Housing a Scumbag

In this country there’s no housing policy. Nobody asks you why you can’t afford a house. Nobody asks why you think you’re entitled to the same standard of living as the working class have.

It used to be that you got a Council house if you couldn’t afford to buy your own, and it was basic accommodation, but it was better than the slum you used to live in. The reason you couldn’t afford to buy your own house was that you didn’t earn enough money or there were no jobs, but the important thing was that you wanted to work, and you earned what you could.

Your kids had a chance to grow up in a reasonable house while they got an education and a job and saved to buy a house of their own.

It was a safety net, and many thousands of us availed of it, but today it’s different.  Today, while there are thousands who need Council houses, there are thousands more who expect to live in the safety net, and that includes drug-dealing scumbags who don’t have to explain to anyone why they can’t afford a house of their own.

Today, even if you aren’t a member of the working class, even if you never worked a day in your life, you don’t just get basic accommodation while you try to make things better for your family.

Instead, you’re entitled to the same luxury as the working class. Today, no matter what sort of lazy scumbag you are, you only need to tell the Council you’re out of work and you have ten children (even though nobody forced you to have them and you couldn’t afford them anyway).

You might be a big, fit, healthy, strong lump of a man, but nobody will ask you why you’re out of work. Nobody will force you to live in a dirty old Council estate either. Instead, they’ll buy you a nice house in a nice area, beside nice working-class people who won’t know how to cope with your savage brats. And you can spend all day on the couch watching porn on your free flat-screen tv while your scum children break into the neighbours’ houses when they’re out at work.

After you get your free house, you’ll have no obligation to anyone. If your wild children want to fling stolen shopping trolleys around the road, nobody will intervene, and certainly not your quiet, well-behaved working-class neighbours who never saw the likes of you and your savage spawn in their lives.  If you want to throw out the old fridge so that you can put in the new one you got free from the Council, that’s fine as well. You can toss it on the green in front of your neighbours’ house if you like. Nobody will complain. Certainly not your terrified neighbours.

You live in a world without responsibility or consequences.

Aren’t you the lucky scumbag? And all paid for by me.


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51 thoughts on “Housing a Scumbag

  1. Bock,
    Do you have any proof that all people housed in private housing estates around the City behave as you have stated.
    Your description seems a bit extreme to me.
    A fictitious tale perhaps.

  2. Well said Bock, I dont live in one of the better estates but my partner and I both work and rear our children repectably,why should anyone be expected to put up with or watch these vermin demanding things from regeneration agencies health boards and such when they have never worked a day in their lives I once heard one of these fellas complain about having to go in to the dole office to sign on once a month. They should be made accountable.

  3. Builderfromhell — Go back and read it again. Then point out to me where I said all those people behave like that.

    Ash — Thanks. My point exactly.

  4. Jesus bock could you direct me to this council that are buying houses and fridges who buy houses for people like me who can’t afford there own and ask no questions about your means, i couldn’t be limerick city council because anytime i got there i feel like an alien abduction victim they do made me fill out an 18 page form going through every facet of my life then proceeded to put me on a table face down and anally probe me. maybe it’s a case of me not being scummy enough. i work like most people but who the fuck is going to give you a mortgage on 18k a year to a single man. i’d gladly take a council house or better again one of these fantasy houses bought and paid for boy the government that you speak but instead i’m forced to live in a bedsit behind ivans being anally probed boy my landlord once a month.

  5. You see Ory, you have to be born into this scumbag class and know the social welfare code inside out, to know what the entitlements are, to know the answers you need give on the 18 page form in the knowledge that it cannot be checked and most of all you need to have contact with the politically correct do-gooders who think you can reform these people. You see you have to be in the system before your income can be checked. If you and your forbears have never worked then you’re technically poor whatever your real income is.

  6. Ah yes. I was on the ‘housing list’, what I was offered after six years would be inhumane for an animal. Twelve years, I was told, before houses would have been available but only to folks with a lot more kids (I mean ‘points’). And then the junior minister appointed with responsibility for housing was… yes, Noel Ahern… de brudder.

