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Accusations of Nazism

Some people — though not all — who support the current Israeli actions in Gaza, are very quick to accuse their opponents of being Nazis.

In my view, this is an insult to the victims of the Holocaust – the Shoah – and a cynical misuse of the memory of one of mankind’s greatest tragedies.

There is nothing wrong with disagreeing with Israel.  It is not a crime and it doesn’t make somebody a terrorist.  Many Israelis, and strangely many Americans, fail to understand that disagreeing with Israeli policy does not make one anti-Jewish, or a Nazi.

Likewise, whether Israelis like it or not, there are very disturbing overtones associated with imprisoning an entire people behind high walls.  They know it, and that’s why they hate to see it pointed out.

People commenting here have called me a Nazi, and this I find hard to understand, because of course I am not a Nazi.  And I’m not anti-Jewish, or even anti-Israeli, though I have serious misgivings about the manner of Israel’s creation and maintenance, and I’m repelled by their treatment of the Palestinians.  I think Israel is in denial.

Other people have called me anti-Muslim because I’ve commented on lunacies expressed in the name of Islam.

More people think I’m anti-Serb or anti-Croatian or anti-Christian.

Here’s a proposal: I’ll make a list of things I’ve written about all religions, about the Holocaust, about Islam and about Christianity.

You look at this list, which I stand over, and then come back and tell me if you think I’m a Nazi.


Bock — Judge For Yourself

24 replies on “Accusations of Nazism”

You’ve been very quick to compare Zionism to Nazism, Bock, yet you complain when you get hit back with it? Not that I would ever use that comparison, I’ve never used it to label anyone other than an actual Nazi.

You do have lots of subjects you like bitching about. But labelling the liberation movement of the Jewish people as Nazism is as unfair as calling you a Nazi. The death of proportionality in our culture is evident on all sides. But for crying out loud, non-Jews in Israel have equal rights and citizenship. There are Arab cabinet ministers in Israel, as well as Supreme Court Justices. They are a lot better off than Arabs in the rest of the mid-east, especially Israeli Arab women. Of course, I want peace with the Palestinians, but not the death of Israel and everything that makes it great.

I did not label them as Nazis. I pointed out the comparisons. Read it properly.

As regards liberation movements, is that what you think the ethnic cleansing of 1948 was — liberation?

The name means nothing, really.

If you’ve ever seen the Simpson’s episode ‘Mr. Lisa Goes To Washington’, you’ll know that little Lisa manages to put a crooked Congressman in prison in the space of a single day’s visit. On seeing a newspaper article on the Congressman becoming a born-again Christian in jail she remarks ”I can’t believe it, the system works”. Hence the name. Not sure why the line grabbed my attention.

Big fat huge difference between two nations,
Germany and Israel.
Let me be clear I am not associating Nazism with post war Germany.
Germany, as a nation accepted and atoned and apologised for the Holocaust, for decades they have paid compensation to survivors of the Holocaust, and to Israel.
Israel has yet to apologise for the expulsion of Palestinians, no compensation to the victims of their aggression.
For 61 years now, the massacres perpetrated by Israel on Palestinians continue, up to this second, and the next.
Thesystemworks; could you please explain why you continue to use the identity “Arab” when writing about a people, there is right now a wide gulf between an Arab person with Israeli citizenship and a stateless Palestinian person living in Zone A west bank and in Gaza, the gulf was created by who ?

Bock, you write in your blog what ever you feel are injustices committed by various groups of people, religious groups or nations. You have every right to vent as you see fit. No one has any right to call you names. I must also add, I find your style quite funny and cynical. Which makes your blog a fun read. I will continue to follow it with pleasure! :)

However! do not forget the involvement of the Europeans. Especially the British….

It was the British Empire which supported and sold the current land Israel occupies, it is the Europeans who unconditionally supported the one sided power structure which still continues.

Because of the atrocities committed against the Jews for centuries by the Europeans, the Jewish state is out of control now and is taking revenge. What is unfortunate is, it is not the Palestinians who are responsible for the pain the Jews suffered for many centuries. But it is obvious to me, they are paying the price for the European Sins….

