Google Chrome Can Fuck Right off

If you plan to use Google’s new Chrome browser, just remember that the terms and conditions include this:

By submitting, posting or displaying the content you give Google

a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free, and non-exclusive license to






publicly perform,

publicly display and

distribute any Content which you


post or


on or through, the Services.

This license is for the sole purpose of enabling Google to display, distribute and promote the Services

and may be revoked for certain Services as defined in the Additional Terms of those Services.

11.2 You agree that this license includes a right for Google to make such Content available to

other companies,

organizations or


with whom Google has relationships for the provision of syndicated services,

and to use such content in connection with the provision of those services.



Now.  Here is my advice to you.  Tell Google to shove their Chrome browser straight up their arse.  (That would be the formal legal terminology.  The colloquial language would involve advice to go and fuck themselves).




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85 thoughts on “Google Chrome Can Fuck Right off

  1. Couldn’t agree more.

    Not so long ago I submitted some reviews to LoveFilm, and then found them on the Tesco web site. I was fucking furious. For a bunch of good reasons, beyond tesco being cunts, I must add.

    Then I read their terms… And moaned so much they had to take them down. The cunts.

    Do they honestly think such disclaimers remove my statutory rights? And frankly, if I submit anything anywhere via the new browser and it’s re-used, as a journalist and someone that makes their money through words what I sell etc, it can’t be re-used – copyright is innate and assumed, and a court will back that up.

    Would be nice for someone with deep pockets who ain’t a journo to back that up, of course.

    BTW Bock, loving the blog still. Been quiet of late (me not you!), keep up the good work…

  2. There are some very informative comments here on Google Chrome – particularly today’s comments [Sept 3]

    I was about to download [and install] it last night but hesitated when I read the TOS!


  3. I see the shills are touting it on the internet. Google are a bunch of intrusive fuckers. It’s got a good rendering engine (same as Safari) and it might be useful if some one can script a ‘Customise Google’ Add-on for it! Any coding geniuses out there?

  4. BTW, Scroogle is a very useful ‘front-end’ that allows you to encrypt your Google searches.

  5. I’m starting to think there’s something a bit sinister about Google.

    And lately, I’m also starting to wonder about lesser entities like Akismet. I don’t like the way you can end up on a banned list just because somebody flags you.

    It’s all very Soviet.

  6. I used to use IE. Then I moved onto FF. Some say I should try Safari, but from what I’ve read, FF has the best specs.

    This is just my opinion. Others prefer Safari. Some even prefer IE and God knows what else.

    The majority of us that use the internet, the youth, prefer new and flashy, because youth don’t know better. Programmers prefer functionality, because they do. Businessmen also prefer functionality, because we the programmers tell them that. The rest of us with half a braincell understand that functionality is way more important than flashy!

    Since Chrome is in BETA stage, its marketing banner is new and flashy. FF and IE used this in the beginning, but its a matter of functionality that we are concerned about.

    Can Chrome step up on functionality, or is it trying to revolutionize functionality?

    In which case, if it is trying to change the way browser work even more, I say “BOO!”

    We already have enough of this…

    Then again, its only in BETA. Lets give it the benefit of the doubt, and hope Google isn’t just in it for the money!

  7. wow chrome is the most crap software i have ever used. it keeps saying web page not available so i refresh then the website works.. and yeah it doesnt have home button and its just anoying to use and FAR OUT ITS SO ANOYING.

  8. Hey, I’m currently using google chrome and thought it was pretty clever, it like pops out a new window when you drag a tab. lol, I just thought that was neat. But after reading this, I have alot of questions. Can’t quite find the “message publisher” button lol
    So I’ll ask here:
    Don’t they save all the info you submit because they want to make it more custom fit for each person?
    & If they save your stuff, does that include messages?
    & Lastly; what browser do you guys recommend?

  9. I use Opera 9.51 on desktop and pda, quite happy with it generally, on my PDA it doesn’t resize images to screen size as neatly as the MS browser does.


  10. chrome is the browser for the future. its easy to use and really fast, what else could you want from a browser? and with recently added ad-removing extension chrome is #1.

