Rest of My Life

Cheesy video, great song.

Here’s Rilo Kiley, one of my favourite bands, in uncharacteristically sentimental mood.  I think this one might appeal more to the girls, but hey, behind it all I’m a big old softy. (Kind of — just don’t push your luck).

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Bock – What brings on this disconcerting sentimentality on your part? Are you in love? Have you just fallen out of love? Whatever – next time we meet, No I will not hold your hand or give you a hug! ;-) Please can we have the old Bock back! This one gives me the jitters! Much scarier than Halloween!

Lovely. A video born out of the economic crisis if I ever saw one. Deadly what you can do with a bit of imagination (and a budget of eight pence), eh?

“… scarier than Halloween!” lol

Savannah — Check them out. Great band. Check out Jenny Lewis solo as well.

Devin — You weren’t saying things like that before the operation. It’s been a real success!

Stephen — Bah, damn you. bah, I say!

Virgin — It’s better than most RTE output.

Nora — Bah you as well.

Sam — Like I told Savanah, check ’em out.

Tommyalltalk — Could be, perhaps.

Mule Taker — You”re a big girl, that’s what you are.


Just had my ‘ex’ over for dinner and a ‘catch up’.

Managed to resist sending her the link once she’d left…

Oh, and Mr Cohen is playing in Wellington in January, may just have to go…

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