Oil Tanker For sale

Isn’t it amazing the offers that come in?

Here’s an email from Judy Qian to me, received a few minutes ago.

Newly built Oil Tanker For Sales directly with Ship Owner.
Dead Weight: 7,000dwt
Type of Vessel : Oil Tanker
Type of Hull: Double Side
Type of bottom: Double Side
Year of built: 2008
Net Registered Tonnage (NRT): 2261
Gross Tonnage (GT): 4922
Length overall (LOA):   118.0m
Length between perpendiculars (LBP):  110.0m
Beam (extreme breadth):  17.60m
Breadth molded:  17.60m
Depth molded: 9.0m
Design draft: 6.60m
Trading area: The vessel sails in unrestricted navigation area
Laycan: Prompt
Please contact us if you are interested.

Best Regards

Judy Qian

Mobile: +86 135 6421 7233

What do you think? Should I call Judy and do a deal?

I’m not too pushed at the moment, with my liquidity so reduced due to the worldwide banking collapse, but maybe you’d like to be the owner of a brand-new 7000-ton oil tanker.

You can contact Judy here:


Go for it.  Take a chance.


Is this a serious offer?


Dear Sir,

This is serious offer, currently, we have 3 Newly built 7,000 dwt Oil Tanker in our factory for sale.

Please Kindly find attached info of the vessel.

The price for sale is US$ 17,000,000.




Finance director  [ financial.director@btrinvestments.com]

cc.Judy Qian  [ fortunatelyjudy@gmail.com ]


I received the attached offer at my private email.

Have our people check it out and come back to me with a feasibility report ASAP.



8th December 2008

Dear Sir,

With reference to our previous offer on the 7000dwt tanker for sales.

We are putting her up for SALES!   

We are willingly to accept any reasonable offer,  If you are interested please email us your best offer.

Would like to sell this vessel before end of the year!

Best regards

Judy Qian(Shipping Department)

14 thoughts on “Oil Tanker For sale

  1. how the fuck are they going to wrap that thing— never mind get it into someones letter box i bet its a scam man

  2. Could it be used as an offshore bank? or, perhaps a entrepreneurial ‘property developer’ could convert it into social and affordable housing!

  3. Somali pirate ex-stock by the sound of it.

    Get a good mechanic and insist on a decent anti-missile system. Lough Derg is getting so crowded these days any advantage will help.

  4. I can see what happened here. They had enough to make three of these buggers and got carried away and suddenly, when an order came in for six megalomaniac-style headquarters-under-volcano depots featuring multiple barrel stacks and lots of glass and gantries they had no room.
    Fortunately Judy had your email for this amazing offer.

  5. Poobah — I think it comes with a full warranty. Sounds like a great deal.

    James — God no. What makes you think it’s a scam? It’s obviously a genuine offer to supply me with a 7000-ton ship.

    Knudsen — I think a rep might have been using it for a few months.

    Fan — Horseshit. I’d fill it with horseshit. This country is the world’s largest producer of the stuff.

    Andrew — Instead of affordable housing, why don’t we put hundreds of skobes in it, complete with horses and stolen cars? Then, with any luck, the property market might sink a little more.

    Hoof — The problem with Lough Derg isn’t the Somalian pirates though. It’s the Slovakian ones.

    Nick — That’s probably it. Irish offshore megalomaniacs bought up all the options on under-volcano caverns.

  6. It would make a nice feature, a talking point if you like, if it was placed slightly off centre at the end of your garden and then had some discreet planting placed around it.
    You should then construct a short, bricked, walkway leading, under a vine covered pergola, towards it.
    Glimpses of the tanker would initially be seen as you exit the MPR at the rear of the dwelling. This would pique your – and your guests – interest.
    Glass in hand you’d then meander the pathway, pausing only to sample a grape or two before continuing to the end where the full majesty of the vessel would be exposed, side lit by the slowly sinking sun.

    (All of the above depends, of course, on timing).

  7. U could ask for a test drive, put the entire government on board and then have an air-strike called in from the palin camp and watch it dive for davey jones’ locker!

  8. All you are talking rubish. The offer by Judy is real. From the relationship we have with her, she is a genuine shipbroker.

    This offer is not for touts that spends all their days on net looking for love and quickie. It is for genuine serious-minded biz people. So, better mind your biz if you are not into shipping biz.

    I find it very disgusting that that every remark made above are negetive. Do you think that all the human race are crooks???

  9. -tony
    ‘genuine serious-minded biz people’

    A company as genuine and serious as BTR Investmants could do with getting a genuine and serious site.
    Do genuine and serious companies sell multimillion dollar tankers by spam email?

    by the way, who is the we in ‘From the relationship we have with her, she is a genuine shipbroker.’?

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