Harvey Norman Insults Ireland’s Famine Victims

Gerry Harvey, executive chairman of Harvey Norman, is a prick.

Complaining about their shops’ trading difficulties in Ireland, Harvey had this to say: just imagine you opened in Ireland; you’d want to go and cut your throat. The potato famine, someone said, the return of the potato famine in Ireland

What a prick.  How dare he compare the troubles of his sofa shop with the greatest catastrophe this land has ever known?

Does this fool know what he’s talking about?  Would he go to Israel and compare his trading downturn to a Holocaust?

There was no potato famine in Ireland.

There was simply a Famine.

(Pic by C’est la Craic)

The term “potato famine” is a calculated insult to the million people who died of starvation in this country between 1841 and 1851.  It’s also a calculated insult to the millions who suffered and died in the coffin ships to America, trying to escape the desolation.  It’s an insult to the countless millions all over the world who are descended from the survivors of the greatest mass exodus in our history.

The fact that the people were dependent on a single crop for survival was not of their making.  It was a direct result of incompetent, callous government from London.  It was a result of endless greed on the part of those British aristocratic landlords who claimed this country as their own and who ruthlessly drove the small Irish farmers to abject poverty as they wrung every last penny of rent from them.

For some landlords, the catastrophe was a blessing.  A means of driving smallholders off their land and into the grave or the emigrant ship.

It was an obscenity, and this prick, Gerry Harvey, ought to be ashamed of himself for likening the troubles of his sofa shop to such a calamity.

If you doubt the scale of the disaster, look at this table.  These are the population figures for England and Ireland between 1831 and 1911.  Look at the direction taken by the population figures for England and Wales from the start of the Great Famine in 1841.  Compare them to what happened in Ireland.

England & Wales (million) Ireland
Ireland as percentage of total Ireland compared to England and Wales (%)
1831 13.9 7.7 36 55
1841 15.9 8.2 34 52
1851 17.9 6.6 27 37
1861 20.1 5.8 22 29
1871 22.7 5.4 19 24
1881 26 5.2 17 20
1891 29 4.7 14 16
1901 32.5 4.5 12 14
1911 36.1 4.4 11 12

Now, you might be aware that the rapacity of English absentee landlords in Ireland gave rise to a new concept which has since swept the world.

In 1880, when he raised rents and evicted poor tenants from their land, the estate agent of a British absentee landlord was left totally isolated by the refusal of farm workers, shopkeepers, businessmen and even the postman, to deal with him.  He was ostracised and ultimately made helpless by his complete exclusion from society.

His name?  Captain Charles Boycott.

I wonder how Gerry Harvey would feel if Australian and New Zealand descendants of Irish people were to boycott his shops?

Don’t Go to Harvey.  Don’t Go!



Ireland’s Great Famine 1845-1849



132 thoughts on “Harvey Norman Insults Ireland’s Famine Victims

  1. There was food in the country – it was exported, the potato crop was destroyed by blight, the landlords were catholic irish as well as british, and most people died from filthy living conditions which resulted in cholera and other such diseases not starvation. There was a much more severe famine in India, and they received far less help, meagre though it was from the British Government. So I think the famine thing has been over played in this country, especially by people who weren’t there. Other countries suffered appallingly during these times. The nasty British landlord business is overplayed.

  2. You’re missing the point. There was a famine in Ireland and mass death from starvation and associated disease. The Indian famine isn’t part of our history and it’s not what this post is about.

    I have no interest in the religion of the landlords and I don’t know why you mention it, but the vast majority of them were English or Anglo-Irish, and that’s relevant because their detachment contributed to their indifference to the suffering.

    When you say the famine is overplayed especially by people who weren’t there, are you saying you know people who were there?

    And as you’re so sure it was less severe than we think, does that mean you were there?

    Try to keep your eye on the ball. This is about Harvey Norman.

  3. Bock,

    Harvey Norman is a prick. If his business was crap before in Ireland, imagine what it is going to be after these remarks. Basically he should now sod off home as his product stands no chance after these cracks.

    Your table on the population says an enormous amount about the famines and then the emigration that followed until very recently – like 1993. Which is why it would have been good to bring it up to recent times. The 150 years of getting on the boat tell a tale most of which is not good for the people of this island.

    As for some of your other comments of the causes of the famine I will prepare a 50,000 word essay to refute some of them and spam you with it. Either that or attempt to read it to the assembled crowd the next time I get to Thomond Park.

  4. Great post Bock and the bould Harvey should up anchor and piss off.
    The term “potato famine” was introduced to give the impression that it was only the potato crop that failed and the benighted Irish hadn’t the wit to kill a cow for food.

  5. Aside from the astonishingly thoughtless comparison he makes between an Irish historical catastrophe and the fortunes of his retail business here, is Gerry Harvey unaware that there are places in the world right now, in 2008, where there is real starvation?

  6. well done bock ! i have to admit nothing makes my blood boil more than the phrase , potato famine ! it is the greatest insult to the intelligence of the Irish people , Irish people starved by the thousands because they couldn’t milk cows , or fish the rivers , in a famine the first thing that happens is
    1 the rain stops
    2 the vegetation dies
    3 the animals die
    4 the people die
    Man being the top predator is the last to suffer , look at african famines , long before you see a distended belly on a child , you see the skeletons of thousands of dead cows ! in Ireland the ” famine” skipped the first 3 steps , and then set about killing Irish roman Catholics , funny that !!!

    There was no famine !!!!!!


  7. Recently a ‘leading’ German economist – Hans-Werner Sinn his name (Sinn = sense) – spake following nonsense: In view of the current animadversion on bankers, he compared contemporary bankers with the Jews in the early 30th in Germany.

    Why would I mention this? You’d find such ignorant idiots (probably) everywhere.

    Brilliant post this was, Bock. Chapeau!

  8. Only visited Harvey Norman once and found the PC section to be full of grossly overpriced and out of date machines about which the staff knew nothing. I am amazed they did not close long ago.

  9. i heard only yesterday, that harvey norman staff in ireland are working on commission only…no salary, maybe he is trying to create a re enactment of the famine….all hn stores nobody should go inside the doors

  10. “just imagine you opened in Ireland; you’d want to go and cut your throat”

    You just did, Mr Harvey.