  11. FF does the job I want of it no questions asked, I never loose a tab due to power failure or when I close it, its bookmarks and ability to drag buttons and bookmarks around the desktop or handy, also it’s ability to safe all your login details for sites and has an easy facility to view them if you cant remember a password, I also find the add-ons to be great especially Foxmarks for syncing bookmarks on different machine’s and lastly its not run by google! Everything you do, every email you receive/sent (gmail), every search query is saved with which they “profile” you for marketing purposes and “better user experience” and god knows what U.S, agencies have access to what they gather about you. Next time you step off a plane in the U.S. you could get hauled into a 6×6 room for a little talk over what blog you once read or what over your search history, and microsoft’s MSN is not much better as hundreds if not thousands of words are red flagged also for their phony war on terror or domestic surveillance purposes.

  12. couldn’t agree more.
    there is no end to the extremely annoying errors.

    – Oops! this link appears to be broken
    – This web page is not available
    – Connection Problems
    – The Page Can Not Be Found
    – An Error Occurred! (never heard that one until yesterday! :D)

    there is no problem with the web page or my internet speed, it’s the browser.

    I’m back and happy with Firefox.

  13. Fuck Chrome and fuck everyone that likes it. Its just another lemon app, with google badging, like every other app they make.

  14. A total nightmare – wrecked my home-page – can’t get back to my ‘normal’ home-page without ‘signing in’ – then I have to delete the crap EVERY time asking me if I want to ‘sign in’. No choice – I’ll have to delete Google permanently & just use from time to time.

  15. Fucking google got rid of the ability to block pop-ups. Chrome is now more annoying than ever. Fuck you google and your fucking shitty pop-ups!!!

  16. Google Chrome just keeps dropping pages for me – I get a php file downloaded instead or some bogus ticket from an advert – it can happen on any page at any time when I click a link – hugely frustrating and I can’t see anything about it anywhere on the web.

  17. I don’t like chrome just because google makes it…..they have enough money, apps, search engines, email, maps, all that shit….and now they just can’t stand it that they don’t have a browser…..fuck them Firefox is a dedicated company, and that is all they do…….I will continue to support firefox, at least until Google finally puts them out of business which I hope is never, Firefox Forever……Fuck Google Chrome

    Conan O Brian = Firefox
    Jay Leno = Chrome

  18. I didn’t know you could use firefox as a search engine.
    I thought Firefox, which I use, was an alternative to internet explorer.

  19. It’s also an alternative to Google Chrome, although I have to say that since this was written, they’ve improved Chrome a lot.

  20. Google is a fuker comapny, just like all other giants they try to exploit every area for PROFIT.
    They should get the fuck off from all other markets than search engine and gmail. They don’t CARE about how many small businesses they kill in the process by extending.
    There is no need for more shit browsers like chrome. There are plenty of small browsers which are useful on their own ways such as dillo, lynx, links, webpositive. I bet most of the chrome users uses that shit because of the “modern look” without understanding shit about how the browsers work. Anyways until theres no adblock plus plugin for chrome it wouldnt get a chance with me.

  21. Chrome is spyware. The browser itself is designed to spy on you and report everything you do and every URL you visit to Google. What more needs to be said. It’s not even a browser so much as a data mining tool with a browser built in.

    Is it still one of the fastest browsers? Yes, but it’s not even safe.

  22. This world doesn’t need another shitty browser that gives us webdevelopers headaches since the invention of the internet.

  23. I see all of your points, however you can opt out of sending usage statistics. Now all you need is a antivirus and you’re set. Google Chrome is great!! I love it! I however do understand all of your points.

  24. I see all of your points, however you can opt out of sending usage statistics. Now all you need is a antivirus and you’re set. Google Chrome is great!! I love it! I however do understand all of your points. Nice site.

  25. I like the speed of the Chrome, but I don’t feel safe using it. I know it sounds kind of crazy, but on the gut level chrome feels very creepy, and on my subconscious level something does not feel right.

