"Doctor Who" Writer Calls Prince Charles A Miserable Swine

He turned us down, the miserable swine.

That’s what Doctor Who writer, Russell T Davies, told a crowd of 2000 people at the launch of his book about the series.

He turned us fuckin down, the miserable fuckin swine.

The comment caused consternation in Buckingham Palace:

Charles: I’ll tell you, the other day some bloke came up to me and …..
Camilla: What, Ridley Scott?
Charles: No, no, I don’t know who it was, and he said, “You swine”.
Camilla: Yeah?
Charles:  I said, “What?” He said, “You swine”.
Camilla: Yeah. And you replied, “You fucking swine”?
Charles:  I said-, I-, no, well, not straight away, I said, “You swine”.
Camilla:  Yeah …..
Charles:  And then he said …..
Camilla: ….. what’d he come back with?
Charles: He come back. He says-, he said, “You fucking swine”. I said, “You calling me ….. ”
Camilla:  You’re joking! He said, “You fucking swine”?
Charles: He-, yeah, he said, “You call me a swine , you fucking s-?” I said, “You f-“, I said, “You fucking swine”.
Camilla: I should hope so, “you fucking swine”. _________________________

Fuck it.  Let’s hear Pete and Dud doing it properly:

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