  11. No. I dont obviously know anyone living that witnessed the famine but I do have a great great uncle/grandfather or some ancestor’s diary of his journey to America on the coffin ship and his experiences (he survived and prospered by the way) . I must have a proper read of that sometime. I think Mr. Harvey’s comment were glib, typical Aussie ‘humour’. I don’t think he meant much harm by it. By the way… what’s the problem with the term potato famine??? How is that insulting? The potato crop was what people planted for the most part hence the devastation when the blight hit.

  12. @ elle walshe

    i dont think you read my comment , you are prime example of whats wrong with the world today !you had an uncle who was on board a coffin ship , wrote about his experience and you haven’t read his diary ! wtf you ignorant arsehole , the term potato famine was concocted by the english press to cover up what was really happening in Ireland , A DELIBERATE POLICY OF MASS MURDER !!!!

    know you the truth and the truth will set ye free .


  13. fred (‘wtf you ignorant asshole’, to quote you) . I read it when I was a child, and have forgotten the content. No need to resort to rude language. You’re still here aren’t you? Mass murder my foot! Get a grip. Your outburst is very amusing though. Most European countries had the same set up – the feudal system which thank God is gone. The rich never cared when the poor suffered. It wasn’t just Ireland that had this system.

  14. Fred — Read the comments policy. If you personally abuse another commenter again your comments will be blocked.

    I will not say this twice.

  15. one of the main causes of the famine was the introduction of a new strain of potato from south america. it yields were very high but it had no resistance to the potato blight. the same strain is still grown somewhere in the north,( not sure where just heard on a radio show) and is described as being bland and stodgy. if i remember rightly the corn laws and bad harvests in 1845 and 1847 were also major contributors. what always amazed me was, that for a country in a famine situation we exported an incredible amount of food.

  16. Pardon me but I am a little bit fluttered, in our house we call him Hardly Normal. Who gives a shit and even though the history lesson might be beneficial, shit can’t any of ye stick to anything, ye seem to jump from topic to topic. Is there anyone out there who wants to resolve anything. Is the fact that you comment make it go away, SHANE GEOGHAN, INDIA, ( can’t really help there) Shannon, FAS, jesus lads, get a grip. Keyboard critics, change happens when you get off your arses and make it happen.. Doing a bit of editing here
    regardless of the fluttering I will still feel the same way in the morning

  17. This is hillarious

    I will make a point of shopping in Harvey Norman from now on.

    Super A-Mart – you just lost a customer.

    No-one was buying in Ireland anyway – we’ll keep supporting you in Australia!!

    ha ha ha

  18. “change happens when you get off your arses and make a it happen”–kit bàn

    I’ve been trying to say that here for some time. Ranting is fine, now and again: Fianna Fáil, the Gardaí, County Councillors, RTE, Dublin-based media, Dublin, Dublin 4, Shannon, Travellers, drug pushers, gangs, etc etc etc. Sure. But without some constructive suggestions it gets a bit …

    Look, we DO live in a democracy. Ireland is listed at the BOTTOM of the list of “failed states”. In other words we’re a stable country politically, without too many problems (CERTAINLY compared to many of the other 191 countries in the world) other than a looming recession — which might well curb rampant consumerism and too many high-flown expectations and taking-for-granted anyway. [I’m a member of ‘Freecycle’ and the amount of perfectly usable (expensive) items being given away for free because people have been “upgrading” is quite shocking to someone like me who was paying a mortgage in the 70s.]

    It is possible to take action. It is possible to get involved — whether in politics directly or in pressure or activism groups of one sort or another. Keyboard ranting won’t do it. Not on its own.

    I’ve never heard of IrishHolocaust.org and having read it, I’m not overly impressed. The notion of this “cover up” is hard to swallow. Plus, I know Cormac O Gráda and would stand by his scholarship any day of the week.

  19. Hi Bock!
    What I was going to say has already been said by other posters , so I’ll just say ‘good post’ and leave it at that .


  20. Can’t wait for them to pull out. Surprised they came here in the first place, crap overpriced products, furniture only fit for the attic and above all, the most irritating adverts on radio in the history of broadcasting.

    Go Harvey go fuck yourself.

  21. “Gerry Harvey … in his own words “helping a whole heap of no-hopers to survive for no good reason”.

    One assumes that only the rich have some good reason to be allowed to survive. E.g. hedge fund managers.

  22. In 1845, the onset of the Great Irish Famine resulted in over 1,000,000 deaths. Ottoman Sultan Abdülmecid declared his intention to send 10,000 sterling to Irish farmers but Queen Victoria requested that the Sultan send only 1,000 sterling, because she had sent only 2,000 sterling. The Sultan sent the 1,000 sterling but also secretly sent 3 ships full of food. The English courts tried to block the ships, but the food arrived at Drogheda harbour and was left there by Ottoman sailors.

    The british courts tried to stop famine relief !

  23. Bock – I think we should ask Fas to bring back the famine relief schemes as Fas schemes and built high stone walls around every Harvey Norman store to prevent anybody getting in. If that works, they could offer their services to the Regeneration Agency in Limerick and built similar walls around the estates to sto the skobes getting out…a mere modification of what worked in 1840,,,


  24. Did you hear about the Kerryman who was let go last week, after 20 years of sterling service to Fas, with no package or benefits. As the man walked out the door, he turned back with one last bitter look and said: “Is this all I get, after fiche bliain ag Fas?”

  25. @bock

    Good post. A sane rant compared with where Fred was sending us. Your links are very interesting.

    But a boycott coming from Limerick? You might have better proxied that through Mayo.

    I wonder has Harvey any famine ancestors?

    The “Irish Holocaust” site shows the danger of imposing ideology on evidenced-based research. This is precisely what the British did in the case of the Famine and which led to so many deaths.

    Ó Gráda is renowned for his innovative use of evidence to flush out the facts, and he would be no friend of the British administration in any age. To see him quoted as part of a cover-up in this area says more about the author of the remark than about Ó Gráda.

    I am amused at how Fogarty misuses statistics in order to inflate Famine deaths to surpass those of the Holocaust. I can understand the rationale of the RC church in equating abortion with murder, but to include the unconceived, and even the unconceived of, in the murder statistics is surely a gross misconception!

  26. It’s a pity that people like Fred exist to discredit a valid debate. The insanity of his population calculations defies belief. Clearly Fred is a paid-up member of the lunatic fringe.

