Irish Association of Anger Management

Who the fuck are the Irish Association of Anger Management and how the fuck did they get on the nine o’clock news?  Who the fuck do these fuckers think they are?

Anger management my arse!!  They can FUCK OFF!!!  I’ll manage my anger any way I fucking feel like, and no smug, self-satisfied counsellor is going to tell me how cross I’m allowed to get.

Fuck them!

How did our national broadcaster end up giving a commercial organisation a free slot on the two main evening news bulletins?  Hmm?  Here’s a company that charges you €695 for a weekend course called Temper Your Anger.  That’s right.  Six hundred and ninety five euros. Or if you’re feeling too poor for that, you can have their one-day Anger Essentials workshop for only €295.

If you just want to find out what they want to sell you, be sure to attend their introductory evening, where they’ll make their sales pitch, and they’ll only charge you €5 for that, but you must pay in advance.

This is Christmas, a traditional time of rage, drunkenness, resentment and violence, when families are forced together even though they’d rather screw rusty roofing nails into their eyeballs, and all the old bitterness that they’ve been locking down for a full year comes boiling to the surface.

More Christmas Pudding?

Fuck off.

The Irish Association of Anger Management.  What??  What the fuck???  They’re trying to walk up our backs, and they’re being helped by the national broadcaster.  I wonder which RTÉ executive has a son or daughter working for them?

Here we are in an economic disaster with the economy collapsing all around us, cutbacks in healthcare, public transport and education, and the taxpayers being forced to bail out the greedy banks and the motherfucker property developers so that our grandchildren’s grandchildren will have to climb up inside chimneys scraping off soot at five years of age to make a few pennies to help pay the national fucking debt, and here comes this sanctimonious crowd of motherfucking craw-thumpers, getting free advertising, paid for by our taxes, and they’re telling us not to be angry.

Well, do you know what?  The Irish Association of Anger Management can fuck off!!

They can fuck right off before I lose my fucking temper.



This is how the Google search looked originally, but now the Irish Association of Anger Management have changed their name.  Their website is now called difficultemotions, which, but for one single letter, would be highly appropriate.

Oh dear.

Must try harder.


Here’s a little anger game to play.  (Sent to me by C’est la Craic)


Irish Association of Anger Management

25 thoughts on “Irish Association of Anger Management

  1. bock i must be very antsy/bored this evening, but i just googled IaAM and your blog had superseded it for top spot! congrats.
    the IaAM site is hilarious, but you have to hand it to them, if they can make money for such total shite in this climate, then it gives us all hope and you will be a tax exile by christmas.
    the website is am i crazy but are’nt all emotions “difficult” that old saying “the human will is not tied directly to the human intellect, emotion lies between the two” can we get lobotomys on the vhi ?

  2. No. It’s a private company, but it gets free ads on RTÉ’s main evening news, so I suppose you’re paying for its advertising.

  3. I saw that… fuckin’ hilarious!

    …count to twenty slowly and remove yourself from the….

    I do have to laugh!

  4. Organisations that write “organisation” as “organization” piss me off.

    oh – and the URL? i spent a minute trying to figure out why their domain appeared to be about constipation, then figured that the ‘e’ in the middle wasn’t just part of a badly-spelled “difficulte”

  5. I have received a directive from on high that I cannot swear on my blog.

    Your wonderful post has made me rue this decision even more.

    But now, at least, I know where to turn with all my rage

  6. Free advertising on RTE??
    During the “pork crisis” Pat Kenny had his golfing buddy and pork butcher on the radio show describing the dire straits the butchery busines was in. Later he was on the News as an expert on dioxins..
    On that note they were about to close the college in Templemore when it finished.

  7. This anger management stuff was I believe concocted by the same shower of plonkers that in a previous century invented the ‘Penetentiary’. A prison system that caused so much harm that no one incarcerated ever recovered from the experience. Manufactured a whole subclass of lunatic along with proving that anyone, given the correct ammount of deprivation, can be made to top themselves.

  8. Mapstew — Ludicrous. And annoying.

    Kae verens — Yes. I noticed the “z” too. Enraging.

    Colin — I’ll find out where you fucking live.

    Galwaywegian — Do they fuck. Fuck that!! Gift tokens? Aaaarrrgggghhhh!!!!

    Julio — Fucking right.

    King’s Bard — Pat Kenny? Don’t fucking use that kind of fucking language fucking here.

    Eva — It’ll drive them crazy. I hope they don’t get cross and try to counsel me into submission.

    Unstranger — What plonkers would that be? Tell more.

  9. it might be a little “topic askewed” but admittedly i have had some anger issues down the years, however lately it is being replaced by something far more dangerous in my opinion, demoralisation, i walked around limerick the past couple of days… it me ? or is the energy in limerick just so…twilight zoneish ? i left limerick initially a long long time ago, i have come and gone many times over the years, but for the past 2 years commitments have dictated that i spend a lot of time there, yesterday i wondered, if i had just returned now, from lets say 20 years, i would be so shocked, i have allowed the familiarity of change sneak up on me, but yesterday i just walked around while trying to maintain an objective eye….and i actually felt the energy being sucked out of me, i know lots of reasons and incidents, but the overall result is just sooooo bad

  10. Holy sweet tits it sounds like just another bullshit money spinning concoction for the small minded, a la Alpha ProgramCourseCult (should be an N instead of L by rights).

  11. HGF — Cos it’s a Webster’s Dictionary spelling, and this is the other side of the Atlantic.

    Norma — Well off-topic there, girl.

    Sakimoto — Yes, I thought it had a spooky look to it as well.

  12. Well, I can’t help that ya’ll are a bit behind the times there……
    …bah to the Queen’s English…;D

    I had a brilliant game of scrabble once with a cousin who’s from out your way. We had more fun arguing about the rules of language, spelling and dialect than we had actually playing the game;…of course, as a ‘guest’, I eventually deferred to house rules…. :)

  13. This is as good as it gets. I’ll return to this page daily throughout the holidays.

    I’m out to the shed now to find them nutcrackers and the mallet.

  14. The ‘Plonkers’ mentioned were of course the religeous sect called ‘Quakers’. Decent souls on the surface but heavyon the good intentions, them things that pave the road to hell!The 8th wonder of the world was the streettitle given to the first penitentiary that they built in America, even Charles Dickens visited the place to see for himself. More recently, the Quakers have been allowed to practice their theories inside Irish prisons. Haven’t worked there so obviously they’ll work better if they’re paid for in cash.

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