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Barack Obama – In Search of Mythical Kings

Here’s a song for Barack Obama. 

I wish him well.

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Er, have my eyes become undiminished or is the sudden big print looming in front of me to do with the site being redesigned or maybe I shouldn’t have had that last drink or maybe the miracle of Obama is happening after all!

My sister had that (Dory Previn?) album and it grew on me enormously.

I’m going to have to get that album. Thanks for reminding me of it.

I was thinking what with Obama’s speech and the ‘work begins now’ etc, and the business ethos in the USA of getting the deal finished, – and the Mythical Kings. You could say ‘The Emperor has no close!’

Shit, Thats ok, I had this horrible thought I was writing a review of Barracks victory parade in less than 100 words and that System Abdul and Norma had announced a murder mystery party at my place, with me providing the drinks. Dont worry Bock the Geek will fix it.

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