Music Break

I’m sick of all this fucking shit about vampire parasite banks and thieving Wall Street crooks and governments handing billions of our money to bail out the miserable fucking creeps.  I’m sick of the Americans and their fucking election.  I’m sick of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and everywhere else.

I’m fucking sick of it.

Sick, d’you hear?

Sick and tired of it all.

I’m taking the evening off.  I’m tired of ranting about these fucking crooks.  It’s taking all my energy and I’m no longer a young man.  I no longer have the piss and vinegar inside me to be fighting these fucking bastards all the time.

I’m going to open a bottle of wine and sit back.  Relax myself and listen to a few songs.  Maybe you’ll join me in a few familiar songs and tomorrow, after the Palin/ Biden debacle, we’ll resume the fight.

Tonight, let’s just relax for a change and listen to a few old-time favourites.

Here’s Warren Zevon:

And here’s that miserable old fucker, Van Morrison:

Hmm.  Let’s see.  What can we do next?  How about something for people special to us?  Jennie sings Lenny.

Good.  Now for a bit of Steve Earle.  Copperhead Road.


Here’s an interesting one.  This crowd were first signed up by a friend of mine from Limerick, when he had a music company in the States.  I think this song might have paid for his house.

They Might Be Giants.  Birdhouse In Your Soul

And I’ll finish with the fabulous Auteurs



Goodnight, my friends.  Enjoy your wine.  Sleep well.  Seeya tomorrow.

5 replies on “Music Break”

I feel the same but have opted for a few cans of the black stuff instead. Now after listening to Steve I feel a craving for the old distillate. But I will not, as work has to be done tomorrow, even though the thieving bankers will make more on my effort than me, feck it I’m pouring a bush as a nightcap.

Paralaxco — How’s the head today?

Mule Taker — It’s all part of the service.

Paul — Yeah. I’ve always liked them.

Sam — It’s a great video. I just stumbled across it after discovering that the first version I picked had embedding disabled.

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