  26. I found my way here after numerous failed attempts to install this cluster fuck of a browser. After being frustrated to the point of wielding a Louisville Slugger over the shit you have to put up with in IE, I actually thought Chrome sounded good. OMG, despite knowing that IE is still the equivalent to the town whore and is infected with shit that scares penicillin, after the nightmare of ridiculous error messages and supposed workarounds that only succeed in dicking you around, I must say, I’d go back to the town whore before I’d mess with this useless fucktard again. The technical term we use around here is “like tits on a boar”. Pretty much sums up all their new ‘features’.

  27. I was pissed to find out that I can’t put it in single-process mode anymore. My old computer has trouble at times dealing with all my open tabs running separately. If these fucks can’t leave in a function that I think a significant number of people would desire, then to hell with them. The only thing that I really love about chrome is the omnibar anyway. Back to Firefox I go.

    The other stuff I’ve read on this page just gives me more and more reason to tell google to fuck off.


  28. There terms don’t say that they may have changed them but they say: 10.1 You retain copyright and any other rights you already hold in Content which you submit, post or display on or through, the Services.

  29. After being unable to prevent some of the automatic “features” of Chrome, including auto-update, after having complained to Google about serious problems with no reply, after considering that running this browser can be unsafe and violate my privacy, I have decided to remove Chrome from my Macs. As I do this, I am finding Google hidden in multiple locations across my disks. Removal is going to take a bit of work.

  30. I am a Firefox fan but cannot stand it when there are moments of unresponsiveness in the browser, this was not happening to me with Chrome, at the very least its faster than Firefox..and surely both are better than using Internet Explorer with its long history of security issues. Google want to know everything about you so they can be more targeted when attempting to sell you stuff..nothing sinister, just business.




  32. Do you see that key there on the left just above the one marked “Shift”? That’s the CapsLock button. When you click that key, you’re not shouting like a fool any more. It’s easy to do. Try it.

    By the way, what is Gopogle?

  33. OmgOSH!! i’m so not comp savy! need my kids to help me do stuff via internet.. but i want to tell chrome to fuck off =( …. make them go away plz…help

  34. Google crome…. what a fucking waste off my life, its slow plasticcy n jst plain nasty (usees a shit load of ram aswell)

    Representing Opera all the way :-)

  35. Fuck google chrome. I hate those fuckin commercials and the add-nothing-to-the-browser-scene mentality. Fuck those dumb bitches at google’s who think that they have to be involved in everything concerning the internet.

  36. Firefox is older , the bookmark tabs are very useful , you can customize stuff like themes , add plugins , add blockers and such.Why would someone give that up for using Google Chrome? Chrome dosent have these things , and the whole feel of the browser is weird , like when you surf on a java website on a low spec computer.It dosent feel good at all , sorry but I have to agree with the person above.As good as google may be , they dont need to be involved in everything on the web.

  37. ‘Google Chrome cannot connect to Google’ …what the fuck. Can never connect to Google or Facebook but can still connect to Youtube and Twitter

    BAR WHEN U CLICKED ON THE ICON???? When did this gay ass shit come into play???

  39. dear google.. your consumers fucking hate the new chrome… we have all made it pretty obvious that u suck now… you had it right at first.. Chrome was awesome….. now its a junk pile of recycled condoms. When will u figure out that Facebook and U tube ARE NOT GODS…. that is all!

  40. Any use of google is to give them information that they Can use as they please.You are proberbly a lot of M$ users not aware anything.Yahoo is the same shit.Mac same shit.I want google to now I hate them .Do you think I use my real name?Suckers.Proberbly you are Facebook and Twitter users too.Suck google if you want too but why complain.FUCK GOOGLE.

  41. Google is fucking retarded.
    Google is nothing but a money hungry whore who wants to bite you in the ass.
    Every 5 seconds i’m on youtube, some random irate fucktard comes to me with a raging comment just because i expressed my feelings.
    Also, I barely get any views on their shitty ass sites because of RWJ, TheFineBros, and all those other Monetization assholes.
    Google should be banned from the fucking Earth.
    The New YT Channels are garbage, Feedback is terrible,.

