I’m off to Barcelona in the middle of the night, earlier than I’ve ever got out of bed in my life.  I hope this isn’t going to damage my health. 

They tell me the place is full of thieves so I hope I’m not robbed or abducted, and you’ll have a Bock to come home to next week.  I’m only going for a couple of days but I might send you a despatch or two while I’m there.  Who knows?

Here’s a bit of music for us.  Displaying his characteristic understated restraint, this is the great Freddie Mercury with Montserrat Caballé. 


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Take care with the wallet. My sister-in-law had her handbag grabbed from her wrist, and not only did she lose the handbag but her wrist was damaged too. So, keep an eye out.

Pity I did’nt know about Barcelona, I’ve been there eight times, know it insideout, the only reason I do the lotto is to be able to buy an apartment in the Born area,you lucky duck. My wallet was taken there last year in the tube,knew nothing till I got back to the apartment, still did’nt put me off the place but you need to have your wits about you all the time,enjoy!

Barca dodgy?…….never,been there many times,’nada problamo con bandidos para mi’…but then again,I’m from Drimnagh….je je!

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