Bishop Magee — Where Do You Go To My Lovely?

This is John Magee, the Bishop of Cloyne.  He’s the guy who was  slated by his own church’s investigation for failing to act on complaints of child abuse. He’s also the guy who delayed publication of that report for six months by threatening the people who wrote it. 

You can’t say that, he told them, or I’ll fuckin sue ya!

What would you think he wanted to sue them for?  Would you like to know?

For telling the truth.  That’s what.

Now, you can read what I said about it here if you like, but today I  want to talk about something different.  You see, I’m trying to figure out what goes on in the mind of a seventeen-year-old gobshite from Newry who enters a religious order, becomes a priest, eventually gets a job as private secretary to a Pope who is then murdered by the Vatican Bank, and finally ends up as a bishop in Ireland.

The report shows Magee to be a man utterly unable to empathise with  the victims of sexual abuse in his diocese.  It also shows him to be a man more concerned with protecting his church than protecting the victims.  It shows him to be uncomfortable about helping the police with their investigation, and possibly a man who thinks his church’s private rules are more important than the law of the land.

But in all that time, I wonder if there was a constant overwhelming question running through his mind? 

What was he thinking at the age of seventeen when he walked into the seminary? 

What was he thinking at twenty-six when they made him a big important grown-up in Rome by giving him a certificate of knowing-all-about-being-a-priest?  A degree in Stuff We Made Up.

What was he thinking when he found the body of Pope John Paul I who had just been murdered by Archbishop Marcinkus, president of the Vatican Bank?

What was he thinking when, as Bishop of Cloyne, he so lightly ignored the concerns of sexually-abused people?

What is he thinking now, as he lies in his bed, in his stripy nightgown and woolly socks?

Do you know what I reckon?  I reckon he had one mighty question on his mind.  A conundrum so huge that he barely noticed the Pope was dead, and I reckon it never occurred to him that the old fella might have been murdered, which is why he called the embalmer instead of the police.

I reckon he was so taken up with his mighty enigma that he hardly even realised his priests were raping people in his diocese.

Do you know what I reckon this old man is asking himself now, in his sagging mattress with his hairy socks and his long, stripy nightgown?

He’s saying to himself, I wonder what it’s like to get laid?

That would account for all his stupidity over the years, wouldn’t you think?

Green Ink cartooned a special request for me on this:  HERE



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21 thoughts on “Bishop Magee — Where Do You Go To My Lovely?

  1. Magoo’s from Newry? Should have stayed there to manage a British chain outlet….Virgin perhaps, or maybe he could have opened a DebbiesGams store.

    He’d have screwed more than a few of the unpatriotic Southern shopaholics by now and solved the mystery that keeps him stiffly awake all thru’ the long night.

  2. From watching archbishop Martin last night on Vincent Browne I understand it is perfectly reasonable and sensible to suggest that someone or some group has a tendency towards being morally evil without making a judgement on them. Of course, he was talking about ‘the gays’ not members of the hierarchy but sure what is sauce for one dish is as sweet for another.

  3. Now Bock, suggesting (or outright saying it) that Bishop Magee could some how have had a hand in the accidental overdose of poison that JP1 unwittingly took is rather stretching it. How could you possibly accuse men who combine International Banking and Religion? Why that is a combination of two of the three pillars of modern globalism, the other being arms sales.
    It is completely…plausible.
    I think your wrong about the getting laid part too. He’s a Catholic Bishop after all. All their tastes are catered for (I’m serious about that one)

  4. And to think they control 95% of the schools – teachers are ’employed’ by the bishops! Shows what our government thinks of our children. If the church and govt had any moral courage, they (the clergy) would relinquish their grasp over our schools and if people want their kids to learn whatever religion they want, have the option for after school classes. As it is kids spend 2nd class and most of 6th class school time practicing for communion and confirmation instead of doing what is on the curriculum- ridiculous.

  5. The report shows Magee to be a man utterly unable to empathise with the victims of sexual abuse in his diocese. It also shows him to be a man more concerned with protecting his church than protecting the victims. It shows him to be uncomfortable about helping the police with their investigation, and possibly a man who thinks his church’s private rules are more important than the law of the land.

