Munster 18 — Leinster NIL

Do you see the last bit?

The bit that says “NIL”?

That means Leinster didn’t manage to score a single point against Munster yesterday, despite having home advantage.

Not one solitary blip to take the bare look off the scoreline.

Not a sausage!

Now, far be it from me to crow, or to gloat or anything like that.  Far indeed be it from me to grind their faces in the dirt, just because Lainster failed to score at all, and had to endure a masterclass in creative rugby from the reigning European Champions.

Let me just pause for a minute here while I recover my composure and stop laughing.  Maybe I’ll just go for a walk and say hello to all the other chuckling people I might bump into.


Howya.  Did you see the — ?

Yep.  Good, wasn’t it?

Yeah.  Give ’em nothin’!


So there you have it.  I’ll just report the result exactly as it happened.

Two penalties and a conversion from O Gara, a try from Melck and another from Howlett amounted to 18 points for Munster.

Unfortunately, no Leinster player managed to score anything at all, and therefore, sadly, their score remained resolutely at NIL.

That means the final score was 18 – NIL in favour of Munster, who won the game, and also denied Leinster a bonus point.

Now.  You see?  I managed to get through all of that without gloating.

Isn’t it good?

17 thoughts on “Munster 18 — Leinster NIL

  1. In your downbeat piece you mentioned Munster’s 18 points but I must have missed the Leinster score. Obviously an oversight. Would you mind repeating it…..

  2. Very nice – almost, but not quite – as pleasant an experience of the beating handed out to the Ladies at the European semi-final two years ago.

    Gracias to Dr. Contemponi for his valid contribution.

    Leinster = pointless………sweet fuck-all…..naddin’ ….! Bet the DORT was quiet this morning.

  3. Ah lads, you don’t mean that………, you couldn’t be implying that the boys in blue failed to score one point for the duration of eighty long minutes in the game that is played so well in public schools and Wanderers, you can’t be saying that the Donnybrook darlings left the field without getting at least one score, that the best backline ever and Brian, failed to breach the Munster line. Bock you heretic you, you lie, you lie. Brian scored didn’t he , and he did the funny finger triangle thing afterwards. By Nil do you mean zero or nought like empty and vacuous.

  4. An uncle has a couple of caps for that shower (the shame) from way back. And I do believe I played once on that pitch myself, in my brief schoolboy flirtation with the oval ball. But where was I, oh yes, driving down to Donnybrook bridge, after the match ended, and dodging all the guys in the SUVs. Sheepskin coats it used to be in the old days. Bet Drico looked good when he wasn’t handling the ball.

    What was that score again?

  5. Lamester….

    I’m sorry..I know you’ve answered this but I can’t hear the Leinster score…your voice just
    sort of fades out.

    What was it again?

  6. I’m happy for you Bock – well done. Nicely warming up in preparation for the defence of THAT cup.

    It sounds like a tight match, but you just managed to scrape it. How many tries did Leinster get and did any points come from the boot ? That Contepomi is good at drop goals, did he manage to get any ? An Bri-so is good with the ball in hand, he must’ve slipped through the middle in that characteristic way of his, to touch down between the sticks ?
    Leo Cullen used to be at Leicester……..

    Was Schadenfreude warming the Munster bench ?

  7. Schadenfreude? Well, let’s see. What do you think?

    As to the Cup, I don’t think it’s ever been retained by anyone. Am I right in thinking that?

  8. Nahh… I reckon he was running round the pitch stark bollock naked flicking v signs at all the Leinster fans and laughing like maniac !

    I think you may be right on the subject of retention, but Alan Watt may be able to set us straight. I wonder if he’s around ? Alan ?

  9. Schadenfreude, isn’t he one of the Freudes from the yellow road. Played with the Cookies back when…., when they jumped in scrums and pushed in line-outs.

    St Russ, why would Schadenfreude be warming the Munster bench, surely that’s more lady boy thing?

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