  7. Now Ory. Do you get it? You and I and Conan and King’s Bard are not the sort of people who will be listened to.


    Because we will approach Council officials without shouting at them or threatening them.

    That’s where you went wrong, Ory. You didn’t frighten anyone.

  8. could you tell me who this person is bock you seem to know him if you didn’t how do you know the council are supplying him with a house among decent working class people. now i know you never said you know him but its implied in your reply to my post. i enjoy your posts but sometimes they could be a bit more factual Rather then branding certain sections of society all the same. i’m sure i’m going to get some bockism in reply to this post trying to gain the higher moral ground.

  9. You needn’t worry about any Bockisms, Ory, and you needn’t think I’m against you either.

    I wish more people like you would be listened to by the Council instead of the wasters they tend to support.

    Don’t misunderstand what i’m saying here. Read it carefully.

    I’m saying that many people who should receive housing aren’t getting it, and many people who should be told to fuck off are being facilitated because they’re trouble for the Council staff.

  10. I agree with every thing you said bock ! as i write this my local drug dealer is sitting in his car outside his council supplied house with his pvc windows and doors , his brand new kitchen appliances , he has 2 cars his wife doesn’t work , he has never worked , yet he has all this , just by sitting in his car and handing little bits of tin foil out the window ! every one knows whats going on here, he doesn’t give a shit , and what am i supposed to do about it ? do the gardai work for them , somebody give me a badge and 1000 euros a week and i’d wipe the fucking floor with them !!

  11. Well done Bock, your posting is right on the money as usual. It about time somebody asked Councillor Kiely of the “Limerick Joint Policing Board” what the fuck they have being doing at their meetings over the years.

    Why am I picking on Councillor Kevin Kiely, you might ask? Its because every time I pick up the bloody leader I seem him trumpeting his postion as chairman of this group and issuing some moronic statement about crime. OK Kevin, you want to use your chairmanship of this board for publicity purposes and photo opportunities…..then do something or else do the decent thing and get lost.

    It’s time these people were cleared out of this organisations and replaced with new people, with new ideas….basically replace them with capapable people who have’nt given up. The price of failure in any job is usuall dismissal.

    Unless of course it is in Irish politics or the Gardai. A number of senior Limerick Gardai have recently been given high promotion. I cannot understand why, given the crime mess that exists in Limerick. Promotion should be based on results. They have clearly failed so why are they being rewarded?

  12. Sounds like they are doing the same thing in Limerick that they did in the centre of Dublin City 20 years ago.

    They didn’t listen to the locals then and the people ended up erecting a monument to the 300 kids who died of drugs.

    That monument had melted into it the communion and confirmation medals of the young people who had died.

    Instead of supporting the locals when they tried to expel the drug dealers the authorities turned on them.

    We are all now reaping the harvest.

    I would say, may God forgive them, if I meant it. I don’t.

  13. There’s a very sinmple reason for this. The policy is not based on evidence or observation. It isn’t based on any defensible coherent theory. It’s based on the uninformed and unsupported opinions of people who have no expertise or qualifications whatever. Untrained, unqualified Council officials.

    There is no study to suggest this policy will succeed.

    If you don’t believe me, make your own inquiries.

  14. I am a tenant of a wealthy doctor. I am a (hate the title) single mum, full time student, part time worker and not entitled to a grant – unlike another student who pretended he didn’t live with his parents and got the grant. The rich land lord got paid, the waster student got paid, the idiot who has a child (ie me) lives on 150 e a week. I’m thinking of having 10 children and I’ll be able to afford a mansion. Our country is at the mercy of lazy scumbags that is drug dealers, knackers and Fianna Fail. The working people of ireland deserve better.

  15. If the council do actually manage to evict these shits, for ‘anti-social behavour’, or whatever reason, thats when the HSE or local health board are fucking OBLIGED to re-house them, usually in private estates, because they have children.

