Irish Government Saves The Banks


12 thoughts on “Irish Government Saves The Banks

  1. I especially love the way we the taxpayer,these cunts’ boss if you will.
    Will have to pay twice for these crooks to stay in a job.
    Once as in the cash that is garunteed is our money
    Twice as in :like all insurance deals,the insured needs to pay the insurer for the service,this charge will be passed down to us in Bank Charges,Card charges etc..

    So we get fucked twice.. quite an achievement when you think about it..

  2. Organdonor exactly right. I get so pissed off with this banana republic. Must buy shares in KY pronto as a whole (ha) population to take it up the ass soon.

  3. hmmmm…your being SLIGHTLY dishonest here, Mr. Robber……

    Not that im a fan of the banks or government or anything. Quite the opposite…

  4. yeah, i dunno…its not really a bail-out you ask me.

    Yes, incompetent, greedy fuckers will get their asses saved, but first and foremost you and me will get our asses saved.

    Not that that excuses the banking community, or the political culture that allowed them to flourish. But implying that this move (a) is a bail-out (its not, its a promise to bail out) and (b) is solely to protect the bankers, its being a bit dishonest.

    That’s just my 40 trillion cents.

  5. It seems to me that a promise to bail out means nothing unless it’s backed by the intention to pay out if necessary, and we don’t know yet what sort of shaky loans these banks have on their books.

    On the other hand, they’ve already started to exploit the government’s guarantee by touting for business in Britain.

  6. Well, perhaps Michael Fingleton Jnr shouldn’t be boasting about our AAA rating, when the national deficit is three times what it was this time last year, thanks to our FFF governement.
    But then i think, as the old saying goes; “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. I’m sure he was only extolling the business virtues of our country, much as a shark might extoll the virtues of a small pond slightly dim fish. I mean if you were a greedy, soulless corporate fuck, wouldn’t thisseem like an attractive market to you

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