  42. Without a doubt, Chrome is the worst browser ever. It makes Netscape look like pure fucking genius.


  44. full on.

    chrome is a resource hog – causes my cpu to heat and fan runs on high most of the time – even with extension disabled. If you look at task manager in windows there are 3 – 4 different chrome services running just for 1 open browser.

    Firefox should set up to the plate (my old and prob again favorite browser) for this growing dissatisfied niche.

    chrome loads pages fastest in my opinion, but they just auto -updated to chrome 25 without any notice or introduction as it caused havoc the first day – pages didn’t load right and the silly user icon at the top left corner of the browser is dumb and i am assuming an easier way to track my activity and hence further invasion – I use the “ghostery” and “disconnect” extensions to block google from tracking me as welll as eliminating 90% of ads that appear or pop up on sites.

    Google is no longer that cool serach engine as they have taken over Youtube and with G+ they are the new evil microsoft (really apple now – thats another story) as they have their eyes set on global domination – china – and dont thing google doesnt block or hide certain content in their search results – they do – sroogled is real !

    i never thought i would go back to anything microsoft, but bing is now the hungry dog and is more concerned with best user experience and satisfaction than data mining imo…

  45. What the fuck is Google Chrome? It keeps stealing my Google search URL.
    Can someboddy tell me?
    Thanks and Peace

  46. Bottom line..

    Listen up retards, let’s put all the madness into black and white, it’s pretty simple really. in fact to be fair it’s a no fucking brainer.

    When it comes to Google either you’re prepared to be their bitch, of you use proxies AND another browser altoghther. FUCK CHROME! – FireFox is the only way. it doesn’t take a genius (or a geek) to figure that out.

  47. I agree with most everyone here, regarding what crap Google anything is! And by now we realize, that these stupid dot com’s are not here to make life easier for us, nor are they here to put money in our pockets via monetizing, but solely to line their own pockets, and NOTHING more. They will continue to pump up advertising, and sweet talk us, and there’s not a gosh darn thing we can do about it, because they make most of their money off of monetizing, not donations! So I recommend Adblock Plus, which also gets rid of youtube ad’s, hurts monetization as well! The ideal of getting paid when someone else simply clicks on a link, is bullshit. I don’t want their ads, I’ve never bought anything from an ad, and I’ll be damned if I want them making money off every click I make of my mouse! These dot com’s are nothing more than corporate thieves, that when they get big enough buy each other out. How many times have you gotten an email saying, such and such was accidentally hacked, redo your password, nothing is accidental in the dot com business. Google, and all the other dot com’s can go straight to hell, because they are contributing to an unstable internet, which in my opinion should be classified as terrorism, and they are probably funding terrorists indirectly, wouldn’t surprise me a bit! Who the hell owns Youtube anyway, no one can get hold of them? So much secrecy, they must be supporting terrorists directly, or indirectly, or maybe they are a government project using us internet users as test pigs!

  48. yea it pisses me off. i get ads for addiction treatment just cuz i made a few drug searches. pisses me the fuck off

  49. I was a huge Google fan back when Chrome was released and I began using it immediately. It was much faster than Firefox or IE and it was simple and elegant.

    Since then, Google has given up on even attempting to be a decent corporate citizen. Nowadays, they are adware obsessed and will do whatever it takes to get more eyeballs to see more ads – even if it means completely screwing over the consumer. Tricking people into installing Chrome when doing Adobe Flash updates etc. really got on my nerves. Their creepy push to get Google+ down everybody’s throat, their general disdain for privacy and their nerdy hubris all got too much to tolerate.

    I’m currently using IE11 mostly because it’s just as fast as Chrome (since IE10) and it works a lot better on touch screen devices. I hate Microsoft too but Google is making Microsoft look like angels.



