Irish Nationwide Building Society Send Out Begging Email. What a Crowd of Shits!

I will have no tolerance for any financial institution which seeks to exploit competitive advantage from this guarantee, said Brian Lenihan, our Finance Minister.

Oh really? said Irish Nationwide.  Well fuck you, Brian Lenihan, and fuck the taxpayer you rode in on.

And so, these unutterable cunts sent out the following email to one global bank, and perhaps to many others:

Irish Nationwide Building Society – Government Guaranteed UK Savings Accounts

As you may be aware on Tuesday 30th September the Irish Government put in place a guarantee arrangement to safeguard all deposits (retail, commercial, institutional and Interbank), covered bonds, senior debt and subordinated debt (lower tier II) with Irish Banks.

As Irish Nationwide qualifies under this scheme we now represent the safest place to deposit money in Europe with a AAA guarantee from a country with the lowest national debt to GDP ratio of any AAA country.

Irish Nationwide are offering the following GBP£ products for savers:

Six month 6.75% fixed rate bond (Irish Government Guarantee for any amount)
One year 7.10% fixed rate bond (Irish Government Guarantee for any amount)
Money in these accounts are guaranteed regardless of the size of deposit and represent the best value in the UK market.

I can provide application and opening forms by email if required. Please be so kind as to pass on to friends, colleagues and clients as you see fit. Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me directly on xxxxxxxxx or xxxx in the office.

I look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Kind Regards,

Michael Fingleton (Jnr)

Irish Nationwide Building Society
122 Wigmore Street
London W1U 3RX

You see?  The Dáil had barely discussed the bail-out before these fucking bastards decided to ride us bareback, touting for business on the strength of our guarantees.

Would you like me to translate Fingleton’s letter into English for you? Forget all this jargon about fixed-rate bonds and subordinated debt.  That’s only  bullshit.  This is what the letter really says:

We’re bulletproof thanks to that fool of a Finance Minister who put his entire country into hock to bail us out.

We were fucked because we lent too much money to too many crooks and we’ll never get it back.  We were fucked, but luckily that fool of a Finance Minister risked everything, instead of letting us collapse like the dickheads we are.

Woo fucking hoo!!

We’re bulletproof.  Send us your money and the stupid Paddies will sell their children to keep it safe.

Tell everyone.

All the best

Mickey Fingers

That, in essence, is what the fucking bastard is actually saying.

Irish Nationwide has described the email as inappropriate and regrettable.

Inappropriate?  Like we’d need to be John Maynard Keynes to figure that out?  Inappropriate my fucking arse.  It’s a well-known one-fingered gesture to the Irish people, that’s what it is.  Inappropriate?  Bollocks.

Regrettable?  What sort of two-faced hypocrisy is that?  What the fuck do they regret?  Nothing, except getting caught.  The fucking bastards.

As the proverbial dogs in the street know, Irish Nationwide are in serious trouble.  Their problems go far beyond lack of liquidity, and no government guarantees are going to fix their problems.

They’re on the brink of insolvency, and this email is plain evidence of just how desperate they are. Now is the time to withdraw the guarantee from them and let them collapse naturally.  The other banks, who have acted slightly more prudently, will still be around to operate the money system.

But that won’t happen, because this little country is too cosy, with too many little cabals and good-buddy golf club deals.  No matter how it goes, this government will drain the blood from you and me rather than see their pals in trouble.  They’ll screw you and screw you again, because this government are a crowd of incompetent fucking crooks and I’ve been telling you that for the last two and a half years.

Do you know what? Maybe we should all just bend over now, and get finished with it.



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18 thoughts on “Irish Nationwide Building Society Send Out Begging Email. What a Crowd of Shits!

  1. can every bank in the world dump all their shite accounts into irish banks? Even FF could’nt be that stupid.
    subordinated debt (lower tier II) this is hardly another name for subprime?
    I can see a huge black cloud with four fellows on horseback coming over keeper hill very soon.

  2. Wouldn’t it be nice if the Minister were to come out withdraw the guarantee from INBS on the basis that they are not conducting themselves as a sane, responsible financial institution.

