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Bock Round-Up 2008

It’s been an interesting year, and I must thank my regular readers for staying with me through it all.  I also have to thank the people who stumbled across this site in recent times and who have been good enough to contribute their views and opinions.  I’m grateful.  Without your support, this site would just be one more compendium of half-arsed dunken babbling, but instead it’s a compendium of half-arsed drunken babbling that some people read now and then.

This year, we had items sublime, ridiculous and infuriating in fair and equal measure.  We had scandal, murder, outrage, abuse and a bit of laughing, all of which leaves me with a problem.  What to leave out and what to put in?

Some stories pick themselves.  Where would we have been without the peerless Leonard Cohen, who uplifted and enriched us?  [Leonard Cohen in Dublin — Concert Review]. 

And of course, nothing could match the PC World story for its longevity and bizarre contributions, including a threat from a PC World employee that went badly wrong and left him looking like a complete fool. Oh, how we laughed! [PC World Sold Me A Piece of Shit].

Being from Limerick, I could hardly leave out my post on Munster winning the Heineken Cup, now could I?  Of course not. I knew you’d be happy to see the pictures again.  [Heineken Cup 2008 – Pictures].  And while we’re at it, let’s not forget the All Blacks in Thomond Park. [Munster 16 — All Blacks 18].

For sheer disgrace, one story this year stood alone.  The murder of Andrew Hanlon in Oregon by a bad cop and his accomplices.  The disgraceful cover-up that followed was done in the most brazen, indifferent way I have ever seen.  An entire public administrative apparatus circled the wagons to make sure the truth about Andrew’s murder was suppressed.  [Andrew Hanlon].

I can’t leave Bertie out either, the slithering, lying prick.  Bert took up a good chunk of my effort and left me several years older as a result.  [Bertie].

Josef Fritzl got a huge following [Echoes of a Concentration Camp] as did this story: [Joke Post Escapes].

I mustn’t forget a disgraceful murder that rocked our town and left all of us feeling numb and saddened. [Shane Geoghegan].

Towards the end of the year, a visit to Auschwitz made a big impression and I got a lot of feedback, both on this site and personally, from people who felt touched by it, so I think it deserves to go up front, here. [Auschwitz].

Of course, no round-up would be complete without mentioning the collapse of the world’s banking system and the ludicrously inadequate response of the Irish government. [Banks, Money, Crooks and Economic Collapse]

People laughed at me for this, but I didn’t mind too much. [The Machines Revolt].

Apart from that, we had a few more bits and pieces that might be worth a look.  I’ll add in another couple before I’m done.



Wayne O Donoghue

The Torture of TS Eliot

Building a Kitchen

Société Générale and Rogue Traders

Stock Market Crash

Tom Cruise and Scientology

Send for Ghoti of the Yard

Stock Market Crash




Cathal Ó Searcaigh

PC World

What Is Desmond Connell Trying To Keep Secret?

Bondage Furniture

PC World Sold Me A Piece of Shit

Religious Kitsch



The Rector Goes To New York

Reports On Irish Health Scandals Published

Brian Kearney Found Guilty

Irish Blog awards Weekend

Gonad Gets Arrested

Turbo Trouble

Madeleine McCann: British Press Apologises At Last



Bertie Ahern’s Resignation Statement — First Draft

Wild Garlic, Music and a Glass of Wine

Bock’s Camera

Padre Pio The Silicon Saint

Bock’s Camera

Bock’s Camera

Hannah Parr

Bock’s Camera

Niall McElwee and the PC Gestapo



New York, October 1998

Limerick Holiday Weekend 2008 – Part 1

Heineken Cup 2008 – We Won!!!


The Mayo Echo — A Filthy Rag Published By Gobshites


Irish Economy Fucked — Official!

Eucharistic Congress for Dublin in 2012

Croatian Flag in the European Championship

Garden Finally Finished


Satanic Gardening

Cóir . Youth Defence. Schutzjugend. You Decide.



Niall McElwee

The Oil Company, The Crooked Politician and the Theft of Ireland’s Energy Resources


Saint Paul’s Letters

Karadzic. Who Did They Really Capture?

Bosnia. The Legacy Of Karadzic And Mladic

Sarkozy Meets Cowen



Garden Party In The Rain

Life In President McCain’s White House

Gary Glitter At The Duty-Free Shop

I’m Getting Old. My Hip Hurts Me.

Thieving Bastard Steals Bock’s Phone

Garden Party In The Rain

More Cardiology: Having An Angiogram, Part 1



Emmylou Harris, Dublin 2008

Eileen Flynn Dies

Michael Neary

Bock’s Dog Knocked Down

What Am I Going To Do With All This Beer?

Dan Barracuda, Special Agent

Bock’s Dog Knocked Down



Barcelona Pictures No 1

Barcelona Pictures No 2

Rest of My Life



Barack Obama Acceptance Speech

Harvey Norman Insults Ireland’s Famine Victims

Remembrance Day — 11th November

Sharon Collins — One Hand Convicted Of Clapping



John Magee, Bishop of Cloyne — Resign You Fucking Bastard

Bush Gets The Boot

Do You Mind If I Smoke?

Krakow Pictures

How Do You Pronounce Feng Shui?

What is Money?

Irish Association of Anger Management

Israel Murders 200 People in Gaza











4 replies on “Bock Round-Up 2008”

Thanks Bock , happy Christmas. Always like to read your blogs. First one for me was … “PC World sold me a piece of shit” , that made me laugh i can tell you.

HOLIDAY LOVE TO THE BOCKMEISTER and his “core crew” of contributors~ this is one amazing gathering place. thank you for consistantly taking the high road and creating a forum for thoughtfulness, laughter, tears, politics, music, history, mischief~ for enriching my life, i am grateful to count each one of you amongst my friends. looking foreward to what we will share in the year ahead~
and bock: please keep your latest “injured dog story” (from september) in archives, it was popefarting funny!

An excellent summation of the year. I often forget that many of my opinions on current news topics are garnered from reading the likes of Bock the Robber (damn site better than the Indo) and while I don’t often comment, I want you to know I always read and am stirred by what you write.

Happy New Year, Bock! For the country’s sake I sincerely hope you have far less material to get worked up about in 2009, but from a reader’s point of view, I hope a child abusing ex priest, who became a cop, shoots a baby in the head…inspiring deepening recession…

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