Paddy Sausage

As you know, I don’t normally do parochial posts.  Local, yes, provided it has some kind of wider relevance, but parochial?  Not usually.

However, I’m going to break that little rule just this once, and I apologise to readers further afield for the fact that only Limerick people will know what I’m talking about.  Furthermore, only some Limerick people will know what the fuck I’m talking about, but that’s ok.  If you know what I’m talking about, just nod.

I saw Paddy Sausage last night, at a gig. 

Paddy Sausage!  Fuckin hell, I thought he was dead years ago, but no.  Not a bit of it.  Paddy Sausage has outlived Cool Hand Luke.

Now.  That’s off my chest and normal service will resume very soon: tonight, the ludicrous Sarah Palin clashes with Joe Biden in the US VeePee  debate and I’m hoping to stay up and watch it.

Should be fun.

3 thoughts on “Paddy Sausage

  1. I met Paddy Sausage a couple of weeks ago Outside Tesco! He looks better now than he did when we were kids!

  2. I had to do some work up in Bawnmore a few years ago. Luckily I was only halfway up a ladder when Paddy gave a big ‘salute’ on his way into some building. I thought he’d kicked the bucket as well and nearly fell off with the shock.

    Looked better than I ever remember and was in great form. Some memory too….a bit too good !!

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