Bock Getting Too Serious — Shock!!

I was told tonight that I’m getting too serious, and do you know what?  I think that’s probably true.  Too much politics and too many child-abusing priests.  Not enough drunkenness and falling over and crashing concrete mixers onto the road.

But come here a minute and let me ask you this.  Why do people want to see me making a fool of myself?  Why can’t they just shut the fuck up and listen to my opinions on politics and crooked politicians and child-abusing clergy?  Why?

Jesus Christ, it’s not as though I didn’t give them enough opportunity to laugh at me during the year.  It isn’t as if I failed to make a complete fool of myself and put it out there for people to sneer at.

Every time I made an idiot of myself, every time I made a half-witted decision, or just tripped and banged my stupid head, I’ve put it up here for you to chuckle at.  What the fuck do these people want?

I don’t know.  Maybe I should find new ways to make an utter prick of myself, though of course that would be difficult.  I know it.  I know full well how hard it would be to get any more incompetent than I already am, but for you I’m willing to try.

So look.  I’ll make you a promise for the new year.  I promise to be an even worse idiot than I already am.  How about that?  I promise to make a complete prick of myself, instead of an absolute fool, and if I can manage it at all, I’ll try to bring you photos of me making a complete tool of myself.

How about it?

I can’t say fairer than that, can I?

8 thoughts on “Bock Getting Too Serious — Shock!!

  1. Whoever told you that you’re getting too serious can’t be reading enough of your posts.A finely balanced mix of madness,fun, highly interesting topics,good music and pictures.What more can we ask?Have a good Christmas Bock.

  2. I’m easy, I rather like you both ways. So to speak. Have a good Christmas, and I hope 2009 is a bloody good year for you.

  3. What’s that saying “you gotta listen to thunder”.

    There are bitter cunts everywhere .

    This is a fucking great blog. A powerful and influential blog too.

    Do whatever you want, and fuck the begrudgers.

  4. i’m with sniffle on this one, sugar…fuck’em if they can’t take a joke! xoxox

    (raising my almost noon glass of bourbon…cheers!)

  5. Never underestimate the ingenuity of a complete fool. Happy Christmas Bock and a preposterous New Year

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