Scunthorpe United

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Oct 272008

Scunthorpe won again and I can’t understand it.  Going on past experience, they should have started to lose by now, but they haven’t.  Long after they should be losing due to extreme hangovers, they’ve continued to win, beating Millwall 3-2 on Saturday.

This is worrying.  The natural order of things is overthrown.  Where will it all end?

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    Hiya Boc
    Jusy met a soothsayer on my way home from work. He tells me it won’t end for a while.Scunthorpe are destined for better things.In the year 2011 they will win the champions league.I was advised to put my money on now.


    Damn that soothsayer he just rang me to emphasise it will be the UEFA champions league.


    well they’re not the only side doing everything against the grain, look at hull city for fucks sake! what’s going on?


    Yeah. Liverpool, Chelsea, Hull and Arsenal.

    It just seems so right, doesn’t it?

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