    Take the children into care! Firstly they would be far and away better off without their scumshit “parents”, with the possibility of a decent upbringing. And second, the fuckscum adults could be turfed out to fend for themselves. If they manage to buy property, without any obvious source of income, (which is common), then get the CAB to take their properties and fuck them out onto the street, and so on and so forth ’til they fuck-off out of our place or learn to live within the law!

    I was brought up by honest parents in the Island, my Father was a good decent, hardworking man who thought us respect and morals. He made sure we all went out and looked for jobs, worked hard and earned money to look after our own families. Back then crimes were petty and the perps were a minority. Times have changed. I’m glad he didn’t live to see these cunts cutting down innocent young men in their prime, destroying families forever.

  16. a few yrs ago i called the sligo county council regarding applying for an affordable house. i got speaking to a fianna fail councellor. here’s how the conversation went…

    him: and you don’t have any kids?
    me: no
    him: none at all?
    me: nope
    him: are you maternal at all?
    me: umm i suppose some day..
    him: ya, i’d get onto that cause otherwise you haven’t a hope

    a friend of mine who is single with 2 kids was advised by a sinn fein councellor to lie on her application for social housing and say that her kids were ill.

    i rest my case

  17. I was born and bred in a (corporation) city Council housing estate, luckily enough for me I completed school and went on to 3rd level education.
    Back in the days when I grew up in the estate (the days of old not too long ago at all) when people could leave their front door open and go down to the local shops without being frightened shitless by the hoody brigade who convene on every corner available, of course back then young fellas were still up to no good but mostly only smokin fags and having a laugh, but then there were the few who ventured into new areas of entertainment, namely sniffing glue and robbing cars etc
    Then 15-20 years on they have offspring who going with the times progress to bigger and brighter things like being coked up or stoned on E tabs, trips, MDMA weed and the like.
    Those original glue sniffers had never intended looking for work they made money from petty crime like robbing hub caps, car stereos, handbags and of course the DOLE, but now their teen age offspring who following in their parents footsteps never worked either, they just sell drugs for the local dealers.
    But of course they have loyalty to only one thing, the power of drugs and money, so they get in with the big dogs in the drug ring.
    These one time great friends and allies in the world of crime one day have a falling out because of an incident at one of their kids schools, words are said and of course divisions occur between all sides.
    Back in the good old days a fist fight would sort it all out, but one day someone had the bright idea of using a knife to sort out their grievances this of course progressed to guns.
    The one time allies now big players in the drug business take their own sides and get the hoody brigade to follow along, these big dogs make connections (intercity, intercounty, international) in their trade of buying cheap drugs and getting the 100s of little hoody clad junior scumbags to sell their product.
    Now this divide is as big as ever and of course this turf war some genius decides to call it a “feud”.
    But all it basically boils down to is guarding their patch and drugs sales.
    To keep the business going they will go to any length, anyone who crosses from one side to the other becomes a target in fact anyone who crosses these drug lord scumbags is a target.
    These mini drugs lords and fellas with targets on them get to move out of the council estates to private estates all funded by our wonderful government, they bring their families to the private estates but there are a couple of other things they bring with them…….drugs and the targets painted on their backs.
    The big dogs find out were these targets are so they make a few calls to their connections in the drug trade in Dublin, Manchester or (just get a few clowns in Limerick who’ll do anything for a few brownie points and a cash bonus) ……”I want Joe Blow living in Dooradoyle wiped out here’s a few grand”, but of course the clowns think they know what Joe Blow looks like (the last time they saw him they were stoned) so they pop a few tabs snort a line or three of Coke and head off like highly trained stoned scumbag assassins, bang bang bang bang bang bang bang……….on the phone “tell the boss the jobs done Joe Blow is dead”.
    But this Joe Blow turns out to be a lad in his 20s coming out of a mates house after watching Ireland beat Canada, the last time he will ever see a rugby ball ……..why ?
    We all know why, some of us know who, we talk about these scumbags but what do we do about it…………we depend on the superb!! work of our politicians……if these people were so good we wouldn’t have to say rest in peace to innocent people like Shane Geoghegan.
    My answer……….Vigilanties wanted, apply within!!

