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Barcelona Pictures No 1

Here’s a few pics to keep us going.  I’ve just arrived home, so relax, have a look at these and I’ll tell you the story later, with more pics

More pics below the fold …












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Barcelona Pictures No 2

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Thanks for the pics Bock, been a few years since I was there. Wasn’t Gaudi a cool fucker all the same – next time you pop over you should take a day trip to Reus, where he was born – they have a fab Gaudi museum there.

Brings back memories of last year there Bock,great shots.
Parc Guel is fantastic too,was there a fella up at the top in the arched shelter playing a weird percussion instrument that looked like 2 woks put together? Its called a hang and we sat there for about an hour listening to him sheltering from the afternoon heat.Bought a cd too.. amazing place..

welcome home Bock, I havent been to Barcelona yet but now you have really made me resolve to get there PDQ, the Pics are beautiful and the weather stills looks good , lots of t-shirts. so now …………. wheres that Ryanair site again ????????/

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