Haut de la Garenne — Jersey

Let’s see now.

February 2008.  Hostel closed.  Police investigation into child abuse begins. World media informed.

February 2008 to July 2008.  Forensic teams search buildings, exacavate cellars and carry out partial demolition. 150 tonnes of earth sifted.  65 teeth found.  150 bone fragments found. Manacles discovered.  Child-abuse suspects arrested.

March 7th 2008.  Blood spots found on bath in hidden cellar. 

April 16th 2008.  Two pits in grounds of Haut de la Garenne excavated.  One pit contains lime.  Police announce discovery of remains of five children.  Police confirm evidence corroborates abuse allegations

November 2008. Deputy Chief of police announces “no evidence” of child murders at Haut de la Garenne.  Case closed.


What the fuck??

Call me a suspicious-minded cynic if you like, but there’s a bit of a stink off that, in my opinion.  Like a big box of unwashed fish’s feet.

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I would have thought a pathologist could tell the difference between a crimes scene and an archalogical dig.
You have to wonder who they found to be connected to the whole thing to shut it down so quickly and with so litlle ewplanation.

The previous chief investigator claims he never said there was conclusive evidence of murder.

He also said that the abuse investigation was going on independently of this and that cases were, or were coming, before the courts.

He also praised the work and dedication of the the investigator who has now been dismissed.

Jersey is a very small and tightly knit stratified society. Those in power want this investigation buried. There are many people, who were victims of abuse, or their families, who will not let the matter rest.

Senator Stuart Syvret:

… why are the Jersey establishment so indecently ready to seize upon a few vacuous sound-bites and some PowerPoint slides as grounds for dismissing the whole episode? I suggest that there are several answers to that question – not least the imminent publication of the Howard League report. Do not be distracted – the report of the Howard League for Penal reform is published this Friday, 2.00pm, at a press-conference in Jersey. Somehow – I very much get the impression that the Jersey oligarchy aren’t going to like it – not one little bit.

Paedos are everywhere in places of power and authority, they are indistinguishable from the respected pillars of society.
This is a fact and is historically true in every country on this planet.

Too true unstranger. And worse is that powerful paedophiles generaly operate in secret rings, the DeTrou case is perhaps the best known example. Every attempt was made to obstruct the actaul case. DeTrou was allowed to escape twice. People in high places at risk of being caught, who have enough dirt on the other perverts in power, can generally come to some kind of arrangement.
Remember the judge who got off because the warrent was one day out of date. I wonder what that judge might have come out with to save his own worthless hide, had he been lawfuly arrested, and i wonder about whom he would have said it.

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