Bush Gets The Boot

I love this. 

Bush has to duck twice as an Iraqi journalist flings shoes at him, with impressive accuracy.  Afterwards, in his stupidity, he fails to realise that throwing shoes in the Muslim world is not a protest but an insult.



Shoe-thrower beaten in jail

21 thoughts on “Bush Gets The Boot

  1. I get a message saying the video is not available in my country or domain. Is this being censored in the US?

  2. I’d love to do that to Mary Harney, Bertie Ahearne and Brian Cowen in that order. I think stilettos or a heavy work shoe with steel caps might be best.

  3. i believe bush was heard to mutter afterwards “Did i put my foot in my mouth again or what the fuck just happened”

  4. Completely wrong. A terrible mistake by Muntadar al-Zeiri, He should have know better.

    Soft shoes, ffs.

    …..Or don’t they have Doc Martin boots in Baghdad? A far more effective and accurate piece of flying footwear.

  5. Kae — Practising? Being an idiot, maybe.

    Elle — Football boots with sharpened studs.

    Dr Orgasm — A filthy swine. Good riddance to the chimp.

    The Law — He said, Uh, ah, eh, uh?

    Hoof — Maybe there’s an opening for the design of military-grade casual footwear.

  6. I was able to see the video in other places, I am still puzzled by the message I received following your link Bock. I don’t suppose the US would be censoring Bock, based upon the assumption that they acted with any common sense.

    Knowing that particular assumption is ludicrous makes me wonder even more.

  7. I’d say they might be afraid of me. After all, I did manage single-handedly to bring GW Bush to his knees and get Barack Obama elected.

  8. I thing G.W.BUSH have been doing a research on shoe soles as he afterward said it was a 10 no. Shoe. . .

    Hey jokes apart guys. . . . Bush really deserved it, luck dog just got away by an inch

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