Eileen Flynn Dies

Younger visitors won’t remember Eileen Flynn, but I do, and so will many of my fellow crusties.

Eileen Flynn became a rallying point in the Eighties for those of us who believed that the Catholic Church needed to be confronted and if necessary kicked out of the powerful positions it held.

A little history:

Eileen Flynn was a teacher in the Holy Faith Convent school, New Ross, Wexford.  This was a school nominally owned by a crowd of nuns, but paid for in every respect by the taxpayer.

Now, Eileen lived with a decent man called Richie Roche, and had a child with him, though Eileen was unmarried and Richie was separated.  The holy nuns found this intolerable and duly sacked Eileen for breaching the school’s norms of behaviour.

What a crowd of hypocrites.

At a time when priests up and down the length of the land were raping and abusing children, these holy Christian women were sacking a good teacher for being in a loving and committed relationship.

Eileen took it to an employment appeals tribunal, and then the Circuit Court and finally ended up in the High Court where she lost.  But in doing so, Eileen won a different victory, exposing the nuns for the horrible, grasping, hard-hearted, frustrated old bitches they were, and long after Eileen settled into quiet anonymity, the lesson resonated with those of us who were sick and tired of being told what to do by dessicated old mullahs.

Eileen Flynn was a hugely significant figure in the transformation of modern Irish society and I’m sorry she’s gone at such an early age.

Two years after the holy nuns sacked Eileen for having a baby, Father Brendan Smyth, a savage and unrepentant serial child rapist, was arrested, bringing about the collapse of a government in the process and setting in train the seismic political events that still rumble to this day.

Now, you might think that’s all changed and it couldn’t happen today, but you’d be wrong.  You see, Bertie Ahern, the slithery little crook, inserted a special clause into our equality legislation exempting religious institutions.  This means that schools which are paid for in every way by the taxpayer, but nominally under the management of nuns or priests, can still sack you if they don’t like the way you live.  Hospitals can do the same.

The disgrace continues, thanks to a succession of cowardly governments who haven’t the guts to face up to the self-righteous, hypocritical, child-abusing clergy.

Rest in peace, Eileen, and thanks for opening a nation’s eyes.

Unfortunately, the fight isn’t over yet.


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20 thoughts on “Eileen Flynn Dies

  1. Oh how sad.
    Those angry old farty witches from St. Margarets Schools Of Eternal Misery must be cackling.

    The world is short another good woman of the few.

  2. I’m writing this under a different name for reasons you’ll understand. (Bock will know who I am.) I won’t to be the one to expose secrets.

    I know *currently* of a lay headmistress in a well known school (nominally) run by nuns, who is living unmarried with an old friend of mine and has been for years. They keep this relationship secret — I don’t think they even socialise much together in case she’s “found out” and loses the job.

    It’s still happening.

  3. Nuns have always had a warped sence of reasoning!

    I remember one nun at my convent school following us onto the school bus one afternoon with a stack of newspapers. Any girl sitting on a boy’s lap had to stand up while she placed the newspaper on his lap, which we then had to sit on.

    Her reasoning behind this act?? “To prevent pregnancies”!

  4. Crusty.That’s really sad.We stopped swallowing all that crap years ago.I really hope their relationship is a big finger in the face of those who condemn it.
    Goodnight Eileen.

  5. While reading like Benny I thought of John McGahern being banned from profession after the publication of ‘The Dark’, and that once (1996) he had told me the church loosing much of its influence/power had so far been the best political experience in his lifetime.
    The spirit of McQuaid et.al. obviously has – at least in parts – survived, though.
    Although not able to veryfy what Crusty mentions, I don’t have any doubts that it’s true, and thus a good, i.e. sad example.
    Not that I am surprised.

  6. Of course not, but I still need to emphasise it for others. Crusty is a long-standing and trusted contributor to this site under another name.

  7. Again, thank you.
    I was not sure if I had caused a misunderstanding. As you will easily have discovered your language that I am maltreating is not the one I grew up with.

  8. That was a lovely write up you gave Eileen,thank you very much!!!!Eileen reared me since l was 10 years old,the only mother l really remember!!We got an awful shock Tues night when she dropped dead in the smoking room of her local pub!!!!I have so much to be grateful to her for,she taught so much and loved me like her own!!! l was sent to the school she got sacked from right in the middle of the controversy,that was character building considering the bigots l was been schooled by!!!Thank you for your kind words,yours sincerly Regina Roche,New Ross.

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