Limerick Music Sunday Night

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Sep 012008

I wandered out on the town last night and stumbled across a couple of gigs. It was a bit late to catch Gonzo and his eight-piece band at Nancy’s but I caught these bastards anyway.

I’m afraid the quality of my recording is as shit as ever, and I really must take a course of study or something to improve it, but hey, what the hell.

We’ll start with this in the White House. Paul O Sullivan on acoustic, Pete Hanagan on double bass and Paul O Connor on electric. It’s a bit dark, but I found out later how to adjust the camera, so it’ll be better next time. Maybe.

And then we wandered down to Foleys where we found Eamonn Hehir and the Small Mercies in great form. After my experience the night of my birthday, I have to offer you the boys playing Emmylou’s Deeper Well.

On acoustic and vocals, we have Eamonn. On electric, Des O Dwyer (or as some people know him, the Infant Jesus). On bass, Seán Fox, and on drums, Ian MacNamara. The recording quality is shit. My fault.

That’s followed by Eamonn’s Bodies in Bodybags.

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    Fantastic recordings, cheers bock!


    Nothing wrong with that Bock.Well held.


    That’s ‘Peter Hanagan’ on bass–he played a great gig with trumpeter Bryan Corbett in Dolan’s last night for the first Jazz Society show of the season.

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