  18. Well, lets make a pact. The next time any of us hear some gobshite going on about “Housing is a human right” , “Education is a human right” etc etc you might explain to them the consequences of bestowing these absolute, unimpeachable rights – no one can be meaningfully evicted, no kid can be expelled from school, no matter how awful their behaviour. Scum have no incentive to behave, and decent people suffer. I’m all for the safety net, as Bock says, but these laws bestowing absolute rights need to be repealed.

  19. I was brought up in garryowen,we had plenty of trouble there but people looked out for each other,then you had the late 80s early 90s baby boom,young girls barely kids themselves having children,why?so they could get a free house from the corporation,not happy with one kid they were advised by friends and family have a second or third it pushes you up the housing list,so now all these babies have grown up undisciplined or even wanted in some cases into fully fledged remorseless scumbags who genuinely think they are untouchable,by giving these girls houses,unmarried mothers allowance,childrens allowance,furniture grants etc,it goes on and on they have caused this situation,this was a trend set in the 80s and now we are truly seeing what the corporations marvellous fucking policies have caused.i worked my arse off to buy a house in a good estate,lived there ten years and then the health board decide fuckit we will make the animals your neighbours by paying their rent,a beautiful estate has turned into a shithole,i was the only one with balls enough to stand up to them,my reward was my car was wrecked twice,my house was robbed,so i had enough and sold up,my mortgage has now doubled and i ended up out of work due to stress of trying to make ends meet but every estate in limerick is turning into a shithole because of regeneration,health board,and stupid fucking do gooders who are laughed at by the scum,it needs to stop,but how do you change an accepted lifestyle,they have ruined my health and family,i stood alone while the curtain twitchers were not man enough to back me even when it was their homes being wrecked,would i do it again……yes,i was brought up always to stand up for myself my family or people too frail to help themselves,where does it end???emigration??

  20. Hi All, I’m new to the site but would like to make two point’s.

    I live in a nice estate with good hard working people, last year we had a problem with groups of youths coming in from other areas to drink on the green in front of our houses. We contacted the gardai to move them on.When the Gardai came the youths ran through a fence into another part of the estate and took off. Two nights later the same thing, but this time i rang the cops and told them if they had a car with three officers available to drop two off in that part of the estate and drive the car around the block, the youths on seeing the car would run through the fence and into the hands of the waiting officers. I was told sorry, “we don’t have the resources for this kind of opperation” So i don’t have any faith in the this so called Police force of ours. They are lazy FAT BASTARDS.

    Bock, you are absolutely right about the housing issue, we have four families housed in various parts of our estate and as a result we have shit heads from all over coming in, behaving anti socially, drinking etc. Why they couldn’t leave the Scum in one estate and leave them kill each other As a result of re housing Scum Bags, the Cops now have Twenty Estates to Patrol instead of the Usual Few!

  21. Artyeva, the whole social/affordable housing thing is a complete scam. I know of friends of FF who are getting these houses and sites for a song and selling them on for big profits against the alleged rules of the scheme. I knwo a couple who are friendly with a Councillor, they got put to the top of the list (getting a place in a very nice part of Cork City) even though they are both doing very well and have good jobs. A work colleague moved in to his affordable home recently, told me he applied for it when the scheme started – which is what 7 years ago? – and he was just starting out in his career. He qualified at the time, as he was on low wages, but in the 7 years intervening he was never again asked what money he was earning – he could have won the lotto in the meantime for all they knew or cared. Cretinous and corrupt, surprise surprise.

  22. A couple of points..
    Someone mentioned single girls having baby after baby in order to qualify for free housing etc etc. What I want to know is where are the fathers of these children? Why does the state not pursue them to maintain the children they have fathered? Assuming that they are on Social Welfare they must be traceable and the maintenance should be deducted at source. It might make them keep him covered in future!!
    Secondly why not make the parents responsible for the actions of their children and pursue them through the courts for restitution. If they fail to pay up jail them. They do it to poor devils who cannot pay their TV licence….

