American Presidential Election

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Nov 042008

Well here we are.

The United States presidential elections are finally upon us, in which the Americans try to overcome the dishonest anti-democratic scheming that subverted their last election and put a man in office who wasn’t actually elected at all.

Isn’t it a nice irony that this same man, ever since, has been lecturing the world about democracy?  Well no.  It isn’t.  It’s appalling that a know-nothing redneck puritanism has taken over the most militarily aggressive and self-righteous nation on Earth.  Appalling and terrifying.

As you know, I hope Obama wins.

That isn’t because I think he’s Superman, or because I think anything will change overnight if he’s elected.  Obama is a quintessential establishment figure, and there are only two reasons he’s transformational.  One is his race,which of course is utterly irrelevant, but which challenges America’s blatantly false belief that racism doesn’t exist any more.  The other reason he appears transformational is the contrast with the unbelievably aggressive and corrupt people who went before him in Washington.

Obama is not a radical, or a redeemer or anything else.  He’s just a politician like all the rest of them, but at least he’s not GW Bush, and that gives us some idea how low the world has sunk thanks to the savages who have led America for the last eight years.  We’re not happy to see an inspirational figure running for President.  We’re just relieved to know he isn’t a criminal idiot.

Isn’t that sad?

As for our economic welfare, it would be foolish to think that Obama is good for Europe.

I don’t believe that.  In fact, I believe that if he’s elected America will retrench, and I think we’ll lose a significant amount of US industrial investment in this country.

That’s bad for us.  Very bad.

But it isn’t as bad as the alternative which is this: John McCain gets elected, promptly drops dead and is replaced by an airhead religious extremist maniac who wants the world to end anyway and now has a lacquered fingernail on that red button.

That’s a lot worse for us.  Much worse.

Why is it much worse?

Because although Obama will probably make us all poorer, Sarah Palin will probably make us all dead.


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    Bock, as much as I agree with your feelings towards all things Republican,i find Obama’s lack of substance rather scary. Vote for change is all very well but the man has put foreward no concrete policies. What the fuck does he actually plan to do? More significantly, at the end of the day, what are we going to have to pay? Is he just the lesser of two evils?


    Your nuts


    tomorrow after the votes are counted, america will get the government it deserves. i have no illusions about politicians, but i do believe that the election of senator obama will be a step forward out of the darkness the last 8 years have produced. if you haven’t read his policy on trade you might want to take a look, sugar. the repair of the american economy is going to be a struggle, but we will all win in the end.


    Many people feel that what the US needs is some kind of New Deal – and if Obama is elected and brings in more Democrats on his coat tails then there’s a chance something akin to a ‘New Deal’ will come about. For the rest of us it probably means bad news – but at least with Obama we’ll be around to moan about it.

    I think the Republicans expected Hillary to be their opponent in this election and all their guns were prepared and calibrated for that – Obama’s selection by the Democrats took them by surprise – and put them on the back foot from the start – selecting Palin is evidence of that. She might be able to ‘wow’ plumbers but many of us have experience of plumbers! Go Democrats Go Obama.


    Tom-ate-o, tom-at-o. Looks like a return to the Clinton era.


    Brian — I agree. Obama is a feeling rather than a fact, but he isn’t part of the criminal conspiracy that currently occupies the White House.

    Anonymous — Leave my nuts out of this.

    Savannah — Best of luck over there.

    Andrew — Agreed.

    M’sieur le Craic — Better than the Bush era, that’s for sure.


    yeah men. obama is the man


    A bit more charm anyway. And certainly better than McCain, but it’s odd that in a country of 300 million these two guys are all that’s on offer, especially considering all that has happpened in the last eight years. I didn’t even hear mention of the four other candidates in the media. It’s like saying “Brian Cowan or Enda Kenny ?” (no offence to Obama and McCain)


    True C’est. Very limited choice and leads me to believe the puppetmasters are really running the show no matter who gets to stand centre-stage tomorrow (Chad willing).

    It’s not a great example of the democracy that the US likes to impose upon others when every other candidate is unashamedly ignored.

    So, for the record : The Libertarian Party has nominated former Congressman Bob Barr, the Constitution Party has nominated pastor and radio talk show host Chuck Baldwin, and the Green Party has nominated former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney. Ralph Nader declined to seek the Green Party nomination and is running as an independent candidate.


