Iran To Build Car For Women

I see the Iranians are going to build a car specifically designed for women.

No.  Wait.  There isn’t a joke coming.  They’re actually planning this.  Iran Khodro, the country’s biggest car-builder, is going to produce a vehicle based on research into women’s preferences and needs.

It’s going to have electronic parking aids, an automatic gearbox, a GPS navigation system a jack specially designed to make changing a wheel easier, and and it even has an alarm to warn you if a wheel is going flat.

I want one.  This sounds perfect for me.

According to Khodro, the car will be painted in soft “feminine” colours, which is where they begin to lose me a bit, but I’m right back there when they talk about built-in entertainment.  I can see the advantages of that.  Nothing like a game of Doom to pass away a long boring journey while you’re driving.

I’m not so keen on the ideas for interior decor of the new women’s cars, or the notion of putting little decorations on the dashboard.  What sort of decorations, I wonder?  Plaster ducks?  And I’m not sure how long I can live with a car full of solid pine lampshades and William Morris wallpaper, but all in all, it seems like a great idea.  At least it will have a clean bathroom, I suppose, and all the plates will be put away.

Oh, it’s easy to sneer, but this car is going to explore uncharted design territory.

I wonder how they’ll provide storage space for 200 pairs of shoes.

11 thoughts on “Iran To Build Car For Women

  1. yea sounds good but surely the aerodynamics will be severely hampered by it being enveloped in a massive burka

  2. Same news reports said that last year, Ahmadinejad’s government backed a proposal to design a women’s bicycle that covered the rider’s legs and upper body!
    There is gender segregation on the buses and underground in Teheran and women wearing lipstick have been known to have it razorbladed off by the loons. Students who are not of an officially recognized religion within Iran sit their exams but do not get awarded their degrees, no matter how outstanding they are. But no doubt matters of conscience won’t stand in the way of a pretty car. Especially, like, if it came in pink.

  3. What’s the point of allowing women to drive when you can’t get pissed and have them take you home?

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