  27. harvey norman advertising features a harsh foreign accent schreeching at their would-be irish customers to buy their merchandise as though we were subnormal beings. i’m not surprised that their business is going down the tubes. i would not shop there even if the goods were free

  28. ‘Arvey Norman sounds like a geezer selling dodgy electrics off the back of a truck. I think the call to boycott his stores is pointless; even ‘Arvey admits himself that no one here is buying stuff from him.

    @Benny, in Fred’s world, you’re then one infected by a ‘foreign’ ideology and ergo a “West brit, neo-unionist, neo-con, anti-republican agenda.” Anything that contradicts the nationalist dogma is labeled as such, ignorant of the amount of research historians put into their work. However his view would be supported by a surprising number of academics particularly in the English(fiction specialists) Departments in this country.

  29. My god ! there are a lot of soupers and west brits posting here ! bock an co can any of you tell me how many Protestants starved to death or died of cholera in a workhouse between 1845 and 1848 ? not too many i’d bet ! no animals died ! just people ,Roman Catholics , and some of them because they wouldn’t take the soup ! we must be the only country that suffered genocide and go about defending the perpetrators ! in schools in new york state the events of the 1840’s are taught in ethics class as an example of genocide ! and lets not forget that the english have form here ! invasion siege rape and murder , cultural and religious persecution , slavery , penal laws ! the irish have suffered all of these ,why do people find it hard to believe that the english would deliberately starve people to death ? They did it in india !

    Fuck harvey norman !

  30. Fred — Do not try to use this site to massage your paranoia or to insult other posters. You won’t get a platform for it. Your rabid, bigoted Catholic agenda insults the memory of those who died in the Famine, just as Harvey Norman did. You’re the same as Gerry Harvey.

    Your comments will be moderated from now on and if you can’t show respect you won’t get in. It’s that simple.

    Actually, on second thoughts, no. I’m sick of bombasts and bullies like you thinking they can shout everyone else down, so just shag off. You’re not getting in again.

  31. “Soupers and West Brits.” Yawn! The Irish should be grateful that so many “true Irish” are about, to guide us back onto the path of “true” Irish history.

    Maybe the English injected all our spuds with blight. Who knows?

  32. Coincidentally came across a contemporaneously published 1841 / 1851 census comparison for this bit of the country. In this townland – just a few hundred acres – the population was halved in ten years. The pre-famine population was about 220. The number of inhabited houses reduced by nearly 40%.

    The current population of the townland is about 16, in six houses. Not much of a market for sofas.

  33. I was re-reading IrishHolocaust.org, and verified that I’d actually read this:

    “Thus, Irelands priests, though well-fed, mostly preached “God’s Will” to their parishioners targeted for extinction. In refusing to provide the starvelings with Extreme Unction or Christian burial, Ireland’s hierarchy not only backed Britain’s contention that the Irish were sub-human, but that they lacked a soul and would not enter eternal life.”


    I wasn’t aware that Irish priests at the time came from Mars. Silly me.

    Anyway, I’ve been doing some Maths. If the area of Ireland is 32,599 square miles, and that website is claiming that 5.16 million Irish were buried in mass graves, I calculate that that would mean 19,549 bodies per square yard all over Ireland. We’d be knee deep in bones every time someone tried to build something, or dig their garden.

    Wasn’t it very well covered up?

    (That’s not to take anything from what Conan Drumm said above)

  34. Nora, that’s interesting what you say about the priests. I don’t wish to church bash, the last time I went to church (ahem.. Christmas eve last year), I went to St. John’s cathedral, and the priest talked about how the good people of Limerick paid money during the famine years to build/repair (I can’t remember which) the cathedral. I nearly fell off my seat! Imagine taking money from poor starving people. Sorry I know it’s off point. Maybe Harvey Norman could join the priesthood! He’d gone on well there by the sounds of it, and he could sell his couches to all the parochial houses in Ireland.

  35. “Maybe Harvey Norman could join the priesthood! ”

    That’s a great suggestion, Elle. And Mr Harvey would (supposedly) have to sign up to celibacy too. ;)

  36. Elle — A lot of churches were built during the famine years. Don’t feel the slightest bit reticent about bashing any church. Crowd of thieving, child-abusing bastards.

    Nora — Not only your maths, but your arithmetic. Anyway, I’d guess that there were a lot more than 5 million people buried in Ireland over the thousands of years people have lived here.

  37. Certainly not. It was unfortunate that a nutcase like Fred tried to hijack this post, but he’s behind us now, where he should be.

  38. The British regime was so brutal it was prepared to send one million of its own men to certain death in the trenches of WW I.

    This wasn’t about nationality, it was about class and the famine was no different.

    The one difference with the famine is, that there are thousands queuing up to play the victim over something that might have happened to an ancestor of theirs 150 years ago, whilst not really giving a toss about the suffering all around us today.

  39. I agree with you that it was a class issue, but if you think this is about playing the victim because of some ancestor, then you miss the point completely.

    The Famine was a catastrophe that happened to a nation, and it shapes what we all are to this very day.

  40. Hi Bock,

    I wrote a letter on this to the Irish Independent who didn’t publish it. It was short, witty and to the point, like all my letters but it wasn’t published.

    I am sure the huge advertising budget of Harvey Norman’s had nothing to do with it.

    In conclusion and to paraphrase Harvey Norman,

    Fuck Off, Harvey, Fuck Off!

  41. The Irish Echo asked Mr Harvey to respond to the backlash over his comments.
    “I would have thought that the Irish sense of humour would be well able for that,’’ he said. “…It doesn’t say much about a people when they can’t take something like that on the chin and get on with it. The Irish situation right now is very, very bad. Something is going to blow over there.”

    Just thought you should know.

