t make the toys. They’re actually German which comes as no surprise, and from what I could see, the doll’s house was a big hit with the little ones.

  4. Bock….you need some serious DIY training!!

    Just do not let your local council’s Health and Safety shite have a look at your mess or it would be declared as ‘hazardous location – Restricted Entry’ and you will be on the streets. haahahahha

  5. Hi Bock!
    So the shelf ‘fell’ ,did it …?
    Don’t think so . It looks like sabotage to me , Bock.
    Those pesky Shell To Sea protesters , I’d wager…


  6. Hi again , Bock !
    I doubt it : far as I know , they drank the last of that stuff in ’98! They then developed a taste for champaign and holiday homes instead of ‘brew’ and garden sheds…


  7. I collect the oldfashioned hand made toys, well only a few favs…or him outside would get upset.

    Bock, sorry, I passed over the writing and glanced down at the first blue paint pic…thought it was some modern art exhibit or something… ;)

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