The media is also responsible for the confused minds of various people around the world, in regards to the current political climate. Weird, meaningless words are thrown out there such as “Islamo-fascism”, “war on terror”, “clash of civilizations” to confuse the unformed. Nazis are compared to the Muslims, or anyone opposing the occupation of West Bank and Gaza.

So don’t be shocked or even surprised by name calling like “you are a nazi”..

George Orwell rolls in his grave… What a smart man he was! :)

Indeed. The Palestinians had nothing to do with European persecution of the Jews, and yet they are now dehumanised by the Israelis in the very same way that Europeans treated the Jews.

Revenge for the crimes against the jews in Europe was inflicted on an innocent people.

I’m working on something that might illustrate this point clearly.

Since it’s common for critics of Israel to be libelled as “nazis” or “anti-semites”, let’s at least define the word “semite”:

“The term Semite means a member of any of various ancient and modern people originating in southwestern Asia, including Akkadians, Canaanites, Phoenicians, Hebrews, Arabs, and Ethiopian Semites. It was proposed at first to refer to the languages related to Hebrew by Ludwig Schlözer, in Eichhorn’s “Repertorium”, vol. VIII (Leipzig, 1781), p. 161. Through Eichhorn the name then came into general usage (cf. his “Einleitung in das Alte Testament” (Leipzig, 1787), I, p. 45. In his “Gesch. der neuen Sprachenkunde”, pt. I (Göttingen, 1807) it had already become a fixed technical term.”

The Palestinians being massacred in the Gaza Ghettoe are in fact, Semites. Many of the Israeli soldiers perpetuating this massacre are Ashkenazi Jews, descended from European ancestors – and are not Semites in any meaningful sense of the word.

Who’s the anti-semite now?

The Nizkor project is useful in attacking Holocaust deniers. Ironically, it’s also useful in defending against accustions of bigotry from the Zionist lobby:

Keep up the good work Bock!

May I be so bold to suggest that the word ‘nazi’ is commonly used as a metaphor for bombastic forceful behaviour without any regard to others and doesn’t actually imply someone actually is a fully paid up member of the Nazi Party? Ie: the phrase ‘stop being such a nazi !’. Note I use nazi without a capital N as that would not be appropriate for obvious reasons as above. Personally I am extremely opposed to and have protested against the blatant violation of human right continuing at the hands of Israel in Gaza today. But let’s be clear – in the same way not all Germans are/were Nazi’s – this also extends (since we are on the subject matter) to Israeli’s too. I think too many people take things too literally and make a crooked meal out of it – like The Daily Mail for example. They are as guilty as the next person in pervading the reader consciousness with this skewed and auto-suggestive turn of phrase.

I agree. However, some people on the pro-Israeli side are very inclined to accuse people of being Nazis simply for criticising Israel.

It’s a cynical tactic designed to stifle discussion.

A very valid point. I think we all fall into that trap from time to time. We say Israeli, they say Hamas, in the same way as we say Americans and not the Bush administration. There have been plenty of Isaeli citizens who have voiced their opposition to their government’s actions and they are to be commended.
…pervading the reader consciousness with this skewed and auto-suggestive turn of phrase. is a great way to divide people into neatly labeled opposing camps and thereby confuse the issue.

Calling somebody a ‘Nazi’ just because they critise the actions of the Israeli state is akin to calling Israelis ‘greedy jews’ for colonising land that is not theirs. It demonstrates a level of ignorance of the issues that undermines any credibility in th debat.


I my reading of letters to newspapers and opinion pieces since the assault and Gaza started it seem the Nazi comparison has leveled considerably more at the Israeli actions. In any case any such comparisons are always going to be simplistic and absurd.

Simply put, the Israeli actions in Gaza are wrong, indefensible and immoral. I heard it brilliantly put on telly the other night; Israeli actions are not a case of an eye for an eye, it is a case of an eyeball for an eyelash.

That said it shouldn’t have to be pointed out that the actions of Hamas are also wrong, indefensible and immoral. In no way can Hamas claim any moral high ground in this conflict. They have the blood of enough innocent civilians and their hands to make their current outpourings about the loss of innocent lives outrageously hypocritical. Does anybody doubt that, had their technology allowed for it, their rockets attacks on southern Israel would have claimed far more that the thirteen or so people killed so far?