  42. Like every “billionaire” gerry harvey spoke out of turn yes – I don’t agree with what he said either but head office did issue an apology (sorry but dont have a link to it). As for yer comments on staff not getting paid anything except commission – we get basic wage and whatever we sell (obv depends on product and whether a sale is on) we get a small commission for. Not wanting to go off topic – but alot of stores i’ve been to (before i started in H.N.) did that – overpriced and staff know nothing – can name a few but not gonna resort to that. took me 3 months to get a replacement laptop from one cos they didn’t want to give it to me despite trying to fix it several times – only to give me a “cheaper” laptop and “charge” it as over 1.5k on the reciept cos it was done through credit.
    So gonna say to ye what I’ve been advised to say to customers who ask me about Harveys comments – I’ve no idea (which admit i don”t know what he said fully) and if you want to contact head office in dublin, they’ll be the ones to contact. Also, as he said – he has too much invested here to pull back. It is bad everywhere – not just in harveys.
    Yes the famine was horrible and changed Ireland for centuries that followed – millions died/emigrated – but has anyone looked at whats happening around the world now? millions dying from starvation/hiv/and war. You telling me that many of us “care” about those starving/dying by the thousands while we prepare for christmas – over eat, over buy, waste food/money and buy gifts that will no doubt be left in a corner? That irriates me more then anything – people giving out about why don’t people send money/food to the poor when we waste so much ourselves? No doubt ye’ll complain about my comments – ur welcome to ur thoughts as am i! I deal with customers day in day out – If I am selling something I give as much information as I can – if I’m not sure, I ask. I’d rather have happy customers then loads of commission – that’s the truth. you may not believe me but up to you. sorry for going off topic a little. Yes, for the record I am Irish – and proud to be Irish.
    Anyways, thanks bock for posting the links, will have a look at it properly tomorrow on day off.

  43. “You telling me that many of us “care” about those starving/dying by the thousands while we prepare for christmas – over eat, over buy, waste food/money and buy gifts that will no doubt be left in a corner? That irriates me more then anything”–Draco

    I’m with you there. Between the excesses we buy (and the surplus we throw out) in the so-called developed ‘West’, we could set up the poor countries no bother at all. Assuming we could bypass corrupt leaders in some of these countries.

    But how are they trying to fix the economic crisis? They want us to buy more. Tighten our belts now and they tell us economies will tank. Spend, spend, spend, is what the ‘Western’ Governments want. It’s all mad, if you ask me.

  44. Draco, How did Ireland survive before HN came here? Answer – Quite well thankyou. And we will survive quite well after he has gone back to where he came from.

    All large stores like HN and the one u purchased your laptop from are Useless.
    Staff know nothing and couldn’t care less. Only small, family run businesses really care about their customers and know about the products they sell. e.g. How much do you know about the products that you personally sell – I’d place a large bet that you know very little apart from the price of them.
    Simple rule of thumb in business – The larger the business the poorer the after sales service.

    Irish People are no fools and don’t fall for Advertising Garbage from ejits who think they know it all.

  45. Re the so called famine.

    As previous commentors stated – there wasn’t a famine in Ireland.
    The word Famine means according to Wikipedia: A famine is a widespread shortage of food.
    Since food was so plentiful at this time that it was being exported there obviously wasn’t a shortage.
    At this time not only were millions of Irish peasants leaving the shores of Ireland for the Americas but millions of Scottish peasants were doing the same and for the exact same reasons – i.e. the landlords and Ruleing elites wanted rid of them once and for all. They were seen as a hindrance.

    Please remember – and never forget:
    There was another race of Beautiful People who suffered as a direct result of the mass exodus of Irish and Scottish peasants (and other Europeans also), they were the Native Peoples of the Americas. They were slaughtered to make way for our ancestors – another genocide perpetrated on millions of innocent men, women and children.
    And to this day they live in subjugation in reservations (self imposed) closed off from the outside world in a desperate attempt at trying to preserve what’s left of their race and not unlike the beautiful Palestinian Peoples who are suffering at the hands of the Europeans who are using a ficticious book to vindicate their genocidal treatment of them.

  46. James – I’m not claiming to know everything – I am saying that if I don’t know something – be it is it faux/real leather – category of leather, what’s in the ticking of a mattress etc That I’ll go find out! I make sure to look it up – even contacting reps for the various companies we get our products from. So lay your bets away – I aim to have as much information for my customers – I’d rather a happy custmers then loads as I’ve previously stated – so no doubt depite this I’ll prob be demoted cos I’m not reaching high enough targets for sales. Which would you rather? someone who is actively trying to give you all accurate information or someone telling u just enough to get a sale? I’d rather the information thanks – I even test colleagues knowledge and check them out. But you entitled to believe what you want. I tell the truth as much as possible – I always believe if u lie, it’ll come back and bite u on the butt! so I don’t. Remember you don’t know me nor do i know you. I am telling you this is what I do, whether or not you choose to believe me is up to you.
    I NEVER claimed we didn’t “survive” before HN arrived hear my dear – please reread what I said. No doubt well survive if he chose to pull out – but I don’t blantently go around saying hope such a such company closes – I wouldn’t wish anyone to be unemployed esp at christmas. As I said before, if you wish to complain to hN headquarters bout various rmarks/problems you’ve had, contact head office. I’m not the central customer service personnel, I’m only a staff member. I am there to help with problems/get you information. As for your remark bout knowing only the prices – funnily enough no I don’t know off by heart I double check tags cos we have offers/prices lower on floor for some products then on system. As a result I gave 4 customers over a sale weekend very good prices – lol I admitted I was wrong but stood by my prices – admitted it to a not very amused manager but my customers were happy thats more important to me. Life goes on, I’m only human.

    As for all large stores – yes it is unfortunately true for some though their are a few who will have more range then smaller family run business – even Dunnes stores which started out for the people turned into a commercial leach – i worked for them and would regularly tell customers not to buy stuff I knew the other staff members/managers thought to sell despite its bad dates etc. Some smaller family run businesses are better yes – but are being pushed ut of the market cos of the larger ones. Not saing its right but we as consumers have made our market this way – we demand more and more products at cheaper costs – larger stores can do this cos they buy in bigger bulk for 10+ stores etc whereas family run businesses more then likely have one or two shops.

    “Remember: Irish People are no fools and don’t fall for Advertising Garbage from ejits who think they know it all.” – did I or anyone else here claim we Irish are fools ??? your trying to put words in my mouth – I never said that nor would I. Ads are there to give info – be it upcoming sales, special offers etc, not to make people into fools. the consumer is in charge – not the companies – we the consumers control them – cos without us (talking in general not as a hn employee) they wouldnt be here. remember that. I shop around – just cos i work in hn doesn’t necessarily mean i buy there. I research what i want – simple as that. if i find better prices/deals eslewhere then i go – simple as that. You telling me u buy in just tesco/dunnes and nowhere else? (just an example) most buy meat in butchers, groceries in supermarkets – be they the giants tesco or dunnes or the cheaper ones like aldi and lidl. again we are the ones controlling the market.
    sorry for going off topic. but i dont like people trying to put words in my mouth when i have not said/claimed anything. I agree with some points, not all. but won’t insult u for it. i’m giving my opinion. all to our own, dont try force me to urs

  47. Harvey Norman should think on before making statements on the famine and would do well to rethink his business without that annoying Aussie on his ad’s
    I’ve been in business a long time and my customers come first and I’ve never missed a deadline, I bought a bed on the 9th of November Waterford branch was told to collect it as they needed the space went down to collect it it was’nt there now it’s 8th of December still no sign and my kid who wants it for Christmas now wont get one, go Harvey go! think about that Harvey and you might go somewhere in Ireland customer comes first! and the famine made us stronger.

