Medical Cards — The Fianna Fáil Rats Revolt

So the Fianna Fáil foot-soldiers have finally discovered a backbone.

Well yada yada fucking yada.  These jellyfish have supported one slithery, dishonest, two-faced policy after another for years and years and years, so make no mistake about it.  This backbench revolt is not about principle.

This revolt is about the fact that they know full well what will happen to them when they go home to their constituencies.  They’ll be skinned alive by an electorate who finally realise what a horrible scam has been perpetrated on them by this corrupt, incompetent, self-serving government, and what a horrible mistake they made in electing them.

This revolt isn’t driven by concern for old people.  This revolt is motivated entirely by self-interest.

What a load of shit.  Our country is robbed by the bankers and speculators and asset strippers, yet this idiot blinkered government thinks it has nothing better to do than put the burden on old-age pensioners.

Take the money from the horse breeders.  Take it from the bookies.  Take the money from the banking parasites who caused the whole fucking mess.  Take it from billionaires like Bono, who enjoys Haughey’s ridiculous tax exemption in this country, while lecturing the world on poverty.  Take it from the doctors who clubbed together to prevent a reasonably-priced healthcare scheme for old people, and who faced down this cowardly government in the first place.  Take it from the oil companies who currently get all our energy resources free, thanks to a corrupt sweetheart deal with a convicted crook, Ray Burke.  Take it from the overpaid coxcombs who present our TV and radio programmes.  Take it from Bertie Ahern, the crook, who retired on a gigantic pension after all his evasions.  Take it from the drug dealers who continue to collect their social welfare payments.  Take it from those who benefited most from the ridiculous feeding frenzy of the last decade: property developers.  Take it from the Catholic Church which abused our children and now sits on wealth beyond imagination.  Take it from the people who were given one strategic resource for a song: the telecoms asset strippers.  Take it from the vested interests who carved up this little country between them and who now dangle the government on strings like a bunch of jerking puppets.

Take it from those who had it soft, rode us for years and are now sitting pretty while they laugh at our stupidity.

A cynic might suggest that this has all been part of the government’s plan.  A cynic might hint that the government hoped there would be a huge controversy about healthcare for people over seventy, distracting attention from the scandalous way the banks have been endowed using our money and our future.  People might even suggest that the government was planning all the time to back down, to concede this relatively minor point while slipping the huge money through on the blind side.

But maybe they didn’t count on the rodent-like cunning of their backbenchers who see everything in terms of their own survival.

Ah, that’s a very cynical way to look at it, I suppose, but meanwhile the rats continue to scurry down the ropes.


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17 thoughts on “Medical Cards — The Fianna Fáil Rats Revolt

  1. Bock u are as astute as ever. U put it better than any else that I’ve seen. So; what now? On an aside, a comment made in a local hostlery yesterday, “shoot the bastards but leave three standing”. I asked why three? Response: One to be the government, one would be the opposition and the third for variety!

  2. Fantastically put Bock.The latest insult is that all of those”Ministers”recieved the flu jab,at a personal cost of 20 euro.A pensioner minus medical card must pay a G.P. 60 euro for the visit and another 40 to 50 for the jab.Bend over everybody.

  3. Is it possible these fuckers in FF want out of Government?,now that they’ve stolen everything?……and leg it{with the hugh pensions,of course},and let some other suckers deal with the chaos that’s coming down the line.And only if we had a proper President,with real power and balls,’cause the Army should have been sent into the Dail long ago

  4. Dude, I guess the best you can do is tend your garden and your beer and blog like a motherfucker.

    That’s what I’m going to do, anyway.

    And I didn’t know that about Bono. Does he not give away a bunch to charity?

  5. What do you expect from these snakey, sly self serving cunts, they have gotten away with riding us on everything else they reckon they can get away with anything at this stage, is there no way that the opposition can grow a set of balls and canvas the independents to call a hung dail and have an election ??

  6. so the government as a bribe to the electorate gave a promise to give free medical cards to people over the age of 70. they never consulted the doctors on their fees and as a result ended up paying 3-4 times the normal cost. that fact should not surprise anyone. almost every project this government has taken on has over ran its planned costs. what surprises me is that this policy came into effect. surely it is discrimatory and ageist. why should somebody of a certain age have an automatic right to a medical card? would we have acceptted a policy that said free medical cards to all living on a halting site, or to all females. or a policy that said non catholics would not have an automatic right to a card. we’d have been in uproar and rightly so. the correct option at the time would have been to give free medical cards to all citizens subject to a means test. a cynic might also say that what is happening now is a move by the government to put pressure on doctors to reduce their fees.

  7. I completely agree. As with so many other things in this country, primary health care is in the hands of a private vested interest: the GPs.

  8. bock
    a note to all old ladies over seventy in limerick, if they see a fella walkin with his head down dressed in a long black coat with a stupid moustache hit him with there bags, as he and his buddies are muggers

  9. @Jerry.

    If only you could catch the little rat in the first place. Have you ever seen him scurrying along ? I think he has wheels built into his platforms.

  10. Bock fair play for calling a spade a spade. Only in Ireland where unemployment is sharply rising would the stupid fuckers who fucked it up still have a job. There like rats leaving a sinking ship.

  11. And as I’ve said before, who voted them back in? The people of Ireland, that’s who. What’s the point of whingeing about them if you (the electorate) don’t throw them out on their arses when an election comes around? Isn’t that what democracy is about? As far as I’m concerned, the people get what they deserve. And if they don’t like the choice on offer, start a new party.

    There’s far too much laziness about politics and activism — and then griping when people don’t like what the Government does to them. They’re too busy watching the X Factor and buying new sofas and fridge-freezers on credit to get off their backsides and do something about the system.

  12. @Nora

    Time for some good old fashioned values.

    “Vote early, vote often.”

    The original measure was introduced as a panic measure to buy votes. The doctors then screwed the government on the basis of a rash political commitment already made to the voters. People over 70 then made life decisions based on the availability of the medical card. The government is now trying to correct their “mistake” by screwing the same over 70s. You’d think it was bad enough to torture them in A&E. This torture is now being extended to the hearth.

    I once put a government out of office, inadvertently. I voted for a minority protest candidate in a national election as a warning to the government, and so many others did the same that he got in and brought the then government down.

    He’ll be welcome at my doorstep next time round.

  13. I’ve just had a leaflet in the letterbox from him, Benny.
    BTW, I heard he bankrupted himself campaigning to win that seat. No matter what people thought of him, he couldn’t be accused of not having the courage of his convictions.
    Nothing that I know of, anyway.

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