I have no doubt though that such comments about Hamas will lead certain people to accuse me of being a Zionist or, even possibly, a Nazi sympathiser. You can’t win.

I’ll put it very simply. If the Israelis would permit non-combatants to evacuate the conflict zone, there would be no outcry.

Instead, however, the civilians are trapped behind the Israeli wall and forced to endure the bombardment.

This is a war crime.

The ‘conflict zone’is not a single town or city, Bock. It is 362 square kilometres, with 1.5 million people. What you are asking is impossible to implement, and not a crime.

I have already pointed out IDF efforts to reduce civilian casualties, though some are inevitable. Looking objectively, Cast Lead is not a crime. Stopping now, in the heat of an operation will solve nothing. The quicker we stop Hamas, the quicker Gaza can be left alone. Israel has already agreed to the 3 hour cooling off period. This is what the people of Gaza really need, so we can look out for the innocent people’s interests as well as our military one. Some with their maximalist ideaologies want the fighting to stop immediately or have it continue indefinitly and indiscriminately. Israel chooses to achieve practical solutions to the problem at hand, and ignores the unrealistic ideas.


Just for the record I think you are one of the most reasonable men on the blogosphere. You appear to me to be an anti fascist, anti communist and anti religious fanaticism who does not bend to popular trends. Long live reason and intelligence. Boo to intolerance and stupidity. Anybody who would call you a Nazi or anti Islam is someone who is incapable of debating you.

The quicker we stop Hamas, the quicker Gaza can be left alone, and the quicker those Irakians give up their oil and submit to ‘being liberated’ the sooner the US will leave.
Did you borrow your comments from Dick Cheney.

“The quicker we stop Hamas…”

Sure, and the same was said of Fatah. And after Hamas there will arise another group. It is the outcome of a human rights disaster perpetuated by Israeli injustice and it shames Israel before the world.

I’m with Nevin. Excellent point i.e. that Israel is looking for revenge for atrocities perpetrated on it’s people by Europeans through the ages and most recently in WWII.( or words to that effect) There is a gaping wound on the Israeli psyche which bleeds over Gaza hourly. I despair as to the outcome, the eventual outcome. For Israel to stop hurting others, she must first learn something which escapes me. This Gaza action is not considered.

I saw an olive boy with jet black hair on a stretcher last week. There was a drip attached to his bloodied face. A BBC interviewer questioned him and he explained via translator that the IDF had asked them to go to a house which was then bombed

“ The Jews, the Jews, bombed us from above” He was no more then eleven / twelve.

I despair at the action and at the boy’s seemingly obvious bigotry ( I doubt that he was not recognising the Israeli state)

thesystemworks – they legally HAD to agree to the 3 hour cooling off/abatement period. Despite the fact this was not a long enough period of time to get aid through to those who need it (ie: innocent, displaced and/or wounded civilians/struggling hospitals et al) they STILL chose to revoke that agreement by firing at UN aid workers. Who the fuck do they think they are?! They need to be taken to task and held accountable for the atrocities and total disregard for international law that are continuing as I type.

thesystemworks —

I quote from one of the original articles here:

The Gaza Strip has a population of more than 1.5 million in a total area of 320 sq km giving a population density of 4688 per sq km, one of the highest in the world. However only about one third of the land is arable and most of the population is packed into the major urban concentrations of Gaza City, Khan Younis and Rafah making the real density much higher.

All three of these urban concentrations are being attacked. Do you suggest that the people should move to the desert without water, shelter or sanitary facilities to escape the bombings?

I repeat: what you are doing to the civilian population of Gaza is a war crime.

A Doctor from Sharif hospital stated this morning that they have “not treated any militants, only civilians”
Only one day 1 did Israel obey the 3 hr corridor, not one single day since then have the aid workers had the meagre 3 hrs to do their job.
A people with no access to medical/food aid, trapped in a war zone.
Egyptian Doctors have set up a medical centre near the border but the injured are not allowed through.
The list of war crimes are endless.

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