    Of course its not like they, or anybody else, were conducting themselves in a sane, responsible manner before. So what do people expect.

  3. and you can bet every other Irish bank is doing exactly the same fucking thing except they haven’t hired their simpleton son to do their advertising.

    You could imagine him ringing around
    ” my dad says the irish government are so thick they’re giving us loads of money. its great, we fucked up royally but it’s ok cos dads been pals with Brian for years. So just give us all of your shitty debts”

    And let me guess what Brian Lenihans “no tolerance” means.


    I guarantee you this evidence will make no difference whatsoever.


  4. Very true Morgor, young Fingleton Junior the Turd will have his knuckles rapped at the Bankers Club with a tight wad of €200 banknotes for not following the tried and trusted route of ringing up greedy bastards (“contacts/golf buddies”) the length and breadth of Europe to invite them in and join the feast – the one where we’re on the roasting spit.

  5. An oath is an oath. And these people took one.. To protect their fraternal buddies that is, and they took that one long before they took any wishy washy oath relating to upholding some constitution or other. The Ancient and Honourable Order of Property Developers.
    What a complete shower of cunts.

    Can’t wait till they’re re-elected…

  6. I have heard the e-mail described as “youthful exuberance “ . We have handed the Republic of Ireland over to boys that like to gamble. But not to worry, I am confident that Daddy shall tell him that he has been a very naughty boy and to keep away from that cursed computer. Have you not heard of the Phone?

  7. Youthful exuberance my arse. More like inherited greed and corruption.
    Maybe if the soldiers of destiny had the guts to remove our guarantee from Nationwide it would teach the other greedy bastards not to fuck with the taxpayers’ money.
    But will it happen…em….no.

  8. de fan — No. I don’t tjhink it’s another name for sub-prime. It’s another way of saying Fuck You if
    they go bust.

    Michael — That’s exactly what he should do.

    Morgor — You’re probably right.

    Hoof — Fingers had a junior moment, that’s all. He’s clearly a cretin.

    Nicky — So why do we keep re-electing them?

    Gary — Youthful exuberance? Bollocks!

    King’s Bard — Greed on that scale has to be genetically transmitted. Looks like he didn’t inherit the rat-like cunning to go with it.

  9. And what about Anglo Irish boss Sean Fitzpatrick making over €326,000 in the last few days after buying up a heap of shares and selling them off once the government guarantee was in.

    The bollix should be jailed for insider trading.

  10. Bock
    Bollocks indeed! Daddy would have been better suited to buying Jnr a new Porsche. Rather than making him a Senior Executive. However poor Jnr. Mistake was being caught. I suspect all the boys are at it. Ireland will end up being responsible for all the shit paper in the world.

  11. -So why do we keep re-electing them?

    Bock, I reckon that when we’ve figured that one out, we’re 3/4 of the way to being on the right path again.
    But I also reckon that, with the exception of a few symbolic sarifices, next election time will return the same shower of fuckwits to office. Even all this will be forgotten under some new polemic. We’ve watched it happen again and again. The Gombeen Nation indeed ! (present company excludes, of course…)

  12. Little Nicky
    Voter “WE need a new parish pump Minister. Will you see us right?” Minister “Well give the Party the ould No.1 and we will” . Voter “Of course we will Sir. Shure we would Vote for the Party even if you were ( nervous laughter ) to declare War on Russia or take on the bad dept of the World” Minister “right so”

  13. P.S.
    There has just been a poll on RTE1. 62% voted that the Government were right. Need I Say more?

  14. No Gary, I suppose that says it all.
    We could speculate that RTE had somehow foffed the numbers, used biased questionaires and leading questions, all of which is possible, and indeed (in the case of market research surveys at least) common pratice, but alas, I fear that the sheeple simply can’t see when they’ve been sheared.

  15. Little Nicky
    Regrettably it was not that scientific. The question was “Were the Government correct in the action taken in the current situation in relation to the Banks?”
    The reported response was from 1,700 respond to text “y” 62% to “n” 38%.
    Ho Hum! The fact that that our Children and Great Grand children and our great great grand children den …
    May be paying for this is of no consequence.
    Mammon must be fed . So let it be Written, so let it be said l

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