Barcelona Pictures No 1

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Oct 222008

Here’s a few pics to keep us going.  I’ve just arrived home, so relax, have a look at these and I’ll tell you the story later, with more pics

More pics below the fold …












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    beautiful, just absolutely stunning, sugar! thank you


    I gotta git me over there one of these days. Every city should have had a Gaudi to make a mark on it like that. Excellent photos, Bock. Great to see the place. Ta.


    Thanks for the pics Bock, been a few years since I was there. Wasn’t Gaudi a cool fucker all the same – next time you pop over you should take a day trip to Reus, where he was born – they have a fab Gaudi museum there.


    Spectacular, yes definitely a must see


    Fuck, that place looks good.Lovely pics. Are you perhaps on the Spanish tourist board’s payroll?


    Sorry.I meant,
    Fuck,that place looks good.


    Brings back memories of last year there Bock,great shots.
    Parc Guel is fantastic too,was there a fella up at the top in the arched shelter playing a weird percussion instrument that looked like 2 woks put together? Its called a hang and we sat there for about an hour listening to him sheltering from the afternoon heat.Bought a cd too.. amazing place..


    beautiful pics there bock…….


    Sweet Jesus, I had no freaking idea.

    My fav is #091, inside that cathedral.

    I may have to write a song about these.


    I like the grime. Looking forward to the nest lot of pics.


    welcome home Bock, I havent been to Barcelona yet but now you have really made me resolve to get there PDQ, the Pics are beautiful and the weather stills looks good , lots of t-shirts. so now …………. wheres that Ryanair site again ????????/


    57 is superb! – the baby or dolls dress shop? Great depth of field.


    Brings back memories, smashing place to have a camera

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