  51. Ultimately the only information they can gain from this is positive , negative and neutral in some mish mash so thats the first fuck up from google they don’t even understand the core concepts of everything , secondly sergrey brin is worth 31 billion networth so clearly he is after money nothing more and does not give a shit what it takes to get there he just wants money with world domination he’s literally like daddy bigbucks from the sims gba versions a big money whore head who will by nature get so seriously fucked over before he is done with his trash , I can’t even believe he got ken thomspon the god of c++ the co creator with dennis ritchie the imo the biggest successful retards ever known to make a fucking programming language -_-. of which is somehow making positive rounds whaaat. I don’t even use youtube at all if any I literally just download my videos from the site and watch it on my computer and keep it stored on a soon my own webserver ;P sooo and I use startpage which seriously encrypts everything that I search so they can’t try an harnass anything off me as much as possible so youtube/google search engine are primarly out of my life I use firefox always “chrome literally listens to your conversations that come from your mic from what I’ve heard” I don’t use any email service apart from my own website email which is not connected to google in anyway. rendering google almost hopeless soon I may even go to the tor browser where true privacy is pretty much garenteed.

  52. Yeah, can do without Chrome. But beware, you are being collected anyway. Minimize it by not divulging private details other than email and name anywhere in any application, have a good server-based spam processor, never ever give away mobile phone numbers, get wise so as not to click on ads in their limitless disguises, know what a con looks like, abstain from blogs and blogging, ignore comments and reviews, don’t listen to anyone on this medium and try to remain faceless. And, read literature and those few who are paid (well) to provide analytic, informed commentary. Net is so much just crap.

  53. The search engine is piss poor, really bad. And the adverts are just to much to deal with. Google have failed us in their ear of expansion and we can only hope that better things are waiting around the corner, not anything google or microsoft related. That’s what happens when third world mentalities run corporations, greed.

  54. IE has security issues, CHROME SUCKS, Firefox has tons of leaking virus/spyware, Opera is slow and some features don’t work, safari? never tried it…any others I can try?

  55. Chrome does defiantly suck. Started using a nice new browser recently, its called vivaldi. Lots of good features, a browser aimed towards power users. Also supports chrome extensions which is quite nice, as much as i hate to say it. Very reminiscent of opera before they went and fucked it up. Maxthon is pretty cool aswell.

  56. Fuck off Google Chrome The Nazi search engine keeps you a slave Piss off Google MOTHER FUCK YOU MOTHER FUCKERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  58. I don’t know what people are talking about with Google Chrome being the fastest browser. It is literally the slowest browser I have ever had the misfortune of using in my life. That along with using up way too much memory and processor time on any computer I have ever installed it on and the constant popup ads and spyware that ends up on your computer no matter what anti-virus/anti-adware/anti-spyware software you have installed.

  59. I know this comment is probably going to be very unfair and will more than likely receive a lot of negative criticism from people who’ve seen this post, but Google Chrome is currently the most popular browser worldwide, with an estimated 64%. I’d say about 4.5 billion people across the world use Chrome on their computer. I’m pretty sure a lot of you probably use something completely different like Firefox, and I am too, using Firefox to post this comment.Sure, a lot of people do you use (which I do also), but yes, Google has made a lot of drastic changes on their websites, especially YouTube. First, Google forced You Tubers to sign in and create a Google+ account in order to just comment on a single video (which yes, I thought was a really really really bad idea.), then they created YouTube Red, which was designed to give people ad-free viewing (although many people just use an Ad-blocker instead), then came the most horrible stupid design of YouTube ever, forcing people to get used to the new layout, which would take up to nearly 3 weeks of their wasteful time. Also with Google tending to retire Google Play Music with their newest streaming music service, YouTube Music (which, by the way, pays artists barely anything). As I said, Google has made so many mistakes in the past, and they don’t fix it like Microsoft and Apple do. Google may have made so many damn mistakes in the past, but it just doesn’t make any sense of why Google Chrome has a very huge market share compared to other browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer.

  60. Yeah google is a bitch. They are a bunch of idiots piece of shit thinking they own the Internet, but in reality they are a group of dumb ass that trick other stupid website owners to think they’re helping them. It’s amazing how stupid people can be nowaday ha ha… FUCK GOOGLE!!!!

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