  23. they know all their rights
    they know no obligations.
    Years ago a teacher showed us a copy of a letter sent to him from a friend in the civil service. He had received it at work.
    The letter went something like this.
    I get children’s allowance for my son until he is 16.From 18 to 65 he can draw the dole.He will get the pension from 65,what is he to do between 16 and 18.
    he wrote back to her.
    He could try work.

    This was 30 years ago, a whole lifetime of sponging laid out. We could tolerate these people while they were mostly harmless.
    they were happy with their lot,then drugs allowed them gather more wealth than they ever imagined.
    this wealth comes from somewhere, anyone buying drugs is adding to the problem.
    what’s to be done I haven’t a clue, we seem to have load of law and no order.
    I hear the government is going to pass more laws what a joke, they cant stand up to the civil service unions.

  24. I was lucky enough to spend most of my growing up years in a decent “working class” area.My parents,now 67 and 70 years old recently left the area after 38 years in their home because of the shit that was given the house next door.They are scum.
    Builderfromhell-You really should read the post again.

  25. Pat – to be fair to Cllr Kiely – amd I don’t know him etc – he did his bit recently and got a criminal arrested and he went to court to see him duly convicted, it was well reported – maybe he is a decent guy trying to do something about his city’s problem. However, local councillors in general should stick to their knitting – they are only responsible for housing, roads, water & sewerage, planning and some environmental functions. They have absolutely no operational or policy role whatsoever in policing, education, agriculture, and a whole host of other public functins. The langers in Limerick County Council had a special meeting yesterday about agriculture, which is a complete waste of everybody’s time and our money in paying their travelling expenses to atend. Councillors utterly fail to identify locations for halting sites, dumps, incinerators and all the other necessary things on which they have the power to decide. Their abuse of their planning and zoning powers needs no further explanation here – but just watch Adare, it’s the new Jacksonway.
    This ‘social and affordable’ crap is social engineering by the most crude means imaginable – it is eminently ripe for a challenge oon constitutionality as soon as someone has the resources to do it.


  26. as long as the system works in the favour of these people nothing will change,builder from hell i dont know your circumstances but bock is right on the money when he says that the troublemakers are being integrated into the better areas and already the trouble is starting,how do i know?my brother lives in a well to do estate and they put a single mother with 5 or 6 kids two doors away from him and the children are left to their own devices,they do whatever they want and mammy thinks is gas craic,and bard of thomond you ask where the fathers are,they were sperm donors at the end of the day,if you eat a tin of beans do you know which one makes you fart??same principle (“,) where are all these anti social behaviour orders?has even one been served

  27. Yep, HSE fuckdogs who find it easier to fill quotas than actually look at what impact their ‘social restructuring’ may have on the society already in place, who are working hard for the right to be there.

    It seems to me the same apathy and work to rule attitude that sees police stopping cars at the end of my town for any offence they can, while 2 minutes away a well known pub is full to the brim with lads off their tits who openly do cocaine. They also drive high powered sports cars, the majority of them not in any form of gainful employment.

    Rant won’t achieve anything except make people even more and more pissed off. The question is, where does one go from here?

  28. 95FM was making much of the arrest of Monsieur Dundon today, but for what? Motoring offences? According to Live95FM, ‘driving a bullet-proof car’ was one of those offences. Somewhat ike the German cannibal last year, I must somewhat sadly point out that driving a bulletproof car is not an offence known to the law, unless the tax and insurance were out on it and it had baldy tyres.
    Dundon appealed his motoring convictions, whatever they were, which bought time. He didn’t bother turning up for his appeal, where he would have had free (to him) legal representation by solicitor and counsel, and therefore he was arrested in order that he would go to jail for the motoring offences. Hardly a historic event in the annals of criminal law and jurisprudence. However, since the hue & cry is on about the Dooradoyle shooting, causing even the Mayor to burst his banks and temporarily annex Dooradoyle to the City for a bit of lebensraum, live 95FM obviously decided to sex-up the hum-drum no tax displayed story a bit. The last fella I heard of who opted to do jail rather than pay a €1000 Euro fine went into Cork prison one morning, ate his breakfast, got a voucher for a lunch and a free taxi home because they were a bit full. It is quite likely that le Dundon will get the same dose. A full Irish taxpayer’s breakfast.

