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Sarah Palin and the Gender Card

If you want to see a fine example of Applied Hypocrisy in action watch this.  It’s great and also funny. 

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Good old mister Stewert. I wonder if Stephen Colbert has anything to say on the subject.
But this same thing happens everywhere. And doesn’t it just make you sick. The incredible torrents of shit spewn daily at us. Lying bastard politicians and the moraly stunted spin doctors.
In the words of Douglas Adams;
“..when the revolution came, they were the first against the wall..”

Absolutley marvellous piece. (though I can now only get the audio)

This is the sort of journalism we should have been getting from the year dot. And the main reason I listen to Vincent Browne. Whatever his faults, and they are many, he has provided a consistency to Irish journalism over many years. Vincent was there and he doesn’t forget.

Go maire sé.

YouTube’s not working on my end…so I’ll have to return for this one.

…are you guys all anxious ’cause she’s pretty, speaks her mind, and totes a gun…. ;)

Politicians, whatever side, speak their certain words/phrases enough in their speeches, the people will come to believe it has truth regardless if it is or not…Not enough people question or think for themselves; makes it also more difficult when the press spin and slant things.

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