PC World Sold Me Another Piece of Shit

It’s true.  Not only was the computer a piece of shit, but now it turns out that the monitor was also an unmitigated piece of crap.

It died yesterday but there’s no point going back to PC World with it, as I learned from previous experience.

What I find surprising is the fact that a fairly reputable brand should turn out to be as shit as any other.  It’s a Philips 19-inch which I was quite happy with until it started going black.  Poof!  Gone!

I switch it off, turn it back on and it works for about ten seconds before dying again.

I phoned my personal mobile support unit and told him what was happening.

Fucked, he said.

But surely I can get it fixed

Not worth it, he said.  Something’s overheating.  Next thing, the backlight will blow, and you’ll have to buy a new monitor anyway.  Throw it away.

Right.  That’s what I’ll do.

Anyway, I just wanted to add something to the advice I already offered about PC World.

Don’t buy anything from PC World, but also, don’t buy a Philips monitor anywhere.  It will probably break down without warning, like mine did.



How’s this for all-round decency?  A regular contributor here, Mr Mule Taker, stepped in and GAVE me a monitor!

Here, he said.  I don’t want it.

How about that?


PC World Sold Me a Piece of Shit

26 thoughts on “PC World Sold Me Another Piece of Shit

  1. Thanks for the advise. I don’t suppose there’s a site or blog dedicated to exposing crap shops and services. That way we could vote with our feet. For example, i for one will never buy anything from PC World, and i base that on your experience

  2. hey hun, you not having much luck with your PC, bring it back to them anyway through the prf, (or summat like that) and get them to dispose of it hey?

  3. Hey she’s right. And i just thought of something. You should ask our good friend Blitzen to help you out ! The King of Customer Service. With a valued knob polisher like him(or her i suppose) on your side, i’m sure Pure Crap We-Only-Recruit-Learning-Disabled would be more then happy to help.

  4. From my personal experience Phillips stuff is absolutely crap and I have never so much as bought a €20 kettle or iron from them since a toaster of theirs gave up the ghost on me after just a few months. The customer help from their then hq in Clonskeagh was as useful as a catheter in an eyeball.

  5. Comet are even worse than PC World at responding to customer complaints. I’m still waiting to hear back from them about a rear screen projection TV we bought from them in 2006, which blew the main projection bulb.

    Cost to us…£300! Wear and fucking tear we we were told. They are only guaranteed for 1000 hours!

    To this day I still can’t pass that particular branch (Great Western Road – Glasgow) without wanting to drive my JCB through the front window.

  6. Thankfully, I’ve never bought anything from them and after reading about your experiences, I won’t be as much as putting my nose inside the door.

  7. Hoo boy. Don’t get me started on Philips. I’ve been suckered by that powerful name that reeks of old European reliability three times in the last decade. AND I KEPT FALLING FOR IT! Why why why? A piece of shit house phone, a piece of shit tv and a piece of shit something else that I care not to remember – oh yes, a piece of shit DVD player. And I work in the effing brands business. PC World aside, Philips are royal Dutch conmen. I’m just saying, like.

  8. I wouldn’t be too pushed on the Germans either. The Jap brands are the way to go!

    The 2 most reliable brands on the market at present are Panasonic & JVC.
    I will also add that both of these brands have customer support bases in Ireland.

  9. Hi Sean – Yeah – Aldi do Medion PCs and Notebooks. Usually I used to change/upgrade my PC every 6 months from Dell but with Medion from Aldi I haven’t upgraded since 2004! As for Dell in 2004 a similar PC +monitor from them would have cost me 2.5k yet I got a more powerful PC from Aldi for 999 Euro – less Monitor !!!

  10. Bock.Have a practically unused compaq 19″ monitor staring at me right here and tis yours for the taking if it’s of any use.It’s mint and I really don’t have any use for it.

  11. I too have been down the pc world route with similar crap after sales service.
    I then switched to Dell and recently experienced the best service I have ever encountered – I must say this was a call centre based in India.

  12. Ah, Andrew, kind of you to reply. Thanks.
    Well, buying your Medion in 2004, 1.000 Euro seems reasonable a price.
    Recently, over here they offered both PCs and notebooks for 599 Euro each. It’s somehow amazing. I remember my first notebook costing four times more. From all what I come to hear about the Aldi-computers, people over here seem to appreciate cost-value ratio, service and goodwill.
    Gosh, running the risk of Bock diagnosing logorrhoea. :)
    Thus, the peace of the night.

  13. In a former life I used to work with Sony as part of customer service. I’am very sorry to anyone I ever annoyed, I was young didn’t know any better and needed the money. Never buy a VAIO without full comprehensive insurance, then the day day before it expires break the notebook free one should be on the way ASAP that is if it hasn’t already caused sreious amount of trouble, or KNOWN ISSUES as they are called by Sony.These known issues should be repaired by the company free of charge but the policy was to only do so if the customer insisted. Never Buy a Sony Vaio. Toshiba much better.


    Andrew/Sean are the Medion notebooks/PC’s that good as I need a new one at a good price?

  14. Gigi,
    hm :) my computer skills are even worse than my English.
    So I looked up what Aldi’s ‘August-offers in Ireland . Here’s the notebook.
    and here the PC.

    As for their soft skills I can only repeat what I wrote above: People seem to appreciate cost-value ratio, service and goodwill.
    Hope it may help to make your decision either way. Kind regards and best wishes for a pleasant weekend.

  15. I also bought a laptop total cost 1,400 from Dixons PC world, the thing lasted 3 months and the motherboard went down,
    I brought it back and they just didnt want to know at all, in fact the mangeress was so rude.
    Heed what this man is saying… STAY OUT OF THAT SHOP.
    They take your money and dont care.
    I feel sorry for you my friend i really do. take them to the small claims court. I certainly regret i didnt now its too late.
    So everyone you know what the story is stay away from them.
    If they contact me about what i say, remember its a democracy freedom of speech.

  16. OH yes to add mate, i bought a sony vaio from Peats, 569 euro 200gbs and its a workhorse of a machine.
    So happy with the sony i bought another one recently 899 euro 400gbs from the Sony centre.
    I must admit no problems so far and both shops were very very helpful.
    See if you give good service people will pass on the word, and if you give shit service people will do the same.
    I wish you the best Bock and sorry to hear you had such a shit time with Dixons PC World.
    And damn it i was after chucking a working Dell monitor to make more space.
    Damn wish id known you would have been welcome to it.

  17. You.F.uck.ing.ejit!

    Why would any one with their own ability to pi.ss (without having a bag to do it for them) want to shop at PC world?

    You really are a thick mick ba.stard are you not?

    Freaking PC World, even my gran wouldn’t stoop any lower than dell…

    Thick c.u.nt……

  18. I recently bought a Panasonic Viera tv from pc world and took out insurance with it and the guy that sold it to me told me told me just to break it when the insurance is nearly up… Is this a good idea?… Will they replace it or push me aside if anyone has experienced this please let me know as i do not want to break a perfectly good tv if there is no need….. Thanks

  19. You want to know if you should break your tv to claim fraudulently against the insurance, is that correct?


    Were you also planning to burn your house down, crash your car and poison your wife?

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