    Interesting summary there Bock. I’ve read the report twice now and can’t say I 100% agree with you. Surely the Gardaí are as equally guilty of stupidity in this case as he was.

    I’m not defending him either, mind. Off to write a post on it now.

  6. Well BOCK, for me at any rate, the magee carry-on simply shows how all authority in this country has being doing it since the foundation of the state. The gardai, the military, the unions even, the government certainly as it was the thieving prick develera that set the tone for all his successors, and by government I must have the inclusion of every government department too, it is unavoidable as is every urban district and county council, the doctors, the legal ‘profession’, the farmers, the gaa with out question: the list is almost inexhaustible!
    This is the ‘republic’ we have inherited and this is why magee continues as he does because as sure as bears shit in woods, there is a deal being brokered behind the scenes to extricate the cunt from this little slip-up!!

  7. “I wonder what it’s like to get laid” – that may be the key to the lack of empathy. If this guy has never had sex, and all the media on sex says that it’s “pretty fun, actually”, then he may have a little misconception in his head about the whole thing. I’d say he thinks “what’s the big fucking deal, lads?” of the whole thing – I mean sex is fun, right?
    That may be an exaggeration, but I really do think that if you’re closeted in lala-land for 70 years, hypnotising yourself daily into believing something which common sense says is /at least/ unlikely, it’s a very small addition to look on a crime that you /simply don’t understand/ and not see anything wrong.

    Do they teach common sense and empathy at priest-school? Or is it all “god is great, you better believe it”?

    As for his lack of respect for national laws – screw national laws! This guy believes that the teapot/spaghetti-monster/sky-fairy is the ultimate say-so, and anything said down here on mundane little-old Earth is inconsequential.

    That might help colour his belief on rape as well – I mean, I know someone who swears blind that all you need to do to get into heaven is believe in Jesus. That is apparently the /single/ requisite. Nothing about being good or kind or anything like that. In fact, the nicest person in the world (me) will not get into heaven if he doesn’t believe.

    If that kind of belief is rife in the religious world, then it explains a lot of the inhumanities that go on…

    While I’m ranting, I’d like to point out something – Muslim fanatics, this thing about virgins – you know that after you’ve had sex with them, they’re no longer virgins? So you go and blow yourself up and have 70 virgins. a few weeks later, you’re stuck with non-virgins, /forever/. Is it really worth it? 70 bickering girls surrounding you for all time? Calm down dudes! this is the only life you’ll get. Enjoy it.

  8. C’est la craic, spot on, I’d say its unlikely these guys deny themselves any pleasure they might fancy, it doesnt fit in with with what we know about them. If a fair proportion of priests are/were getting it (which they are/were) I think the ex-secretary to the pope was probably getting more than most of his flock (assuming he wanted it).

    The most interesting part of your post Bock was that Magee called the embalmer and not the police when JPI died. I’m sure in his world the sudden death of the Pope was infinitely more of a big deal than the possible rape of some kids by clergymen, so when he didnt call the cops in 1978, he was hardly going to do it for this trifling matter. That little nugget tells us everything.

    “A degree in Stuff They Made Up” – very nice Bock.

  9. do these people not know who I am. I can imagine this is running through his head all night every night

  10. i can’t help thinking that Magee has some information (perhaps re murder of JP1) that gives him the security to ride out the storm – but regardless he is a bloody disgrace and I hope the Minister has the balls to remove his patronage of the national schools in his diocese.

  11. Why isn’t he fired ??
    Because like Bertie …….he might decide to write his Memoirs ……..That I am sure that would make a lot of people nervous in the Vatican

  12. Well if he remembers his memoirs…then he’ll surely be found guilty by admitting it to himself first…what he couldn’t admit to us in the first place. As his memory like every other one in power in this country goes walkies, when it should have gone “Talkies” with the “Truth”!

  13. I listened to 3 or 4 news bulletins on RTE Radio yesterday regarding the HSE Report on Cloyne. None mentioned that the HSE did not propose to refer ANY diocese to the abuse commission for further investigation. Does RTE really consider that fact to be irrelevant?

    Previously the media had covered up the fact that the DPP declined to take any action against the two accused priests. (This was mentioned in one article in the Irish Examiner on 20 December and ignored afterwards).

