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Munster, Scunthorpe, Gaelic Football and Ryder Cup

A busy sporting weekend.

Munster had a good win, didn’t they?  We beat Cardiff Blues 28-20 to take top place in the league table, with the delicious prospect of meeting Leinster next weekend.

I’m glad to see that these days we’re putting out full-strength squads for the Magners League and showing it the respect it should have, and I’m particularly delighted to see the talent of young Keith Earls getting a chance to shine through, although he didn’t secure a place this week.  I know some of his family, and it’s great that local Limerick lads are still managing to excel at the top level in rugby.

This is a good platform to build on for the forthcoming Heineken Cup.  Clearly Tony McGahan’s new management team are connecting well with the players and motivating them to perform to their considerable best.  You’d have to feel good about our chances in the European competition.

Scunthorpe continue their traditional pre-Christmas winning streak with a 2-1 defeat of Hereford, but it won’t last.  It never does.  I was talking to Wrinkly Joe the other day and I put this very point to him.

When do you think they’ll start to slide? I asked.

Probably the weekend we go to see them, he replied.

Hmm.  Indeed.  What else is new?

Now.  There was also the All-Ireland Gaelic Football final, which I have to admit I don’t have much interest in.  I don’t like Gaelic football.  It just seems to be a whole lot of pulling and dragging.  Not quite rugby, yet not soccer either.  Tyrone beat Kerry.  The end.

I was going to include the Ryder Cup in the sporting list but hold on.  Golf isn’t a sport, is it?  Golf is a behavioural disorder.  Golf is something that should require treatment.

What did you think of that redneck, Boo Weekly?  No, I didn’t make it up.  His name is Boo Weekly, and he played for America in the Ryder Cup.  There we go again with Americans and names.  Their vice-presidential candidate has children called Trig, Track, Piper, Bristol and Willow.  Then of course, we had the great Scooter Libby.  And now we have Boo Weekly.

Boo’s main claim to fame is that he once wrestled an alligator and got in a fistfight with an orang-utan, which, I’d have to admit is pretty impressive in any language.  Don’t get me wrong.  I think golf is so full of stuffed-shirt gobshites that someone like Boo gives it a bit of welcome colour, and it’s about time we had a new crowd of followers.

That’s exactly what golf needs: a lot more mullets.


Bruff RFC have a terrific series of Thomond Park redevelopment pictures HERE

13 replies on “Munster, Scunthorpe, Gaelic Football and Ryder Cup”

Good win Bock.

We signed a couple of your countrymen over the Summer, Neil Best and Roger Wilson. Needless to say, our back row is transformed and we had a great win over Wasps at the weekend thanks in part to that unit.

Keep it up. We might meet next year ;-)

Russ — Yeah that was a good win for you, though it seems to have been touch and go for a while.

It’s nice to see Wasps getting beaten and who knows, maybe we’ll see you at the new Thomond Park next year.

Mule Taker — That’s it exactly. Have you met his cousin, Bah Daily?

It wasn’t his confidence only that took a bettering on saturday, he got an unmercifuckl (And thats the correct phonetic spelling) clatter on the head and should have been taken off a bit earlier to give the lad a break.
His time will come, Himself, Earls and Barry Murphy (If he can keep himself free from injury) are the future of the provinces back line, now all they need is to get Mushy right on track to replace the bull so he can come back to Bruff for a season or two before fully retiring and find a loose head then we’re sorted.

Munster has an uncanny ability to produce back rows and second rows already.

After that all we need is backup to O’ Gara… Not asking for much really are we???

True for you mobydickler. he should have been taken off when he got that bang. In fairness to the caoch, I think he left him on so as to not take from his confidence, but it didn’t work. And when you put this with his European cup performance, and with Earls breathing down his neck……….

I think the guy deserves a break casue he’s a good un.

He sure is S&C. Great that players such as Hurley, Earls, Murphy, O’Sullivan, Buckley and more are coming through the Munster production line.

While the imports are as vital a part of the set up as anyone, its equally important that this team retains and develops as much home-produced players as possible. Going down the route of say Toulon or some of the English clubs who have virtually no homegrown talent and go on rampages to snap up 15+ Southern Hemisphere players wouldn’t suit Munster or the home following.

As for a successor for O’Gara…they’d want to start grooming someone over the next few years, what’s he now, 29 – 30? Saw some of the Colleges Sen. Cup games last year and there were some handy out-halves. AIL no. 10s not so impressive as far as making the step up is concerned.

I see Sexton being put forward as his successor for the Irish shirt, but he’s having a nightmare start to his season with Leinster – The Ladies have taken him off a few times already despite IRFU efforts to have him gain match time with them. Maybe if he moves here as O’Gara’s understudy from next season he could develop into a more confident out-half.

No. I’m afraid I’ll be staying in Limerick, but I’ll be there in spirit (and in the pub watching it on the telly)

What do you think? Munstermen or Leinster Ladies?

Absolutely totally completely too close to call, but I have a feeling the home side will edge it.

Either way, I’ve had to book Monday morning off to facilitate the “win-or-lose-we’re-on-the-booze” spirit. What a ridiculous time for a kickoff of such an important match.

Note how I sidestepped your premise there…

If it were Ms Pagano, the possibilities of landing that job would improve significantly.

Agree with you, it’s an awful fucking kick-off time for such a mouth-watering match. What have Satan-ta got on at 3:00….Iceland v. Belarus in the Tractor Pulling or, worse again, Scottish soccer featuring Tweedledee Celtic or Tweedledum Rangers.

Prediction wise for Sunday Night at the HorseBowl – Munster by 4 pts., followed by even more than four pints and a gee-tawr session.

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