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I couldn’t believe it.  I’m just watching the TV here, and I was listening to a sports report on RTÉ.   They were doing a little item on the forthcoming opening of the Heineken Cup campaign.

Good.  What did they start with?  Well of course, they opened with Munster, the current European champions, as they should.  That took 30 seconds where somebody talked about Munster’s team selection.

What did they spend the rest of the time on?  Leinster, the team who didn’t win the European Cup.  The team who have never won the European Cup.  They had interviews with the players, video of their training and a breathless analysis of their chances in the competition.

They gave a few seconds to Munster, the current European champions, and double winners of the trophy, and devoted the rest of the piece to the prospects of their friends and neighbours in Dublin. 

For Christ’s sake!  It’s fucking unbelievable.

Listen people.  Wake up.  This is our national broadcaster, paid for by all of us, but it thinks Dublin is Ireland.  Isn’t it about time the rest of us started refusing to pay our broadcasting licences?

What a useless crowd of gobshites.


And look!  Someone else agrees with me: Munster Whitewash Leinster

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  1. You make a good point there Bock . As for the license fee … pffft (farting noise). When the recession really hits home and the RTE revenue starts to slide then maybe they’ll listen.

  2. Well I’m a Connaught man(by birth, and that steadfast of Irish culture, parochial loyalty), so I won’t be too quick to pass judgement on Leinster, even though I did read this article.
    But it seems to me that RTE are only doing their duty to the enviroment in thinking of CO2 emissions. I mean let’s face it, the Leinster team are so much closer to Donnybrooke. And again, let’s face it, they’ve fuck all else to be doing..

  3. I have to say Bock, even as a non-rugby following Leinsterman, the amount of sycophancy that is thrown at our bunch of mumbling fucks makes me a Munster supporter by default.

  4. Bock, I have the same argument about the whole Celtic/Rangers thing, over here.

    Celtic won three SPL titles back to back, but all we ever hear about on telly is news on the runners up and how it all went wrong for them.

    They were shite.. simple as that, no bigotry or childish sectarian bollix required.

    By the way, I was in Dublin when Munster played their socks off in the final.. a very happy afternoons drinking it was too.

  5. But you won the cup. Surely that’s better than being on TV. If you were on TV for longer it’d mean you hadn’t won the cup.

    Some people are just never happy.

  6. It’s not just rugby, it’s GAA as well. Every year, for the first couple of months of the championship, it’s all about Dublin, and Jayo, and great memories of Heffo’s Army, and the crack to be had on The Hill, and arriving late for the match, and the great rivalry with Kerry back in the 70s and 80s, and Jimmy Keaveney, and Tony Hanahoe scoring from an impossible angle, and the great series of replays against Meath in ’91, and, and, and…

    Until we get to the business end of the season, and they get their holes kicked by Tyrone or Kerry or whoever and that’s it for another year.

  7. Dermot — RTE won’t listen. RTE is so far up its own arse, it’s completely deaf.

    M’sieur le Craic — Of course, you’re right. It’s the local team.

    Rob — At least you’ll have something to cheer about.

    Bollix — Interesting comparison. Leinster and Rangers, eh? Hmm.

    Twenty — I’m glad to see you’re enjoying your retirement. I know we won the cup, and you know we won the cup, but what does RTÉ know? Oh wait. I just remembered. They know fuck-all about anything.

    Gerry — That’s right. Jimmy Keaveney, the fat bastard, and Tony Hanahoe, the grasping legal lizard, and that other fucker with the pub in Ballsbridge.

  8. I removed all tv appliances from my house and needless to say have not renewed my tv licence requests(demands). RTE is not value for money at any level.

  9. Maybe it’s like the elections, and they have to have balanced broadcasting. So they have to give Leinster coverage now, because there is a good chance that they will be out by the quarter finals.(edit for Dublin GAA)
    Fuck knows what will happen if they ever win it. We would never hear the end of it, Worse than if they beat the All Blacks.

