Bock Flattered, Sanitised And Baffled By Boston Globe

I was flattered and a little surprised to see a link to this miserable corner of the tinkernet from the venerable and patrician Boston Globe.  And in my customary plebeian, peasant-like manner, I knuckled a grateful temple and tugged a greying forelock in obeisance.  Thank you kindly, I grunted under my breath.

But look, answer me this: when did you ever hear Bock saying something like One baby screams at you all night, and [poops] all over the house?

Or, at least a kick in the [behind] will bring him back in line?

What’s that all about?  Is it the New American Puritanism of which I’ve complained so long and so hard, so to speak?

I suspect so.

Poops, by Jesus.  After a good amount of research by my researchers, I’m nearly certain that this Americanism, poops, means exactly the same as Shits, so what exactly is achieved by this substitution?

What is going on with those people?  They’re afraid to say shit, but they have no problem dropping a bomb on you.

What is that?

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Well it appears there wasn’t a couple involved at all BOCK! Seemingly the mother has NEVER been seen with a man and she is employed in a fertility clinic!! So what the fricken hell is that about?

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