    I never liked estate living, and I’m glad I’m not in one now.


  29. Spot on! Filthy illiterate scum..

    Only in Ireland would we reward anti social behaviour with luxuries supplied by the law abiding tax payers.

    Why are these people given new homes after letting their own go to shit?

    Im a Science graduate who worked very hard for everything i have.. if i let my house slowly get filthy and personally make it unlivable will i be offered a new home? Will they let me who has paid taxes since i started working my way through life at 16 mooch off the government?

    I doubt it… sigh..

    Maybe we wouldnt be in a recession if we didnt have to spend millions a year on ‘regeneration’ schemes for thugs..

  30. The regeneration scheme is not FOR thugs, it is BECAUSE of thugs. It is for the decent people living in these areas.

    It is for the ordinary everyday families trying to do their best to live normal lives, trying to bring up kids in some sort of normality while thugs and drug dealing scum carry on their ‘business’ around them.

    The whole idea of regeneration, from what I know, is to rid troubled areas of this vile excrement and let ordinary folk get some sort of semblance back into their world.

  31. I visit a friend living in what used to be a nice estate in Limerick city. ABout 15 houses in recent years were bought by either council or health board. And some of the families that moved in have caused problems for the rest of the residents. The problems range from unacceptable noise levels, fighting, intimidation, junk left in front and back gardens, graffiti but not on their own walls, to drug taking, pushing and dealing. Hoodied children loiter around outside houses watching who goes in and out. There have been so many breakins the residents have lost count. These new residents couldnt care less about neighbourliness. They are antisocial, terminally unemployed by choice, wellfare sponging users. They see life so differently to others that they would never understand that they may owe society in any way.
    I remember years ago hearing a talk on work being done with disadvantaged kids in Limerick city…. the person giving the talk brought these kids into the city library and museum and many different offices around the city… and kept telling them.. these are your libraries, these are your offices… these buildings belong to you…..blah blah.. the result was that the kids didnt show any respect for the buildings. The idea had been to show them that they didnt have to be afraid or intimidated going into these buildings. Intimidated?? not a chance…..The same kids are grown up now and the message got through to them. Not only are they not intimidated by having to enter these buildings but they feel that they have rights beyond their entitlements….. They can and do intimidate those working in state offices . As one of the writers above said they get what they want by making a stink and shouting louder than others. They know all about their rights and entitlements but nthing about responsiblity.
    The do gooders have a lot to answer for.

    With regard t the regeneration project… why didnt they leave the scumbag dealers ad criminals where they were and move out the law abiding decent families who have been living in fear for so long? WHy cant the council, corpo and health board refuse to house anyone with a criminal record? Or am I being naive…. maybe there are too many with records.

  32. My post gets deleted for “Please don’t refer to named individuals”,

    Yet it’s okay to name politicians and others behind housing-a-scumbag and the whole drug related crime that goes on around the country.

    No wonder these scumbags are getting away with murder.

    “Offending everybody since 2006”
    And hiding from the backlash of words since!

    Are you afraid they will come and get you BOCK?

    Sounds like the work of a total hypocrite to me!!

  33. It’s the work of somebody who doesn’t want to get sued because of your comment. Read the commenting rules and show some respect.

    Neither you nor anyone else have an automatic right to get your comments put up here.

  34. Respect!!
    I’m under no illusion about my rights to comment here.

    Take a little advice enjoy your site while it lasts!

    Comments like this can be very offensive to large companies.

    PC World Sold Me A Piece of Shit.

  35. I certainly hope PC World find it offensive. You seem to have overlooked the fact that PC World have been reading those posts ever since I wrote them and that I welcome it. I hope they keep reading it and realising what a terrible customer service they provide.

    So what point were you trying to make, exactly?

    As threats go, your comment is a candidate for the most pathetic yet. But because it’s so pathetic, I haven’t the heart to put you in the bin, even though you are trying to threaten me. In a way, it’s a little touching that anyone could be so naive.