    Minister for Children Barry Andrews over-ruled the HSE and decided that the Cloyne Diocese should be subject to a new investigation anyway. In one way I don’t object because people would scream “Cover up” if it wasn’t done. However the Government are reacting to media-generated hysteria. How many people are aware that the Gardai have stated that there are NO current investigations in progress re claims of clerical child abuse in Cloyne?

    Barry Andrews said that Bishop Magee failed to adhere to Church or State Guidelines in two cases where he did not notify the HSE of abuse allegations. As far as I can see, both of these are cases where the Bishop reported the claims to the Gardai but not to HSE as he assumed that the Gardai would do so.

    Is this what all the hysteria is about?

  14. Kilbarry1 — Well, you skulked away from the questions last time I wrote about this but I see you’ve slithered back. You didn’t answer the last question I asked you so I’ll put it to you again: have you no shame?

    That’s the end of my reply to kilbarry1.

    Now, to everyone else, I need to explain something. Kilbarry1 is a former cleric who seeks to distort the reality of this story and the only reason I give him space is because his comments reveal the deeply disturbed attitudes at the heart of the Catholic clergy, but I still need to clarify certain things.

    The investigation was not about whether the priests abused people or not. It makes no difference if they are guilty or nort. The investigation was about how Magee responded to complaints, and we know that Magee failed in every way to take those complaints seriously.

    Magee insisted on providing the police with the minimal amount of information, and he threatened his own church’s investigation with legal action for exposing his failure.

    Kilbarry1 is somebody who would rather see children raped than have his bosses exposed for the cynics they are. His reasons are his own problem, and though I feel sorry for him on a certain level, I can’t help him to overcome his demons.

    Perhaps a lifetime of defending abusers has damaged him. I don’t know.

  15. Its disgusting that in this day and age the attitude that was around when abuse was all over the place is still alive and well.

    Resign you pathetic man

  16. I wrote earlier:
    “Barry Andrews said that Bishop Magee failed to adhere to Church or State Guidelines in two cases where he did not notify the HSE of abuse allegations. As far as I can see, both of these are cases where the Bishop reported the claims to the Gardai but not to HSE as he assumed that the Gardai would do so.

    Is this what all the hysteria is about?”

    According to the Sunday Business Post today, that is PRECISELY what the hysteria is about.
    See article “Crisis Deepens for the Catholic Church”

    “The decision last week by Minister for Children Barry Andrews to ask an inquiry team to examine the handling of clerical abuse complaints in the Cork diocese of Cloyne followed the revelation that the diocese had failed to report clerical abuse allegations to the HSE.

    Bishop John Magee told gardaí in December 2005 about a complaint of abuse dating back to the early 1980s against a priest dubbed ‘Fr W’. He breached agreed childcare guidelines established after the 2005 Ferns Inquiry by failing separately to tell the HSE about the case.

    Magee told a team of HSE auditors that he made a genuine mistake. The long-awaited HSE audit into the handling of complaints made in each of the country’s Catholic dioceses, published last Tuesday, showed there were four allegations of abuse against clerics in Cloyne diocese which Magee had also not told the HSE about.

    In each of these cases, Magee informed gardaí about the allegation. He did not conceal the information from the state authorities. In each case, the Director of Public Prosecutions examined files relating to the complaints.

    The bishop told the HSE’s audit team last November that his mistake was a simple one. He said that he believed that, once he had informed the gardaí about the alleged abuse, they would pass the information onto the HSE.”

    The article goes on to say that the Gardai failed to inform the HSE. The HSE decided that in spite of this breakdown of communication the Diocese of Cloyne had done enough and did NOT require further investigation. The Sunday Business Post also states that Minister Barry Andrews had commented that it was “A POLITICAL DECISION” to require a further investigation and that this comment “MAY BE READ IN SEVERAL WAYS”.

    One of the ways it may be read is as a Reaction to Public Hysteria that has been deliberately whipped up by the media!!

  17. There is no hysteria. Magee failed to protect children from rape by priests. He’s a disgrace.

    Have you no shame?

  18. Yeah totaly agree with Bock, the attitude of the church over the years has been;
    church>victims of abuse

    and it seems that nothing has changed sadly.

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