  10. Well leinster has a higher portion of the population so there for contributes more to the licence fee. Not sure of the numbers but I would say leinster has just under 2.5 million people while munster has about 1 million. so going by the licence fee rational they should get 2.5 times as much coverage. Also what they going to say about munster.

    Presenter “so what are munsters chances”
    Expert “They will probably win it as they are pure awesome unlike the other fucktarts in Dublin who can’t even beat connaught.”
    Presenter “Can’t really draw this out much more back the the studio”

  11. Paolo — Sensible move. That should bring them to their knees.

    Fan — I didn’t think of it that way. Maybe your onto something. Or maybe RTÉ is just a fucked-up station that looks after its pals and its relatives.

    Eolaí — Sorry about that. We’ll try and bring you a bit of Munster goodness on Friday night.

    Simon — If anyone thinks all of Leinster supports Leinster rugby, I have news for them. I’m guessing that the viewer balance would be about twenty to one in favour of munster.

  12. cronyism in an Irish semi-state body,surely you jest.but is it possible that the top civil servants, bank officials, heads of semi-state bodies, all went to the same rugby playing schools.
    by the way did you get a ticket?

  13. They didn’t go to the ones in Limerick anyway.

    Yes, I’m happy to tell you that I got tickets for the Bullet and myself.

  14. Fuck ’em Bock. They didn’t even bother fighting for the right to televise the European Rugby Cup live as they could have under EC law. Not important enough to go ruffling Sky Murdochs’ feathers over apparently. But they’ll fight tooth and nail to ensure live coverage of every minute of ManYoo’s or Chelski’s progress in soccers Euro equivalent.

    Understandable. After all, no Irish team could never aspire to winning a Continental trophy, could they ? and rugby doesn’t count….otherwise Leinster would have won it by now, and they might have noticed that.

    So let’s pay our Licence fee and be treated to the sight of some billionaire from Portugal rolling around the field in agony having being hacked to death by a tap on the ankle from some butcher multi-millionaire playing Chumpions League poofball for a Siberian crook.

    Any kid who can’t make it to Thomond Park or even Donkeybrook is either going to have to go somewhere with Sky Sports or wait up ’til 11:30 for RTÉ to pretend they’re showing it live. But they can watch Yoonoyted anytime of day thanks to the priorities of our “National Broadcaster”.

    see you on the Terraces !

  15. Is Tracey still left at or near the players? Fuckin hell, she nearly drowned either (or both) Doug Howlett and Paulie with drooling at the Final last season.

    Better make sure the lights don’t fail in the Interview Room on Friday, she doesn’t seem the type to pass up on a second chance.

  16. Setanta are the same too. I made this point after the Leinster match (the one Munster won 18-0, in case anyone’s forgotten.)

    “Why, oh why, oh why, oh why do the Irish media have such a hard-on about Leinster? OK, Franno is Leinster to his bone marrow, so it is natural for him to talk them up. But tonight, watching the match on Setanta, the commentary was all about Leinster. If a Munster player broke three tackles and was hauled down by the fourth, it was all about the tackle that brought him down, not about the way he skinned the three players en route. Even Donal Lenihan, a Munsterman through and through was commentating on this game like it was Ireland (Leinster) v. Anyone Else (Munster).”

  17. I’ve been banging on about how useless RTE are for ages. The Leinster team are shit but they need to talk about them as sleeping giants – dopey ogres is probably a better description. It’s the same with soccer. United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal are the only teams in the premier league. I support Villa but I must have just dreamed them up. RTE are shit. They come up with the most embarrassing reality TV because they want to copy channel 4. They continue to fund a programme called How Low Can You Go, featuring three or four of the country’s most useless, annoying and pitifully thick wankers. They can’t bring themselves to axe the shitefest that is Fair City. And you expect them to be balanced when it comes to rugby?

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