    Yeah, but I got free coffee and a doughnut out of it so there.

    There’s free ice-cream later.


    I think you are all underestimating the change that will come under an Obama presidency. His biggest strenght is his ability to communicate his message. Compare this to Bush who could articulate himself about as competently as Jackie Healy Rae. After seven years, the most powerful man in the world still cannot convince the Pakistanis that its in their interests to secure the border with Afghanistan. Iran Afganistan and Russia are all issues that will require an international consensus and a multilateral approach to achieve results. This is where Obamas ability to persuade will come in. I predict substantial change to the world order under an Obama presidency. All change for the better.


    One can only hope.


    I am one of those who really believes Obama is the right man for this moment in history. I think he has integrity, formidable intellect and is a man of compassion. He is a man of character.

    Economically the direct power of the President is fairly limited and this recovery is going to be a painful one for us all. We are going to have to become less extravagant with our energy resources and each of us is going to have to exercise more and more personal responsibility for the energy we consume and the waste we produce. What’s different about Obama, I think, is that he, like Kennedy and the ask not what your country can do for you speech, he has a chance of pulling us along with him and making us eager and willing to make those sacrifices for the greater good. He is a leader of men, a calm and powerful intellect at the helm.

    I can hardly stand to watch the telly today but I can’t look away. My breakfast has gone half uneaten. I can’t remember ever being this nervous over an election. I don’t think he is a saviour but I do think he is exactly what our times demand.


    I voted. Got there about 45 minutes after the polls opened. Voter number 43 at my polling place, so it was about 1 vote per minute for those of us voting while going in to work.

    I voted for Obama, but I also sincerely hope that he is like other candidates and doesn’t keep all of his campaign promises. I hope he turns out to be more radical than mainstream, since it will take some radical policies to avoid a full-blown class war in the US.

    I also hope he backs off a bit on the USSA imperialist notion that we should be meddling in the affairs of other countries.

    Since I felt lucky I bought a lotto ticket too. I’m sure to lose the lotto. That should be my one loss for the day.


    Sam — It would be nice to think that he’s the man for the hour. Let’s see.

    Mr T — Did you bump into Joe the plumber?


    Yes but Bush’s job was not to lead, it was to divert attention from those who did. And anyway, you shouldn’t use Armageddon as your yardstick.
    But perhaps the idea of Obama will be enough to motivate people to make real changes themselves. One way or another we will see.


    It’s that cross between Martin Luther King and JFK that makes him so inspirational. Let’s hope the Washington Establishment don’t silence him because he could help to lead us all out of the present morass if he’s let.


    Fuck Joe the Plumber.. i give you …

    Tito the builder!!


    Sorry Bock, I missed out on Joe the plumber. My local plumber of choice is Terry, but of course like most people I never call him until long after I should have. Terry would never vote for McCain either.

    Mr. T
    (I used to be Mike the carpenter, but now I am only Mike the vice-president)


    All will be well – I’m off to the election night party in Moneygall – tripping over satellite trucks and press hacks here but loving it………Go Obama!


    I’m giggling at “Anonymous”, up the page. I wonder is he related to Palin the Articulate.

    It’s nerves. I’m SO anxious for Obama to win, but we can do nothing only wait!


    Sorry people as much as I want Obama to be the answer you need to rein in a bit. Lets see what happens when the time comes to roll up the sleeves and get stuck into the shit-pile. Also comparing an untried novice to J.F.K. and M.L.K. is not only insulting to two of the greatest Americans it,s also unfair to the man himself.


    I don’t know about that. JFK and MLK are largely remembered for being visionary figures, rather than for practical achievements. I hope Obama isn’t remembered for the other thing that unites JFK and MLK.


    Karma is a funny thing sometimes, not only did my candidate win, my lotto ticket paid me back a dollar!!!!

    All in all I think I made out quite well today, I might even try to sleep.


    I’m not American, but I am so happy about the results of your election that I needed to say it to any American online I can find ;) I know my country (Croatia, Europe) won’t benefit from it, but knowing that American people has finally found the right path towards future is a comfort, because I know that Obama will make some very important changes which will make difference and help resolve some issues in other parts of the World (Africa) – I congratulate you Americans for the giant step you made choosing Obama to be your president! Now you don’t have to be ashamed. Nice work, people!

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