Irish Pensioner Suffers From Cutbacks

In April, he was on a salary of €270,000 plus expenses, but when he lost the job, that went down to a pretty miserable €101,446. Obviously, he still had expenses of about €65,000, but you’d need that sort of walking-around money for day-to-day things.

Now, of course it’s perfectly understandable that he should have received another €36,750 per month for the first six months after losing his job, but after that it dropped savagely to €13,500 per month.

That’s a bit of hardship, and he was forced to take the low-paying day job, I told you about. The one that only gives him €101,446 per annum, or €8,454 per month.

Let’s add this up and see how the poor old fella is doing.
Per year
Salary €101,446
Pension €162,000
Sub-Total €263,446

Expenses €65,000
Total €327,446


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5 thoughts on “Irish Pensioner Suffers From Cutbacks

  1. Couldn’t he back a few horses?

    Surely his friends can organise a dig-out. How can any Pensioner be expected to live on a mere €21,954 a month. Hardly buy you a few rounds in Fagan’s or a nice yellow suit in Lidl.

  2. and his paymaster is out telling the chinese how bad there human rights are, and there over here mugging the pensioners.

  3. My granny would have said; “Sweet suffering Jusus and His holy mother, what is happening?”

  4. I’ll give you a better one . . . how about Ray Burke? AFAIK he is still in receipt of a full Dail pension. I’d like to know whether this is the case or am I misinformed.

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