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I love this town.

I fucking love it!

Love it, do you hear?

I fucking love Barcelona, and the first thing I’m going to do when I get home is book another, longer visit here.

I fucking love it.

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Bit surprised you haven’t “lost” your return ticket yet. Don’t hurry back Bock, enjoy that town as it’s meant to be enjoyed.

Lucky bollix

Tis a great city – I used to live there teaching Catalans the auld English. For a fun afternoon, go down Las Ramblas, point yerself towards the sea, and half way down on the left visit the museum of pornography – a cornucopia of interesting images and objects!!!

Enjoy it there Bock.. Check out Gracia..its my favourite part..lots of nice little restaurants.. Just go a few blocks up Passeig de Gracia and take a right, any right and you’re there..or just take the metro from Plaza de Catalunya and get off at Lesseps. My girlfriend is from there so I have taken the extremely difficult decision to move there.
Once I’ve worked there 6 months I will have full free health care too!

Hi Bock–

Tis the spiritual (and, in part, geographical) home of Counago & Spaves, of course.

Try L’Ascensor on Carrer Bellafila, behind the Ayuntamiento, and the restaurant Pla next door. Also Vildsvin on Ferran. You won’t be disappointed.

Mr Ambassador — There are very few places in barcelona where one can see the horizon, but yes, to answer your question, it is. Only more so.

Conan — Oh, all right then.

Mr Pagano — I really really fucking love it.

A Fhear Aduaidh — You thought right. How did I miss it until now?

Mule Taker — Yes. Correct.

Hoof — Sadly, I had to go home, but not for long. I’ll be back.

KB — Great city. Just great.

Eva — Not enough time for everything in two days I’m afraid. Longer visit required.

John Braine — That’s saying a great deal. Favourite place, out of every possible location?

Pelotudo — Now you tell me! Next time, I suppose.

Savannah — Will a few pics do?

Poobah — Never been to Madrid either. Maybe a trip is in order for comparison and research purposes.

John — Thanks. I’d better keep a record of all this advice for next time.

>John Braine — That’s saying a great deal. >Favourite place, out of every possible location?

Well out of places that I’ve been too. I’m sure there are many more. Staying in a Costa Rican treehouse was right up there.

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