  48. unfortunately all of us are guilty of mouthing off without thinking before we speak. not defending him, just admitting i do it too.
    emmet – mind me asking which bed? i know one of them is delayed from suppliers but they shouldn’t have rang you to “collect” when its not there. i know a few of the people in that store. by any chance is it the car bed?

  49. No not the car bed, getting a refund but have to drive back down to do this which is annoying, maybe I’ve just had a bad experience,but the staff were courteous so I’m not knocking them just pointing out that it’s important that for people in business in Ireland at the moment to give the highest level of service in order to survive

  50. hey, this harvey norman buisiness, certinly got some feathers fluttering, and blood pumping, but realy who gives a sh@it about some cobber whos intelect is well below a little joeys,and who would blame everybody and anything, for his companys shortcomings in Ireland,he also said I taught the Irish have a sense of humore, well we do, but unfortunley for Gerry and his like,its a bit more sophisticated then your avarage Gerry Harvey,

  51. In simple terms (ones that even Harvey might understand)

    It is insulting for Harvey to compare his economic success or otherwise to a major human tragedy

    It is insulting for Harvey to say we have no sense of humour when he makes such crass comparisons

    His lack of success in Ireland may be more to do with a lack of business acumen
    http://www.harveynorman.ie fully reflects their incompetence “Our new catalogue will be available here soon”
    – “we will not be beaten on price” is a joke – everything is overpriced (have bought several items there but only after receiving a 25-30% reduction by quoting competitors prices
    – after returning a piece of furniture damaging by mould I was sent a replacement – also damaged by mould – they eventually gave a refund after admitting that their whole stock of that item was damaged.

    Blanket advertising is fine for a business – if it delivers on it’s promises – if it doesn’t then customers object to being treated as fools !

  52. i was looking at the harvey norman website for a fridge freezer then read the comments he made about the famine im off to powercity or anywhere but not harvey norman

  53. I always hated “Harvey Norman” especially when I heard their excruciating ad with that load mouthed baboon shouting “Go Harvey, Go. Now as a jingle writer myself I would find it hard to unleash this form of rubbish anywhere in the world, never mind Ireland. & I’m not surprised he’s/they’re not doing well here, in fact I hope they’re soon on the way like Woolworth’s. Although Woolworth’s were never in the same class of daylight robber’s as this lot, I mean their prices would scare the money out of your pocket into mid air out the door of their store’s. I have only one last thing to say, & that is that Ireland will have another famine in the not-so-distant future. A famine of “Harvey Norman” stores. Now hop it, “RABBIT”!

  54. I shop at harvey norman and find the staff always to be helpful and polite…so what if the man said something out of turn!!their prices are competitive and i would rather buy off them than any other computer store…ye all just need to get lives…irish people are starting to get way too grumpy!!! take a joke laugh it off and move on…hopefully harvey norman will be around for many years to come

  55. Sorry to dissapoint you Alice, but Ole Harvey is on the way home. His days are well and truely numbered.

    You didn’t look too far for prices – cause they’re usually the dearest. And the staff are all spoofers.
    Problem is if you don’t know anything about the product your looking to purchase you won’t spot that little problem!

  56. Ever since I was woken up, by some over energised wanker with a broken blood pressure monitor and a cockney accent, Shouting and roaring at me from MY radio.. I knew there and then, that there was something wrong with him, “He’s not right in the head, I’m staying away from that place ..” I said , so I don’t go there…….!

  57. harvey norman wont ever pull out of ireland there is simply too many stores and they will lose an estimated 1 billion euro if they were to do so…so im happy that they will be around for many years to come!!how can ye all wish the worst on the company over a silly remark that was made months ago..do ye not all realise how many jobs were created in ireland since they came…to wish the worst on them and be happy if they close..well ye should all be ashamed of yourselves!!!and as for them being more expensive….i went in to purchase a laptop a few months ago..i seen one which i had seen advertised in DID for cheaper i simply told the salesperson and got it cheaper….they wont be beaten on price!!!id never shop in any other leading competetor stores as all thats in them is jumped up little foreign sales people who havent a clue what im saying….ive noticed with harvey norman all their staff are either irish, austrailian, kiwi or very good at the english language!!!but hey go on and complain about a store ye have supposedly never shopped in…if it makes your sad existance better then enjoy :)

  58. I see. You think Australians and New Zealanders are not foreign, do you? Or were you referring to some other characteristic?

  59. Oh Bock you sad little individual who has nothing better to do with his life than sit at home and make a poxy website…hahahaha you know well what i was referring too….people who speak the same language as us!!!go out and get a real job!!!

  60. Really? You think this is PC?

    Well in that case you won’t mind an occasional Holocaust joke to lighten things up a bit.

  61. I’m sure the guy didn’t mean any harm. Maybe he’s not a prick.
    There are proud Irish guys I know who call the event a ‘potato famine’, not realising it’s a loaded term that would lead to a call to boycott Harvey Norman. It’s not like telling a vicious Holocaust joke to deliberately offend someone, Bock. Every Irish guy on the street seems to be talking about a return to famine years (albeit rarely seriously). For crying out loud, our culture appears to have completely lost all sense of proportionality.
    And what the fuck are you talking about OrganDonor? Who are these ‘masters’? I happen to be a student at the moment, no shadowy organisation has put me posing here, like so many suggest.

  62. my personal experience of harvey norman is of friendly but pushy salesmen selling outdated electronic goods for slightly less than up-to-date models available elsewhere, therefore the unwary will be fooled.

    and the ad is annoying too

    but the potato comment was probably just
    an innocent gaffe.

    anyway i wont shop there again because the stuff is overpriced (for what you actually get)

  63. -thesystemworks
    There’s a qoutation in the link posted by fred that says no Jewish person would ever refer to the “Jewish Oxygen Famine of 1939 – 1945”, so no Irish person ought ever refer to the Irish Holocaust as a potato famine. which, albeit a little extreme,makes a very good point.
    Your a fine one to talk about ‘proportionality’.

