Andrew-James ‘AJ’ Hanlon Fundraiser

Unless you’ve only started visiting here in the last few weeks, you’ll know something about Andrew Hanlon, an Irish kid murdered in Oregon, and the injustices that followed.

Andrew’s family will not let this killing be whitewashed, in spite of official stonewalling and obstruction in Oregon, but they need money to fight on.

Andrew’s cousins are organising a Quiz Night on Friday the 7th November at 8.30 pm, in the Scholars Lounge, Firhouse, Dublin 24.

Tickets are available from Kate Hanlon at 085 1250726, so if you’re in Dublin, why not go along and support this good cause?  I’m sure you could walk in without a ticket and they wouldn’t turn you away.  I hear they’re nice people.

If you can’t attend the quiz night, maybe you’d like to contribute something directly.  If so, this is the account opened by Andrew’s family for donations:

Account name: Kate Hanlon re Andrew Hanlon Home Fund

Account number; 08376045

Sort code; 93 13 30

Bank; AIB Terenure, Dublin


Read the full story of Andrew’s murder and the cover-up here:

AJ Hanlon

Be very angry and then contribute something.  If you have no money, maybe there’s some other way you can help.  Who knows?

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