Munster v Clermont Auvergne

Big day today.  The crucial match with Clermont kicks off at 3:30.  We have our tickets and already I notice there’s a trickle of people into town.

A bunch of Clermont supporters turned up last night in my pub of choice, and I suspect they were a little surprised to hear the piano player striking up La Marseillaise.  I imagine they haven’t often seen customers dancing on tables either.

No predictions about today.  It’s going to be a tough one and this crowd mean business.  I’m saying nothing about the result, but I’m here in my red jersey and I’m about to leave the house, meet up with the rest of them and hand out the four tickets I have in my wallet.

I imagine we might even have a warming drop before we face the rigours of Thomond Park.

Back later.



Munster 23 — Clermont Auvergne 13

Jesus Christ!  Can’t this Munster team do anything straight?  I’m not a young man anymore, and my heart isn’t able for this stress.  I’m not able for it and I might easily expire from a conniption brought on by the kind of last-minute rugby our team play. 

What was that?

Let me offer you my own personal opinion about Munster’s performance, if I may.  We were shite.  We were dreadful.  We got out of jail in the last ten minutes when we should have been stuffed. 

Come on, for fucksake.  For most of the game we were playing against a team who were reduced to fourteen men, and yet they were the ones who found all the openings and exploited all the weaknesses in our defence. It took the introduction of Stringer at scrum-half to inject the necessary urgency into the Munster game, for which we should be grateful, and we should also remember that it’s far too soon to write Stringer off.  But look, let me say one thing.  This quality of football is simply not good enough to win the Heineken Cup.  It won’t even be good enough to get out of the qualification stages.  It’s not enough.

This is far from encouraging, from a team who nearly beat the All Blacks only a few weeks ago.  Not good.  We need to take lessons from this experience and we need to apply them if we’re to have any hope of progressing past the pool stage of the competition.

Yes, we got out of jail, but it’s about time Munster, the current European champions, started thinking like champions.  We need to forget about escaping at the last minute, and instead start putting our opponents away without ceremony.  Unless we start doing that, we have no hope in the competition, this year or next.

What’s more, my blood pressure can’t take this shit.


My buddy Dickler sent me a few shots from the game.  I took none of my own this time.  Most of the pics are below the fold so be sure to click on Read More.


























14 thoughts on “Munster v Clermont Auvergne

  1. An amazing win! Would have loved to have been there. They are very special and we are very lucky to be living through this golden era of rugby. On days like this nothing compares to Limerick. This is what we really are.

  2. I know it’s heart stopping but what a spectacle. What absolutely intense human theatre. As john wayne reminds us we are priveledged to be a part of it all.

  3. Bock , Look on the bright side ye won and the munster spirit still shine’s brightly,you could be like me a Connacht supporter waiting,waiting for the good years .(which never seem to come)

    Best of luck to Munster lets hope they win again this year’ at least they have pride and passion in the game of rugby they make it worth watching

  4. “from a team who nearly beat the All Blacks only a few weeks ago”… without the players from the national side…

    A win’s a win. But mind the blood pressure!

  5. Bock, I have been asked to accept that the winner of this year’s competition was on the field last Saturday. This helps. Of course if it’s not true, then our sacred cows, who owe us nothing, well……….., they can’t be automatic selections anymore. So ROG is 31 you know, and our front five have more miles on them now then a fleet of retiring Ryanair jets so…………… Well, as long as the winner of the competition was on the field last Saturday……………..

    But here’s another thing, Mushie and Donnacha should have been introduced earlier and I’m 100% certain that Leamy being out isn’t helping, nor Rua either.

  6. Have to agree with Sniffle. Clermont are potential winners of the entire competition with a much bigger budget to run the team and undoubted depth of talent in their entire squad. Anytime, anyday, anyhow we manage to beat a team of this quality is a good day. We soaked up everthing they threw at us, classic, and when we visited their 22 we came away with points. Ronan was not his usual reliable best and this made matters closer than usual. I thought we played well.

  7. Couldn’t believe what happened. Ten minutes to go and we were lucky to only be two points down with no hope of a score. Mercifully, Stringers belated introduction saw a much quicker delivery. I know O’Leary saved a definite try earlier but his passing is far too slow – why he needs to take a step before leaving the ball out to the backs is a habit he’d better shake off.

    Otherwise, another close call at home, starting to look more vulnerable there, but as Sniffle said, some of these guys aren’t spring chickens anymore.

    Incidentally, what fucking genius gave that lunatic “cheerleader” a microphone to annoy the fuck and piss off everyone before the game and more-so at half-time. Christ, he was embarrassing enough with his “everybody in the West Stand….loud as you can.. M-U-N-S-T-E-R” bollocks. But at half time calling for a bonus point !! and then introducing “A German man from Germany” Blood Pressure was well up long before Clermont came out and ran rings around our fifteen for most of the second half.

    Incidentally, commiserations but also compliments to the visiting Clermont support, proved to be a great crowd and very fond of the local brew and a few songs too.

  8. I’d have to agree. The Clermont supporters were great.

    As Sniffle says, the winners of this year’s competition were in TP on Saturday, but if Clermont can do that much damage with fourteen men, I don’t think Montauban and Sale have any reason to be relaxing over Christmas.

  9. i was litening to it in the car and yer man on radio 1 gave a fab commentary. i’m sure his colleagues had an ambulance on standby by the final whistle as i for one definitely heard a vein pop.

  10. Peter Stringer embodies everything muster rugby stands for. Im sure it was his quick ball that ended up winning the match for us. The longer Tomás gets the first pick the harder Peter works. He is a true munster great.

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