  64. Actually, there wasn’t a famine in Ireland. Food was exported all through this period. This was Genocide on a grand scale perpetrated by the british on the Irish. There were 8 million people in Ireland and the English wanted their land so what better way to get rid of them than to starve them.
    They did the same to the Scottish peasants. And to this day there are no small farmers in Scotland who own their own land.

  65. Its a very frightening thought that you all would want a company who employs close to a thousand irish people and who buy predominantly off irish distributors to go out of business. With the likes of Dell, Chartbusters and Zavvi all either leaving Ireland or going out of business our unemployment rate is at a high. Do you seriously wish that on the irish harvey norman employees, couriers or businesses that they buy off. Big businesses create better competition, better pricing and in turn hopefully better customer service.

    Yes i work for Harvey Norman, we have been assured were not going anywhere. In these turbulent times i hope to keep my job and the jobs of my fellow employees.

  66. Billy, did you feel this way about all the Jobs that Harvey Go Home destroyed when he came into Ireland and wiped out many established businesses that existed for many years.
    Ireland didn’t need an eejit from Australia to come in here to tell us how to do business.

    Ireland has survived a long time without an eejit like Harvey Go Home and will survive a hell of a lot longer after he’s gone back home again.

    So please don’t give us this crap. We don’t need you or him.

  67. James what kind of a spa are you????!!!!Do you want to see a thousand more Irish people on the dole or leave this country….all ye wishing the worst should hang yer heads in shame!!Bock is a stupid wanker for setting up this ridiculous website!!i love harvey norman…and many others share my view…walk into any store any day at any time and there is always plenty of happy customers!!ye narky fuckers who are giving out are probably the ones that do be queing for their crazy sales!!wow billy ye employ a 1000 people..amazing harvey norman was the best thing that came to ireland….long live harvey norman stores!!!

    James and bock dont even think bout writing something stupid back to me…just go have a wank….ye need to just let loose guys!!!!!!! :)

  68. Mary, if you don’t mind, one tosser using language that upsets a nation is enough.

    The word ‘spa’ is an gross insult to thousands of disabled children and adults around the world, who have been disabled, in most cases by incompetent doctors and nurses.

    Re job losses, You obviously don’t give a damn about the thousands of jobs which were lost as a result of Harvey Go Home bulldosing his way into the Irish Retail market.

    Further I am personally going to report Harvey Go Home for FALSE ADVERTISING. He claims that He will not be beaten on price – absolute rubbish – because every other half baked Retail Chain says exactly the same and therefore they are all making an impossible promise. Harvey Go Home claims that he will not be beaten on Service – well since they don’t have any After Sales Service their statement is a blatant lie.

    In the Harvey Go Home store near where I live, before Xmas they had more sales staff than customers, now since Xmas they have only 2 sales staff and nearly as many customers. It’s only a matter of time till He packs up and GOES HOME.

    I would advise everyone NOT to buy anything from HARVEY GO HOME because He won’t be around much Longer.

  69. Well said Billy, those people who shout loudest do not understand that most jobs created on this little island are by foreign companies, such as Harvey. If all of them left this forgotten place the unemployment rate would plumett to 45%, ie back to 1950’s.
    I have my all funiture bought in Harvey’s and love it to bits, nothing to compare to any irish store. I do not care what CEO or other little people said about something happened 100 or more years ago. I did shop and I will shop in Harvey – God save your jobs!!!

  70. james & bock, You poor misguided gentlemen. The least you could do is get your facts right. Harvey Normans investment in Ireland is one of the largest this country has seen in recent years. Harveys currently employ over 3000 Irish workers. Gerry Harvey’s recent famine comment was not intended to offend anyone, he was just using it as a comparison to another well known Irish disaster. Many other Irish people have described the current Irish financial climate as a disaster, Gerry Harvey was just doing the same. Ireland doesnt need to read negative comments on any petty little forum right now. Your choice of fowl language to put your point across just shows your absolute lack of intelligence and ignorance. Its people like you who will ultimately destroy our great nation. Your an insult to our culture and heritage. Gerry Harvey may indeed be a “prick” but hes a wealthy prick whos company allows Irish folk like us to earn a living.

    Bock and James- Dont be sitting in front of your computers bitching about retailers for hours on end, go get some fresh air,fly a kite, mabye get some female company, anything just to otherwise amuse yourselves. Youd be amazed what life has to offer you when you stop being a pair of whining f**king maggots!

  71. fuck harvey norman and their stupid ads. Gerry Harvey is a billionaire, and is completely out of touch with the real world, like most obscenely wealthy people.

  72. A well researched and well presented (I like the image, must have taken some time) article/post.
    Indeed the slogan “Go Harvey Go” can be interpreted two ways; 1. A cheerleader shouting words of support 2. A hater ordering Harvey to exit.

  73. To be perfectly honest Harvey Norman is full of incompetent Australian apes. I orded a coffee table, they keep lieing saying it would be delivered, after four month I parked in their loading bay, started cursing at the general manager (or some other nob with no brain) in Nutgrove, threatened legal action, told him I would get my friend who (actually does) work for the Indo to report on their shoddy service and cover the road outside in their leaflets (commercial dumping) if my coffee table didn’t arrive. It did two days later.

    Their CEO is a brain-dead shite too.

  74. That scoundrel Harvey Norman and he over here employing thousands of people – denying them the opportunity to become marketing consultants for companies that specialize in shoveling fresh air into dark corners. He should fuck off out of here, just fuck off, you hear, and your company with you . We’d be happy if you weren’t here. We’d feel vindicated and fulfilled, going forward.

