Sep 262008

It happens here too, you know.

Just over a year ago, I was writing this: Banks Are Safer in Small Corrupt Countries and this: Fuck the government

Here too: Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

… and more recently, this:Irish Economy Fucked — Official!

Two years ago, I was talking about it here: Ireland second wealthiest country

… and here: House Prices

And here: I Hate Duncan Stewart

Am I saying I told you so?

No.  Of course I’m not.

Well actually, yes.

I am.


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    Funny you should say that. If you’re, like me, one of those horrible people who insists on talking about how we’re being screwed everyday, who watched the celtic tiger’s cubs with, as Tommy Tiernan so eloquently put it “2 mobile phones, 10 cars, and no fuckin’ personality”, and got those little smiles of “yeah whatever” when you tried to point out it was a false economy. Basically someone who insisted on seeing what was there and not what you were told was there, then it’s hard not feel a certain little feeling of justification. It sounds horrible, as we’re just as effected as those didn’t take us seriously.
    Your dead right bock. Especially as selective memory loss doen’t effect your blog. You wrote, you can prove it, and it’s there for all the word to see.Enjoy your moment


    I suppose grim satisfaction is better than none at all.


    Bock – Ask the Irish to do what the British are doing – blame all immigrants, especially the beardy ones. Everyone wins. (Ask Daily Mirror or The Sun for assistance – they are the pros!)


    But people with beards should all be in jail anyway, shouldn’t they?


    Not a fan of beards then Bock?

    Well I like me face fungus! (As Mr. Clarkson sees it).

    Anyway, I m looking at voting on the $700b bonus for the top (mis)management in USofA. Let’s see!

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