    Incidentally, this is completely off-topic. If you want to continue threatening me with PC World, please leave your threats on the PC World post where people can have an opportunity to laugh at them properly.

  36. Alorah, where do you get the impression that the scumshit in council housing estates are in the majority? They are not. Most people in these estates, my eighty three year old mother included, are law abiding decent families who shouldn’t have to move out of the area where they have spent, for the most part, happy productive lives? Why should 95 percent be moved out for the sake of the five percent scum?

    Yes you are naive.

  37. Absolutely right.

    Unfortunately, the scummers have gained a disproportionate influence, especially as they seem to outbreed everyone else.

  38. Great to read your comments about the scum invading working class estates.My wife and i bought a new house recently and only moved in when a coloured rent allowance refugee family moved next door.
    Ok so what, you can live with that but why were they not offered a council house or are they not good enough for them.
    Shortly afterwards the local burglar, his girlfriend and child moved opposite.
    Before christmas some turkish looking guy with seems like 2 wives and children in tow moved between. This guy is scary and intimidating.
    This is in a quiet corner of the estate 9 houses.Needless to say you could’nt give a house away here now.
    These people should not be living amonst the working class unless they are paying and working their way.they even get the rubbish collected for free if they put it out.

  39. bluebar y’all living in peace and harmony in your little cul de sac ?
    what your next door neighbour and the “turkish looking man” (what is a “turkish looking man” ) should know, is that there is a “SCUMBAG” living in their midst, he goes by the blogging name of “bluebar” and can be recognised by the dungarees and banjo toting swagger.

    I hope the “local burgler” becomes your best friend.
    You are an ignorant racist asshole attempting to find comfort in your uneducated bigoted belief system.

  40. Hey bock,I was just giving another example of the failings in our system.

    Oh and Sydsillyness you must be one of those mid twenty-thirty year old arseholes still living at home with mammy or on rent allowance when you jump to defend people screwing our system.
    Hey and just in case you didnt know the dungaree’s thing is like your attitude they went out with the square wheel or dexy’s midnight runners.

  41. Bluebar — Exactly what kind of site do you think you’re on? Show some respect. You made a stupid comment about people’s race and you can expect to be called on it. Now behave yourself or get locked out. It’s up to you.

    Sydserious — Read the comments policy. I will not put up with personal abuse against other commenters, no matter how stupid their comments are. If there’s a problem with racist comments, I’ll deal with it myself. No more name-calling.

  42. bock- the only comment i made was regarding the people that had moved in on rent allowance and all of a sudden i’m classed as racist cause i gave a description of them.
    It seems true that if you open your mouth your a racist which is not true in my case.
    Just don’t like scroungers.

  43. “a coloured rent allowance refugee family”

    What is the relevance of that description? Did they behave badly, and if so, was it because of their colour, their source of rent money or the fact that they were seeking refuge from something?

    If they didn’t behave badly, your comment has no place in this post, because this post is about housing scumbags.

    What are the circumstances of the “Turkish-looking guy”? Does he behave badly? Would he still be scary and intimidating if he wasn’t “Turkish-looking”? Does his appearance influence his behaviour?

  44. Thank you.

    For clarity, I have no objection to people cursing other commenters’ opinions as long as they don’t abuse the person.

  45. Interesting article, which I am in agreement with. I am sick of subsidising lazy knackers that have no interest in creating anything positive for their fellow man. Lazy pricks on the dole should have to perform some civic duty, instead of being handed drink and drugs money every week

  46. lazy fooking tramps that let the estate/area rear their bastard children while they spend all morning in bed and all afternoon fixing cars they will never be licenced or insured to drive then spend the evening driving around the area at speed terrorising the normal hard working or genuinely hard up residents as they source drugs so they can stomach shagging the auld slappers they ended up with because they were stoned and got them pregnant, they should have to do a real weeks work for a weeks pay or give them nothing at all! no dole no houses no child support or community welfare as this is abused even more than the dole!

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