  75. Hi Everyone ……
    I work in Harvey Norman myself and have really Enjoyed it so far,it is a young and Vibrant Company i really “Hope” that Harvey Goes and Keeps Going ,why because there are enough people i know who have worked elsewhere calling me and asking me do i know of any Jobs as they are Unemployed ,because they know im Workin all the Time and try to keep myself occupied and my head above water.I really sympathise with those peoples position,i have been very Lucky as only for Harvey Norman i could be out of a Job as i used to work for Land of Leather they are since gone Bust since i left “ummm”lol ,They had a totally different system Hard Sales,Harvey Norman is a Relaxed Shop with a nice Atmosphere,nice friendly People,and i so much prefer working there. Customers really can Haggle and i can give them the best price possible it really is very rewarding,making a Customer Happy,the wages are just a Bonus.
    A tip is if you are really nice to me i will Give you a Better Discount Simple Human Mathematics,we are in Hard Times,and i do show some Fairness,these are tough times for Everyone and there is no point abusing each other and slanging off someone who is employing so many people,around Ireland,just because of a Hard Sympathetic Comparison,im Irish and i think i now know where Harvey was coming from.
    In Reality,the Problems stand with the Consumers on the Whole it is they who are afraid to Spend you would think its the End of the World.(I FEEL YOU HARVEY) LOL (IT IS TIME TO GO FORWARD WITH THINKING)
    Not Spending is having an adverse affect on the Stability of Everything.
    Mr and Mrs A Need a new Telly and Bed
    EXAMPLE 2:
    Mr and Mrs A Need a new Telly and Bed
    I have full Faith in the Power of the People,we as Humans have survived worse than this Glitch.
    Please God as sure as i sit here (on my day off should be paid for this)on my new Bed with my (Relatively New)Laptop we will get through this…PLEASE GOD..! AS MY NAN RIP 2009 WOULD HAVE SAID GOD REST
    What i can now say is Thanks Harvey Thanks and Keep Goin
    P.S. if you Mention this E,mail i will give you an Extra Discount Seeya,remember im a Consumer too
    and im now getting off my Bed to GO SHOPPING ITS PAYYYYY DAYYYYYY WOHHHOOOO LOL

  76. I need to buy a laptop and as I was checking out customer complaints for Harvey Norman I remembered this story from last summer and thought ‘Absolutely Never’! How dare he make such an offensive statement? Would he make such a degrading comment in relation to the shameful way the British/future Australians tried to exterminate the original people of Australia. In the case of Tasmania, they succeeded!

    Irish people who shop there has no self respect. The fault of the actual famine does not lie with anyone other than mother nature. However the rescue relief of the colonial government did lead to the deaths of those people, purely because of the blood in their veins. This was racism. The majority of food from Ireland at that time was being exported to Britian. The results of famine were so extreme not because there was no food but because it was denied to people. If potatoe blight had of hit Britain, would many have died?

    Gerry Normans comment is doubly insulting because these people died in a degrading painful way because of their genetics and their sub-standard native position with a colonial adminstration.

  77. Quote from Donnacha: “I need to buy a laptop”
    A basic rule of thumb for anyone to use when considering the purchase of any equipment which has the potential to require an after sales support/repair of any kind is,
    ‘The larger the shop the lesser the support/service’
    In the case of: Harvey Go Home, Argos, Tesco, Dunnes, Lidl, Aldi, PC World, Curry’s, Dell, the after sales support/service is non existent or as good as. The staff of these businesses know nothing of the products they sell and worse still, they don’t want to know!
    If you purchase you laptop or PC from a small family business, it may cost you a little more but the extra cost will be returned to you many times over by the Vastly Superior Service which you will receive. This service will be given with a smile and you will receive personal service from professionals who know all there is to know about their business and have vast experience of building computers and repairing them.
    And you will also be assured that those small family businesses will recycle their profits within their local community unlike the bunch of rubbish mentioned above who will take their profits out of Ireland so fast you won’t have cooled down after leaving your wallet.

  78. Quote from Bock: “the after-sales support from Lidl is first class.”
    Bock can you answer the following questions for me:

    1. How many staff including management in Lidl know anything about the products which they sell?
    2. Will the Lidl Profits be recycled in Ireland?
    3. Apart from giving you your money back or giving you a replacement product what did they do for you?

  79. You don’t need to quote me. I remember what I said.

    I speak for our very own Geek, who lives in a rural area and who had a minor problem with a PC he bought in Lidl. Within a day of receiving the complaint, a man in a van turned up at his door, swapped the motherboard for a new one and was gone.

    Your other questions are not relevant to this post.

  80. So Lidl didn’t do anything for you, as I have already stated.
    Also, if you had a minor problem you wouldn’t require a new motherboard.

    And your story doesn’t tally with my experience: A lady who purchased a PC from Lidl in Tralee 18 months previously, came to my shop and asked for a quote to repair it. As It had a major problem it required a replacement mainboard (motherboard is an outdated term), processor and memory. She took the quote to Lidl and because they didn’t have any facility to repair her PC, they had to give her a full refund (to which she was legally entitled). She then used this money to purchase a new PC from me.

    Supermarkets are meant to sell Food not machines and/or electronic equipment.
    The law in Ireland says that if you sell a product you must be capable of providing support services for that product. The law doesn’t say you can provide this service by proxy.

  81. Don’t cross-examine me. I didn’t say they did anything for me. I said I had personal experience.

    I’m interested to see that you have a direct commercial interest in this.

    Are you suggesting what I said wasn’t true?

    By the way, your interpretation of Irish law is nonsense.

  82. Quote from Bock: ” I didn’t say they did anything for me.”
    So my original Post’s content is correct and your comments since then are superfluous.

    I’m suggesting that you’re ignorant of the facts.

    And my interpretation of Irish Law is spot on.

  83. I won’t waste my time squabbling with you. Their support for a member of this site was first class.

    The end.

  84. Paul you are speaking total rubbish about Lidl and the law around supermarkets. Supermarkets can sell almost whatever they want, not just food. You remind me of the grumpy small traders who try to protest Lidl entering any community. News Flash – Rob Cohen started Tesco by selling some surplus army food in a stall. Marks and Spencers had similar small beginnings, as did all the big boys. If some people can’t cut it the way Rob Cohen did then they should wipe the bitterness off their faces and engage in a different productive pursuit.

  85. Hey Paul,

    Yer talkin tripe man. I’ve had to use their support once and once only.

    Facts as follows:
    Thursday 8:00 am Bought desktop from Lidl. Took the day off and did my usual installation of work software (This was a while back, At the time it took one day, Had to redo the same last week and it took three days, sign O’ the times…. and the amount of different software I use now)
    Still couldn’t get sound working by Thursday evening, said what the heck, try the support crew.
    Rang Support Number, Got talked through the usual re-installation procedures, tried everything on his list (which had already been done by me, but nice to get talked through it in case I was forgettin anything). No joy, no problem says the nice german, We’ll have our IRISH support crew call you in the morning (This was about 8:00pm or so IIRC.
    Support guy rings from Dublin, I put him off till monday, I have a couple of calls to make and can’t be around.
    Rings me ten monday morning, he’s in Limerick. Comes out half an hour later.
    Does some diags, Sound is ONboard Motherboard (MAINBOARD if you prefer, it was motherboard at the time :-) ),He fucks it out and bangs in new one, is gone about an hour later. PC is still going four or five years later (In daughters bedroom now, I’ve upgraded and changed machines a few times since), I have four Lidl comps here now and no problem with any of them.
    Now this coming from a guy who used to build his own but just doesn’t have the time any more. I would recommend their computers to anyone , and have done to many. Nearly always cheaper than almost anywhere else with the same spec. at any given time and I have full faith in the IRISH support crew.

    PS I also know that almost all electronics will be fine if they survive the first three months. Anything can be DOA, and you need to be able to trust the support, I now trust LIDL support.
    On a different tack, I own a fortunes worth of electric, power tools and electronic gear from there,well it would be a fortune bought anywhere else (Card Carrying Lidl Anonymous member) and have never had a problem with any, although my uncle had to replace parts in a powerwasher once and had absolutely no problem getting them, had them in three days.

    Stick that in yer pipe mon :-)

  86. Paul can think and post for himself. He doesn’t require you to post for him.

    It’s fairly obvious that you’re using several names to post on here. You really should grow up.

  87. Remind us of your rules again Bock – No insults, No bad language.

    Jaysus, I could have sworn that I just read a load of abuse and bad language in your last 3 posts.

    Oh, I forgot about the rule which exempts you from the rules, sure of course you can do what ever you want, isn’t it your ball and your game, silly me.

  88. Tell me this Paul. What makes you think you have a right to get your comments put up?

    You’re calling me a liar and why would I give you a platform for that sort of crap?

    You previously posted on this thread using the name James and now you’re calling yourself Paul. Isn’t that right?

    Why would you do that?

  89. I was reading my comments here from a while back, and I want now to make clear that from now on I will not use the term ‘potato famine’, as I was made aware that many are sensitive about the term. I never realised this before, and I’ll take that one on board. However, I still don’t think that Australian fellow meant it as a calculated insult, no more than I did if I used the term in the past. Of course, the comparison he made was overblown – although I see typical Aussie black humour in that, which does not go down well among many people who aren’t used to it.

    Paul: I’m not Gerry Harvey. I think Bock is 100% correct in saying that you are a businessman who thinks he is entitled to our business, who doesn’t feel he has to compete. You remind me of some of the negative characters in an Ayn Rand novel.

  90. In a way you can understand Paul’s anger. He has his little shop and maybe he has a bit of a monopoly on some goods. He might even be a main dealer in certain well-known brands throughout the entire county. Just guessing now, you understand, but I reckon it pisses the hell out of him that big chain stores would move into his little town and sell goods cheaper than he does.

    How am I doing so far, Paul?

  91. how dare he speak about r famine victims like that. I was going to buy an awful lot of items, computer, tv, furniture etc to refurnish my 5 bed house just bought. now no way u r in my country treat us how u would like to be treated MR HARVEY. My business is going elsewhere. NEVER WILL ANY OF MY FRIENDS SHOP IN UR STORES HERE AND ALSO IN NORTH OF IRELAND AND GREAT BRITAIN, where I have family and friends.

  92. The Irish who feel self righteous about what happened during the famine here should take a much closer look at it.To blame it all on the English and the landlords does not stack up.For one thing it did not affect all of irish society.It affected only the cottier and labouring class and who emerged better off at the end of it,was it the landlords ? No many of them were ruined.The winners were the Irish strong farmers and merchants who exploited it who upped thier prices and sold food not fit for pigs to the poorhouses and exported the quality food,Yes there were some cunt landlords but most were decent and tried to help many to the point of ruination and the English goverment could have done far more thats true.But the biggest cunts in the whole story were the Irish farming and business class.And we can see today how corrupt and ruthless segments of Irish society can be when it comes to making a fast buck at others expence.It was no different back then!.

  93. Mary, are you at the bottle? Why did you feel obliged to tell us that you had a 5 bed house? Quick, my son the engineer is drowning!

  94. Well looks like it didnt have any effect whatsoever, sales AND profit are both up in Ireland year on year… maybe people dont care so much about a 4 year drop in potato crop numbers 150 years ago, especially when more people left the country after it ended than during the years it was actually happening.

  95. A little told truth is that when the Irish immigrants got to the US they faced massive discrimination from the Know Nothings—the Irish were excluded from schools, politics and the professions of law and medicine

    What did the Irish do?

    They built their own school and University system and in a few generations took over politics, law and medicine on the East Coast at first—without any affirmative action.

    That which does not kill you makes you stronger–I guess–

  96. I will definetly boycote Harvey Normans after his insensitive ignorant and even racist comments! Am sick of comments been made about the famine. In Secondary school i did a history project on the great famine and did lots of research even then i could see it was English imperialism that caused it ! Am sick of intellectuals and commoners( Harvey convict Norman) commenting on the famine without actually knowing the facts! The jews had their Holocaust but no one dare blame them or make such insensitive jokes /comments. disrespectful to victims and Irish people.

  97. Gerry Harvey’s having a sook here in Australia now, he’s come out in the last few days and claimed that it’s “Un Australian” to shop online and it’s distroying Australian jobs.

    However, most of the shit that this cunt sells is made in Chinese sweatshops and imported.

    Harvey Norman’s not seen a cent of my money for a very long time – and it’s not about to change soon.

  98. the inglish started the first concentration camp in the world and 6.000 women and children died in south africa.- and in 1847 half a million irish people were evicted from their homes the aims of the brits was the first start of ethnic cleansing. how do you think that they got their empire. one could go on talking about the brits and i;s all bad . what about the zulus. bren

  99. get your facts right it was GENOSIDE .at that time ireland was exporting vast amounts of food to feed britans ar mies all over the empire. famine is when their is no food available

  100. Neither did the English as it happens. Another urban – or should that be rural ? – myth.

  101. christy @ 127…have you done any research on the famine?.Do you know which section of Irish society suffered during it and do you know which section of Irish society profited from it (and no by and large it was not the ascendancy as many of them went broke).Here is a hint, check out the Irish strong farmers and merchants also check out the origins of the term Gombeen man.As for it being ”genocide” well look at it this way, if the English wanted to commit genocide on the Irish they had the power to do so and there was nothing there to stop them, so how come Ireland is still full of Irish then?.

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